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Publishers Clearing House - Overpriced and misrepresented products

  • by   Apr 05, 2013
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Company Publishers Clearing House
Location Des Moines, Iowa
Category Newspapers & Magazines
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Fool me once shame on you ........I have purchased PCH products infrequently over the last 12 years as they seemed to have a "niche" useage and were inexpensive.

None have lived up to their hype but have been minimally useful and then lay in a drawer. I recently purchased a Rolling ID Protector Set. (a rolling stamp to cover your address, etc. to prevent identity theft) I was tired of shredding everything and thought this would be an easy way to protect my identity by covering my address with the "Protector" and then just throw junk mail, etc in the trash.

HA! The ink is black but it only makes your information invisible to the blind. This is my wake-up call to stop wasting my money with these people.

They are only interested in getting their hand into your pocket.No surprise actually but after this they can KMA. 2da61b6

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May 03, 2013  from Central Falls, Rhode Island
They will rip you off every chance available. Have you ever gotten an envelope in the mail from "prize award" which contained discount checks for items such as stereo, watches, laptops and luggage and wondered where it came from? It is generated by PCH. It is sent, supposedly , as a consolation prizes because you entered into 5000 a week for life contest and did not win it. It is really yet another way, another marketing ploy by PCH. They put the checks as a discount toward the price of items listed. Yet the list price is double of the item bought new elsewhere. Then, pay attention to fine print enclosed in mailing and you will discover that stereos are re furbished, computers are refurbished too! And they want the cost of brand new items! PCH is a liar, scam and needs to be shut down once and for all!
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