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Publishers Clearing House - pch entry form online

  • by   Jul 13, 2011
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Company Publishers Clearing House
Location Wichita, Kansas
Category Newspapers & Magazines
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I just went to the "official" website to submit an entry for the pch sweepstakes - and was nearly finished filling out the form - and got to my birthday.Filled in the month and date fine but then got to the year and could not even get the *** dropbox to work so could not submit my year of birth - which - btw - why do they have to know that?

They tell you you can enter online and then have a website that doesn't even allow you to enter the information in its entirety - really?????

Still go back to why do they have to have the YEAR of my birth to begin with - I mean some sites have a place for you to check that just says you're 18 or older and why can't they just do that?But if you're going to have a website and tell people to enter online - the site should work properly don't cha think? 2ed88dc

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Sep 17, 2013  from Aspermont, Texas
Every time I try to enter a pop up stops me so I haven't entered for 2 days....this is very sad to me. How do I stop the pop ups?
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Jul 13, 2013  from Peru, Maine
how do u enter to see if u won?
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Jan 30, 2012 
I would like to kn how do i change my email on my entry. My Yahoo email stopped working. So i had to make another email. And that is phyllisluna@yahoo.com. Can you change it for me or tell me how to change it.thank you
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