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Publishers Clearing House - I have 2 e-mails from PCH telling me I have won a million dollars, but have to send a courier fee t

Company Publishers Clearing House
Product / Service Lotter Ticket Winner
Location Red House, West Virginia
Category Newspapers & Magazines
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This company is in the United Kingdom and they have sent 2 E-mails saying I have won a million dollars, but I have to pay courier fee first.The letters have Publishers Clearing House Lottery as it's title Where is this from and is PCH involved at all?

I received both e-mails Friday the 2nd. and they claim to be Publishers Clearing House addressed to Mr.

Paulson Walter.The couriers name is "Elite" and the e-mail # is elite-customer services @ hot mail.com.That is all the information I have although it has my correct e-mail. 2ffec3c

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Sep 04, 2010 
I agree w.everyone! A hotmail account, lmao!

Just contact PCH directly & I believe U can always file a fraud report w.them!


BUT, I can tell U this, those are most definitely REAL, SURPRISED & THANKFUL WINNERS 4 those PCH giveaways--& THEY AREN'T GOING 2 E-MAIL YA, BUT WILL FIND UR BUTT if needed!#$%^& hehe :grin

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Jul 29, 2010 
I worked at a bank for years and watched person after person get scammed. Here's the rule to follow. If someone contacts you and tells you that you have won anything and then ask for you to either forward money, pay a curior fee, or want your account info. It is a scam! If they are real, then they will send you a check. Also, never accept a check for more than you have won. Many scammers got smart and began sending checks for more than you win. They want you to cash the check and wire them back the excess. They result: they get the wired money and then the check bounces in your account. You are left paying the bank back for the money that you sent them. You have to be extreemly careful, they come up with new ways each day. I actually had someone contact me and tell me I had been approved for government financial aid. Everything seemed fine until they asked for my personal and banking info. I told them I didn't have it and asked them to call me back. I had a police report filled out and the DA's office alerted by the time they called.
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Jul 13, 2010 
I received the same issue and my DUMB *ss gave the informed next thing I know, I have a man who has a hindu accent saying he is Mr.Paulson Walter(Dispatch Manager). :( I GET IT I WAS SCAMMED
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Jul 07, 2010  from La Prairie, Quebec
If you won that kind of money, you would NOT be notified by email, you would get a certified letter. Do you live in the U.K. or have you ever visited there? If not, then why do you think, you would have won the lottery there? Last thing, any professional company giving away a million dollars, would not have a hotmail account. :roll
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Jul 07, 2010 
you are D U M B, if you believe that you have won that kinda money via email. don't you think they'd actually call you or come to your home?
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