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Publishers Clearing House - PCH ripped me off

Company Publishers Clearing House
Location Scranton, Pennsylvania
Category Newspapers & Magazines
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Monetary Loss

I constantly receive piles of male from Publisher's Clearing House.Many of them telling me I have already won.

Then they call me telling me I owe them $80 after I cancelled anything I had to do with them. And yet the still call me for money and send me letters stating that I have won at least $10,000. I think they need to be sued and anyone who has ever received anything from them should be compensated for false advertisement.

This should be a country wide lawsuit.How do I get them to just leave me alone? 2ff82c4

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Aug 25, 2013  from Los Angeles, California
Pch just sent me a box with a hose ans callus remover.. WTF !!!!! I did not order any thing . They also sent a bill for 54 bucks.. I don't want this *** and ill be dammed if I am gonna ah to ship it back. Plus they say they sent 2 hoses but only sent one.
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