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Prosource Wireless - Pro Source Wireless is sham, crappy products even crappier customer service.

Company Prosource Wireless
Product / Service Mid 7 Inch Android Tablet
Location Columbus, Ohio
Category Laptops and Tablets
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Monetary Loss

I ordered two 7" android tablets for my boys on Black Friday.I didn't hear from them and was getting concerned so I e-mailed customer service and got a response back that I needed to call them.

I called the customer service number which was long distance and sat on hold at least 8 minutes. Then the guy told me they were backed up in the warehouse but they would be shipped on the 16th. He then proceded to *** me into upgrading to a 3 hr battery and charger for both pads. I received my order around the 2oth of Dec.

and wrapped them. i should've checked them out first. They were very cheap looking. One of them works decent but the other would't connect to the wireless network, the battery only lasted maybe 45 minutes after a full charge and the charger fell apart in the outlet.

I e-mailed customer service again and they told me to ship it back and they would replace it.

I sent an e-mail back requesting a shipping voucher and haven't heard back.After reading the reviews I'm afraid to send it. 2da6a92

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Feb 29, 2012 
This company is horrible!!! They're stealing our money!! We all need to complain to Florida's Attorney General at www.myfloridalegal.com. They won't do anything without more complaints!! I found a newspaper willing to write a story about Prosource but they need to hear more of our stories before they will. I've also contacted a news station that may help us. We have to join together to fight this company of snakes!!! There's strength in numbers!!

Write me for more info at

Let's get our money back!!!

I use my middle name, Nancy
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Feb 14, 2012 
I bought a 7 inch mini netbook from prosource wireless. Shipping was pretty quick but the netbook was ***. One of the keys were missing and it would not stay charged. Sent it back and got another one which was also broken. When I call customer service for a refund was told that since it was open box all they could do was exchange it for an additional $20. I had to pay shipping back to them which cost me an additional $10.00 What a crappy company. Never buy anything from them.
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