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ProSource Wireless is a total Scam Company!

Company Prosource Wireless
Product / Service Netbook And Tablet
Location Dallas, Texas
Category Laptops and Tablets
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Monetary Loss
Update added by user Feb 21, 2012
Please see comment from NancyS on Feb. 15, requesting that we file with the Florida Attorney General against ProSource Wireless. I just did, and it only took a few minutes - very quick and easy online form. NancyS said they will not investigate because they do not have enough complaints, SO LET\'S FLOOD THE FLORIDA ATTORNEY GENERAL WITH OUR COMPLAINTS and make them TAKE ACTION AGAINST THIS COMPANY!!! We have nothing to lose and can only benefit by (a) getting some or all of our money back and possibly even (b) shutting this place down! I, for one, plan to make them sorry they ever heard of me, and I will fight them with all I have to get my money back from them. I have filed with the BBB, the USPS for mail fraud, the Florida Attorney General, and I am contacting a lawyer to see if my case qualifies under the Deceptive Trade Practices Act. Please research this Act online and see if you can find an attorney to take your case: ProSource will have to pay you TRIPLE what they owe you, plus your attorney fees and court costs. LET\'S PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS!!!
Original review posted by user Feb 07, 2012

ProSource Wireless has ripped me off of $400 in fake netbooks and tablets.I tried to cancel my order before they even processed it, and they refused to accept my cancellation.

They mailed me the order, and I returned it, but not according to the policy. They told me they refused my "refusal" so it was sitting at the Post Office and I would need to call them to get it back. In the meantime, they shipped me a cheap little tablet cover that they advertise for $15 on their site USING THE SAME TRACKING NUMBER as the $400 worth of netbooks and tablets, so when I call the USPS to track the package, they tell me it was delivered to me!!!

I cannot get either the package or my money back.I am headed for the Better Business Bureau first, and am then considering a lawyer - I may own ProSource Wireless before this is over!!! 2f188aa

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Feb 29, 2012  from Murten, Fribourg
Reporting ProSource Wireless to the BBB is a waste of time - they only send them a letter, which ProSource just adds to the stack and laughs at us!


We will bring these people down when we unite and bombard the Florida Attorney General with our complaints!

Reply to Karen Martin

Feb 19, 2012 
contact your credit card company and file for a dispute. the BBB wont do nothing but send a lousy letter to them. contact your credit card and explain to them you never signed for the package and there responsible for it. it is there duties to get the package back from post master.
Reply to tom hanks

Feb 15, 2012 
Hi Prosourcehater,

They've had my money since October & refuse to refund it!!! They are awful!!!
I contacted a newspaper in Boca Raton, Florida and they're interested in writing a story about ProSource!!!! Please contact me at michele5100@att.net and I'll fill you in when I hear more. Until then have you filed a complaint with Florida's` Attorney General at www.myfloridalegal.com . They said because they don't have enough complaints that they just filed mine away!!! We will win!!! I want justice for all of us!!
Michele Byington
Reply to NancyS

Feb 15, 2012 
This company got me for the same thing! I ordered a WIFI netbook for a xmas present for my mother. It is unable to connect to WIFI (im a graphic designer and work on computers and know what im doing as far as connecting to a router.) They said they were sending me a SD card to install WIFI on it. Only thing the package contained was instructions with pictures and they claim that our SD card was stolen from the package!!!! THIS PLACE IS A SCAM! They now have a comment on their return policy page stating that Netbooks ordered prior to December 15th may or MAY NOT have WIFI capabilities. Who orders a netbook hoping they might have WIFI!!!!
Reply to Brett Oliver

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