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Publishers Clearing House - PCH Needs more lawsuits

Company Publishers Clearing House
Product / Service Tokens
Location Central Falls, Rhode Island
Category Newspapers & Magazines
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Attention all people.Have you wasted at least an hour every day, (actually takes 2 hours to play every single game offered by pch)playing PCH games, hoping and praying to win?

Have you been playing for years all to no avail? Have you bought products that actually broke in the very first use? Have you been a victim to "sweepstakes clearing house" and their fake vouchers? (actually a sponsor of PCH).

Have you seen that you won but was unable to collect for any reason? It is time for another massive lawsuit against PCH and their bullcrap games (deceptions) actually designed to get your info so PCH can sell it or their overpriced items imported from china or refurbished items they got for free.Have you built up worthless tokens that are only to be used to enter into drawings that no one really wins?

Do research and learn that they have been sued many times before.Then if you feel you are a party to their bullcrap, plz do contact me so I can add your name to a massive class action lawsuit. 2ee16c8

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Mar 15  from Los Angeles, California
P C H is a massive load of ***, no one wins and they sell, or try to sell over rated cheaply made garbage. Someone on a blog once mentioned that some one in Oregon won, but I doubt it was legitimate, if it did happen at all :roll .
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Oct 09, 2013  from Superior, Wisconsin
I keep getting mail everyday from pch.com i send it in it is costing me a lot of stamps and a lot of money and i never win i play the games everyday and no win just tockens it is a shame that they lie to us please stop their lies before it is to late
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Sep 15, 2013 
Ordered The Lost Books of The Bible from PCH some months ago. When I received them and began reading....I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The print was as if it had never been edited. The punctuation was horrendous! I sent in a payment and a note describing (I do not have access to a printer and am disabled) the inferior quality, my dissatisfaction with their product and that I will never order from them again. I received no response only another bill. PCH is Shameless.
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Sep 14, 2013 
I ordered 1 time form pch and never recieved anything .Now i waste time calling pch customer service ,emailing ,and im now recieving COLLECTION ACTION Letters FROM north shore agency for the order i never recieved .when you call and hold on and email and corrospond with pch customer service your wasting your time they just keep billing you,they could care less thst you never got your order .they sell overpriced garbage .
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