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Publishers Clearing House - I won a $5,000 bingo game but never received the money.

  • by   Sep 08, 2012
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Company Publishers Clearing House
Product / Service Bingo Game
Location Raleigh, North Carolina
Category Newspapers & Magazines
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I diligently went through all the material sent to me by PCH.One piece of material was a bingo game that promised $5,000 if I could complete a row with the numbers on my card.

I did so, mailed in all required material, and never received the $5,000. What I did receive was more and more packages of enticements to buy PCH products. I will not fall into their trap again. I am very displeased with their marketing ploys and think them dishonest.

I even ordered a couple of their products.

They were cheaply made and not worth the price plus shipping that I paid.I am truly pissed!

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Sep 12, 2013  from Spring, Texas
Hi, My Name is Vicente Pinaula I recently won 5,000.00 for Life and I haven't received my money. please reply.
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Aug 06, 2013 
actually it doesn't say you are a winner. It says "If you have all three numbers, please mail this card in and you will be entered in a drawing to win"...so yeah. Learn how to read.
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Jul 17, 2013  from Gastonia, North Carolina
I have won money I have been waiting a month for my check i did eveything I was suppose to I won $40,000 from a bingo after I won i havent recieved a check or any mail from pch I was going to use the money for my grandma bc she sick and help my mother im still waiting for my check
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Apr 14, 2013  from Greenfield, Minnesota
I work for the company that prints the bingo cards. It doesn't say your a winner. It says place the numbers on the bingo and you COULD be a winner. Proof read the directions MORONS
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Jun 23, 2013  from Hyattsville, Maryland
*** if she says she won and never received it then saying ***. you cant win something and at the same time could be still be the winner of that same thing. DOES THAT MAKE SENSE TO YOU? I WILL SUGGEST YOU STOP BEING *** HERE!!!
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Apr 10, 2013  from Orlando, Florida
I won Jackpot on P.C.H. Bingo for over $2,000.00 and have not received anything !!!
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Apr 04, 2013  from Providence, Rhode Island
1st off, I live in a state so "huge" that onr can pass through the entire state in 45 minutes. So, if anyone here wins even just 1000. it is big news and will be on the local news. I have never heard of any pch winner in RI. The letters with someone with your initials in your area is definitely going to win really means someone within your television area which means everywhere that your local channels broadcast to and that can be many neighboring states. I been playing PCH for over 35 years and never won a darn thing. Also, it is common knowledge that the more population in a state, the better chance of a winner from that state....it is why my local powerball is always won by someone from a larger state far away. I repeatedly check pch winners' list, and have never seen anyone from my state as a winner. The bingo game PCH offer, as many others like lotto, slots, etc, will have you play all year long for nothing because they only enter you to win a drawing that happens only 1x per year. The bonus cash on slots does not mean you will win even if you get all the bonus cash symbols, it only mean they will enter you to an additional amount to be gotten IF you win the drawing. The bingo game is ***, I personally know of 2 people that spelled out the word "jackpot" and they didnt win anything as promised. There was a youtube video of winner named Leroy Brown. In the comment section, a person posted that they are the cousin of Leroy and explained that PCH paid Leroy 12 grand to... Show more
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Mar 05, 2013  from Laredo, Texas
I won 1,000 dollars ,they sent me a cert. letter advising me wnd for me to send some info needed and I did and two weeks later received a check for the 1,000 dollars so I'm ok playing at pch.com

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Sep 12, 2012 
I was supposed to be able to get 3 entries for PCH's sweepstakes but when it got to the second PCH entry the program stopped working. This happens frequently with PCH entries. I read the information that PCH says they are not reponsible for things like this happening but I'm just wasting my time. I bought an item from you in 2012 and it was of very poor quality. Some years back I ordered a lot of items from PCH sponsors and as always they were of very poor quality. :sigh

Sep 10, 2012 
Jane, I got all wound up in happy mode on this too. Then I read more carefully. Getting a winning Bingo card just entered us into a large hat for a CHANCE to be drawn :x
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