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Publishers Clearing House - PCH is a disappointment

  • by   Jun 14, 2011
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Company Publishers Clearing House
Product / Service Their Contest
Location South Burlington, Vermont
Category Newspapers & Magazines
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I been entering over 30 years and haven't won a penny.As for the winners they show on TV they are paid actors.

Check it out people!!! PCH has lost me as a customer a long time ago. Promises by them you have won, is such a hook and got ya, to buy from them. A-Holes!!!

Yes! Losers us, don't buy *** from them. I am not entering any of their contest ever again.

They are full of themselves and really make good on all their promises.Stand up people and say NO to paying any thing from them. 2e82ee7

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Mar 18 
haha, I won a thousand bucks from them. Your all just mad because you lose all the time. :grin
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Jun 18, 2013  from New York City, New York
I cannot believe the time that is taken from us with PCH! They are full of ish and I just hate not winning at least $5!! Nothing!!! I need some information on how to report them as a whole because they are still being allowed to do this!! Let's form an alliance against these low lives!! :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( ... Show more
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May 09, 2013  from Seattle, Washington
its better to just spend a dollar or two for a real lottery
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Feb 07, 2013 
Never purchased anything before, this time, I found something useful. I was very disappointed in the quality of the China made piece of junk, and they had the nerve to charge an equal amount for shipping and handling, which should have cost all together a max of $3.00 Never again, requested to be taken off mailing list and I will NEVER purchase from them again. BEWARE!
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Feb 05, 2013 
Reply to fatpeter

Sep 27, 2012 
wah wah wah....you're all a bunch of crybabies..go get a job you bunch of government cheese eating whorebama babies ! the whole thing is a scam and you all should know better ! anyone one of you fools want to but a bridge in brooklyn ?
Reply to uncle al

Feb 13, 2013  from Tucson, Arizona
@ Uncle Al: You are a real piece of work what the "H" makes you think these people do not work? If they did not work they could not buy anything from PCH. You Conservative self rightious piece of Garbage! Just because people have dreams does not mean they do not work you need someone to knock your wise acre teeth out. You are a typical right winger.
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Aug 20, 2012 
i never see any real people win from any real neighborhoods.
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Aug 05, 2012 
Well as with most thing in life there is almost always a catch 22 and PCH is no different. They have their catch 22's too wither they say so or not and yes a lot of elderly do win probably one of the catch 22's but I've seen people with nothing win not often but sometimes another catch 22 I guess but it's free to enter so I guess it doesn't really matter. With the products they sell or anybody else sells for that matter it's always buyer beware do your homework before buying is all although I don't buy from them hardly ever. I guess if it's meant for you to win you'll win no one will stop something that's meant to happen but most just have to hope and pray it's them next time and honestly for most it never will be them.
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Jul 24, 2012 
I was not able to register my code number either, I read several reviews and now I wonder about PCH, I always thought it was a sight you could trust, I'm very disappointed in them.Please tell me I'm wrong to think this way.

Reply to Carol

Apr 18, 2012 
I've been entering for years, and have won nothing also. But let's face it, the odds (which they print right on the little white facts sheet)states in plain print are l in BILLIONS of winning the big prize. Even so, the odds are not even that good of winning the smaller amounts. Consider that MILLIONS of people are entering these contests daily. I have to agree that the "free" products don't usually seem to be worth the $20 or $30 they claim to be worth. But it's fun to enter anyway, so I know what I'm doing when I engage in their sales. Heaven knows I've had practice!
I have to say that I have never had a problem with returning anything and not getting charged. Again, the instructions are on the back of each bill. The trick is to read ALL the print of each mailing, to enter exactly as instructed.
Reply to Donna

Apr 17, 2012 
Reply to Janice Fischer

Apr 17, 2012 
I have been receiving the same letters and come ons. If I don't win, I'm reporting PCH to my State Attorney General's office to request an investigation into their running a scam. Most of the products they sell are cheap and do not work, but sold for much more than they are worth.
Reply to Steve in Pittsburgh

Apr 14, 2012 
Im not going to say pch is a scam. However, I keep receiving the same mail. On April 14, 2012, I recieved a postcard to enter my authorization code to register. After countles attempts, the site www.pch.com/50 win did not work. Im looking for a solution.
Reply to sharon robinson

Apr 06, 2012 
i've been entering this daily & answering every email-still nothing. But i have realized maybe they don't want to come to louisana. As for the search & win, i can be searching the same thing & it will skip me & go to the nothern states. Wasted lot of my time,haven't I?
Reply to frustrated as h- - -

Jan 19, 2012 
I have played all the games. Entered all the sweepstakes. Answered all the emails and get nothing. What a joke. America lets stand up on our own two feet and JUST SAY NO to their SCAM. The only thing I ever getting is a check to buy something that I may not want or need. That i have to pay for and may not even get after that. Joke number two I guess. I will go crazy before I see any money the way I see it. Any way has anyone ever wondered were do they get this so called money they just give away?
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Jan 13, 2012 
If there is no purchase to win or to play then why in the *** do you people keep sending emails about books and everything else that we don't want I just git and email about the pch diamond card that said I could use to purchase items from fingerhut but as I kept reading it them told me that I had to apply for a card from fingerhut before the card could be used......WTF!!!!....this is getting out of hand and to be honest I am so sick and tired of buying items at a chance to win big money for over 30 years to get nothing!!!! And if you really pay attention. When they show the commercials they are the same winnes from previous years you people should be ashamed....but if enough of was to do the right thing and keep filing complaints maybe this will be investigated, I know I'm about to take this to the NEWS AND SEE WHAT THEY HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THIS MAYBE WE WILL GET TO THE TRUTH
Reply to susan

Feb 01, 2013  from Leavenworth, Kansas
PCH is no longer only in selling junk merchindise. I bought once from them $ 39 something dollars and was *** and broke right off. PCH is in adverting and gettin the people to watch the ad videos and they make money for everytime the ad plays on a persons computer through their site and when you sign up for something like that credit card through them. They make a lot of money. PCH is making BIG BUCKS and their pay offs rare and cheap. $ 5 Amazon cards that you have spend a lot more on Amazon and PCH profits off it and most likely Amazon is paying the $ 5 and not PCH. PCH= Plushers *** HOLE. Don't get caught in their HOLE.
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Jan 13, 2012 
I remember my mother intering many many years ago when I was a child and she NEVER EVER OWN ANYTHING! AND now that I'm an adult in my 40's now and have been entering for years and I have never won anything either,.....BUT WHAT I HAVE NOTICED IS THAT IT'S ONLY THE ELDERLY THAT YOU SEE THAT'S WINNING WITH NICE HOUSES AND IN NICE NEIGHBORHOODS,...I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANY ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 50 WIN ANYTHING OR ANYONE FROM A POVERTY STRICKEND AREA!!!!!!.....
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Feb 01, 2013 
PCH is no longer only in selling junk merchandise. I bought once from them $ 30 something dollars and was *** and broke right off. PCH is in adverting and getting the people to watch the ad videos and they make money for every time the ad plays on a persons computer through their site and when you sign up for something like that credit card through them. They make a lot of money. PCH is making BIG BUCKS and their pay offs rare and cheap. $ 5 Amazon cards that you have spend a lot more on Amazon and PCH profits off it and most likely Amazon is paying the $ 5 and not PCH. PCH= Publishers *** HOLE. Don't get caught in their HOLE.
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