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Publishers Clearing House - pch said i won.but still hasnt paid 1year later

  • by   Nov 15, 2012
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Company Publishers Clearing House
Location Clearfield, Utah
Category Media
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Iwon on PCB search, over a year ago and still ain't been rewarded.I am tired of there lies and promises of being a winner , and.

Never winning afuckin thing and what I did win I can't. Collect pch sucks and is so full of scam *** tactics they should be shut down . They. Need to be removed from the internet.

And. Be forced to pay out there lying false advertising fake *** neck hole .

And then they should be heavily fined for harassment in e mailbox.How is you never can win a thing after two years of dedication? 2d5b6cb

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Nov 28, 2012 
Hey pal. Try 34 years of trying to get anything out of them. I have tried every contest they have have come out with since I was 21 in Utah and home computers were still fiction. I did the mail in ***! Now that almost every home has a computer, PCH has jumped up their "GAMES?" (My friends and daughter call them "Games." *** GAMES!
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