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Prosource Wireless - pro source wireless sucks

  • by   Jan 25, 2012
  • Review #: 291747
Company Prosource Wireless
Product / Service Android Tablet
Location Dallas, Texas
Category Computers
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i ordered 4 tablets from there and they said it was compatible with skype only on messages what a rip off and when i called them it went straight to voice mail.....pro source wireless sucks....the reason i got the tablet is to video chat with my daughters and it was a total rip off pro source wireless was the worst ever.......i will never order from there again and not recommend it to any body.....

don't order from there.....do not order from there the shipping took to long the costumer service is sorry they never answer the worst experience ever.......... 300fafb

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Feb 28, 2012 

All of us need to join together!!!! There's strength in numbers!!! I found a newspasper man who wants to do a story on ProSource but he needs more complainants!!! might listen to us news Reporter, but I haven't heard back yet I need you to e-mail her & tell your story.

Also, we all need to complain to Florida's Attorney General at www.myfloridalegal.com
They told me they're refusing to do anything unless`they get alot of complaints so please tell her your story.

Contact me at michele5100@att.net
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Feb 04, 2012 
I ordered my smartbook on a Tuesday and on Wednesday I got a call from sales "verifying" my order. I was gullible enough to fall for their pitch and gave them more money for memory, long life batteries and 2yr warranty. I received the device about 3 days later all excited. Open the box, logged on to the internet and could not browse anywhere without constant security certificate errors. I called the next day and the woman on the phone suggested I take it to the Geek Squad to get it fixed. I refused and she told me to return it for exchange. I did this, at my expense and the replacement was a USED device without the upgrades I paid for. I called for a RMA and they said company policy prevented them from giving me one. I asked to speak to a supervisor and they told me I couldn't. They suggested I return it for exchange again. Knowing I wasn't going to get my money back I agreed. The third device I received won't get on to the internet and the 6hr battery I paid for last less than an hour. I filled a complaint with the BBB but I don't expect anything to happen because Prosource has an F rating with the BBB with 48 unresolved complaints in the last 12 months. I can't understand how the state of Florida allows a company like this to operate in the state. Bottom line, save your money because if you by from Prosource Wireless, LLC all you're going to get is a plastic paper weight.
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Feb 02, 2012  from Golden Valley, Arizona
If there is any name worse than scam then i'll go for that name. They are completely a rip off company that will eat your moneey and give you *** with incomplete products delivery. Their products are counterfeits and does not worth spending a penny. Every good comment you find about them are all made up by them. I bought 2 android tablets with 2 years warranty and 2 extra batteries. Got the delivery over a month later with fake tablets, the touch screen is frustrating and horrible. Batteries wasn't delivered and couldn't tell if i have a warranty because i should get a paper slip or something that confirms my warranty but non. Tried to contact them on phone but kept getting to their voice message machine, email them but to no avail. They are just bunch of thieves please dont fall for them, they are scam in its real name.
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