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Publishers Clearing House - Ms. Lynne Blake`

Company Publishers Clearing House
Product / Service Bingo Game
Location Daytona Beach, Florida
Category Entertainment
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I have been playing PCH's bingo game now for nearly a year. I have reached all the letters in "JACKPOT" EXCEPT
for the letter "O". I believe the game to be rigged.

Also in the instant games, you never can win any $ amounts.
Consumers beware!!!!!!!
What can we do to make Publishers Clearing House make these games more honest and be able to receive the prizes that they advertise?? I really like playing these games, but enough is enough.
Something should be done, but what can I as a consumer do to rectify this situation?? Please let me know what to do!!!!!!!! 2e76c7f

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Oct 09, 2013  from Central Falls, Rhode Island
Look for other posts by me. Among them is an email exchange between PCH and I. The bingo game is sorta rigged, they admit that they hold back the letter O deliberately.Playing search and win is really providing them the right to cookies that monitor your searches for future possible barrage of ads. :sigh
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Jul 15, 2013  from Powhatan, Virginia

I also play the games, & have been for several months, faithfully, & I have not won 1 red penny :cry ! I do think the bingo game is rigged, but I am trying to win those other prizes in the box while the bingo game is going on, the $100,000 & the $3 mill etc.. I don't play the slots, because I am spending enough time with these other games. If you ever win, let us know here, & I'll do the same. I hardly do the search game, but they keep trying to entice me. The most I will search will be all PCH stuff!! :grin
Reply to future PCH winner lol

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I purchased many products over the years.I need to win something, if only a few hundred dollars.I should have won JUNE 30th..Don't send me anymore DAM Emails!...

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