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Publishers Clearing House - I was led to believe I would win 35,000 from a mail in Bing game after matching the numbers in one row.

Company Publishers Clearing House
Product / Service Rude Attitude
Location Washington, District Of Columbia
Category Newspapers & Magazines
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After reading this site and the very rude person who supposedly works for PHC by name calling such as *** just because someone else did not read further, confirms I will never waste my time on PHC and throw the mail away.

Also, after reading the comments, I see PHC is a scam by bribing people to lie and say they won something to lead other consumers to buy theor stuff amd play the bogus games. Do not buy anything from them. Teach them a lesson and let them waste their advertisements. What goes around comes around.

I have also ordered items from the past and it is very cheap quality material. People, don't waste your time on PHC.

How do I stop PHC from sending me things in mail going forward???
Ain't nobody got time for that. 2ec9f3d

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Jan 14  from Reidsville, North Carolina
How do you get past error code 400 "bad request"?????? :roll
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Jan 14 
I don't know what that error code is but I could not even repeat the word '***' from the other person (working for PCH) who called someone a '***' because they did not read the entire bingo rules. Just testing if the word comes out and does not bypass with asteriks.
Maybe try posting again :)
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Jan 14  from Reidsville, North Carolina
there is probably only one "0" in the entire PCH bingo system.Go figure them odds. :cry
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