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Proflowers - Complaint about Limbaugh

  • by   Mar 03, 2012
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Company Proflowers
Product / Service Sunshine Bouquet
Location Dallas, Texas
Category Flowers / Florist
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As a father of a daughter about the age of the woman Limbaugh insulted, it disgusted me to listen what this man's said about this women.Where are the social boundaries in this Country.

I was embarrassed for this women and can only feel for her parents. The sponsors of this man show should stand up and remove their support for his show. He really crossed the line and no apology should give him another chance. He is only apologizing because he feels he possible could lose his support.

Anyone else, in any other line of business, would be fired immediately - and they should be fired. This women should sue Mr.

Limbaugh and his sponsor if they continue to support him.Please pull your support for the Rush Limbaugh show. 2d8fcdb

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Mar 07, 2012 
You liberals are deaf when it comes to hate speech from the left. You'll never get Rush off the airwaves. But please keep trying. We are amused at the idiotic way you waste your time.
Reply to Mark White

Mar 03, 2012 
Not being a right wingnut, I had no idea that a corporation I believed to have some decency about it, would support such idiocy as Limbaugh.

Rest assured, I will not be using your services again, EVER! Support for such hate speech is beyond the pale/
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