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RVP in Primerica is a license to steal!

Company Primerica
Product / Service Business Opportunity
Location Arlington Heights, Illinois
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My wife and I worked in Primerica for 2 years, earned our Green Jacket (Top 150 reps in the company below Regional Vice President) and made it to Regional Manager (1 Step below RVP) only to have my RVP steal my entire team from us and force us out of the business. I always knew Primerica Financial Services (PFS) was a multi-level marketing company but that never bothered at the time. People in the company will pretend to care about you and be your friend but believe me, they don't and they aren’t. They only care about how much money you can make them. If you believe otherwise then you're just as much of a sucker as I was. It's only a matter of time before you realize this yourself and you'll quit.

If you currently work in Primerica, you don't believe anything I'm telling you right now, I understand that. They had me brainwashed too. But right now, you're better off quitting and doing something else. If you want to start a business, that's fine. Do it the right way, get a real job or career, save some money and start a REAL business. Don’t start some multi-level *** that will never work. I'm sure your upline manager has already been in your head. I used to do it to other people. I brainwashed people so that they wouldn't quit and would only listen to me. I've been farther in Primerica than most people you know. I have all the licenses and won all the company trips and did everything they said would work only to have it taken from me. And you know what? The company gives their RVP's 100% control of the office and when my team (25 people actively showing up) was taken from me, the company stood by their RVP and did nothing. I never thought he would do it to me just like you might think your RVP would never do that to you, but it happened. Do your family a favor and GET OUT while you can. I won’t say his name but I guarantee if you’ve been in PFS long enough, you've heard of him. He was on the cover of FYI magazine. (A Primerica magazine featuring the young and successful in the company)

After I left PFS it took me a year to pick up the pieces and get my career back to where it was. PFS ruined personal relationships I had with people I was close to. We were taught if people wouldn't sit down with us and listened to what we were selling then we shouldn't talk to them anymore. I taught others to do that as well. I severed numerous relationships. My RVP wanted me to buy hookers with him when we were in Mexico for his bachelor party. I'm a married man, that's not happening, even if I wasn't married. When we got back from Mexico my RVP was so afraid I was going to tell his fiancé about how many hookers he bought he started to sabotage my business. He started stealing people off my team and putting them under him and turned other people in the office against me. He was stealing overrides from me so I would quit. He had many ways he used to do it. In the end he stole $2000 worth of overrides from me when I was at my father’s bedside after he had triple bypass surgery. At that time my family really needed that money because I was taking time away from the business to take care of my father and his business affairs. My RVP also figured out ways to manipulate the system to win trips that he didn't deserve. That's how he got into FYI magazine. The guy was a total crook. I told Primerica’s home office and even his upline who are National Sales Director's. They all treated my wife and I like outcasts. They all protect their RVP's and that's that. That's one of the main flaws of the system. Your RVP can do whatever they want to you and get away with it. And if you go and complain, they just spin it back around on you and say that you're a negative person and you don't want to work. If you have worked there as long as I have you get to see how it works. It's all about manipulating people to believe whatever you want them to believe.

Listen; if you have a family, you need to GET OUT. Look at what people make below RVP. You can see what almost everyone makes in the company if you’re a member on the company’s website. It only shows the top 25 income earners but not the 1000's of others who make nothing unless you know how to look for it. Yeah, once in a while someone has a good month but then that's it. It's feast and famine. Even IF you make it to RVP, there's still no guarantee you'll make money. Once you qualify for RVP you have to give your entire team away to your upline and start all over again. You know how many RVP's the company has that make next to nothing or quit? Tons. The company doesn't talk about those people though. The odds of becoming successful in any MLM are slim to none. They sell you on this pipe dream that never comes to fruition. When you're on the inside, they keep pumping your head with all this fluff so you won't get discouraged because they know if you quit they won't make as much money. They're employing you for free!!! Don't you get it? You don't own ANYTHING until you've been an RVP that has other RVP's for at least 5 years. Otherwise it has no value. Listen, do what you want but just think about your family first! Contrary to what your RVP will tell you, the only person that has your best interests in mind is YOU! NOT THEM, YOU! So when they give you this BS about how they're looking out for you, don’t listen! You may work for Primerica now and you may not have wanted to hear what I just told you. But just remember what you just read the day you finally decide to quit. That day is inevitable and then you’ll know I was right. Good luck to you!


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Jan 20 
Hi my name is Michael Groves ,I too have had some bad experiences as well , But I have found Capital Choice and is similar to what Al Williams was but better, not PFS. If you are interested in the same opportunity but a whole lot better. If you want to make it and not have any give ups or any *** you described give me a call.I will give you an offer you will not want to say no to. I know axactly what you went through and believe you are on the money. You can have better than you had and MAKE more money here . I recruited two RVP's and one has made 1.3 million in 8 yrs personal production mostly, the other more than 500,000 in 6 yrs. If you want the same opportunity call 860 806 5360 we will talk.
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Nov 06, 2013 
All I see is blame and excuses!! At the end of the day, you are all independent contractors! It is your business! Shut up, stop blaming others and work!You guys complaining, obviously don't understand the business...but its ok, it's not for everyone. Common sense isn't common.
Reply to pmerica101

Jan 31 
For those that do not know what a credible source is - you don't know anything if you are looking to blogs from individuals that have so called been part of Primerica. Obviously, there are two sides to every story and unless you have been part of this great company - you should not judge.
pmerica101 hit the nail on the head. Don't blame the company for your incompetence!
Reply to fallout

Nov 01, 2013  from Los Angeles, California
What's better?

I'm reading a lot of unsubstantiated negative complaints about PFS. I had a friend who worked for one of the top 3 insurance companies, but I won't mention their name (*** bah-dum ***, *** *** ***.) They'd appoint new agents, get them to convert their family members over, and then let them go if they can't keep selling. Which they can't because their price are sky high. Is that a scam?

I here that there are cheaper products. Well, somebody's always going to be cheaper, and somebody is always going to be more expensive. That's true with any company. Do the cheaper companies try to get out of paying their claims??? When you buy insurance, you're buying the company and it's stability. Your also buying it's willingness to pay deniable claims.

Also, are there other companies that will let you buy into a mutual fund for $25/mo.? My understanding is... no. If that makes them expensive, I'm guess there's a lot of overhead in offering that.

There are also bad people out there working for companies. I've work with them, and met them as their customer. It's just a reality of life.

I've never had a company in Corporate America ask me what my plans were for the future, how I could achieve my dreams, or offer me a potential opportunity to make a six or seven figure income with them like PFS has. And I've worked for about a dozen corporations throughout my life.

Also, what company is going to hire
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Oct 24, 2013 
Why give up a "leg"? Why give up anything at all? You work your rear off to build up your foundation, prior to going to the RVP level, only to have it taken from you... Why? I'm sorry but this makes absolutely no sense. Well at least not for the guy/gal getting started in this business. But it makes perfect sense for those already on top. Once you get promoted to RVP, your RVP loses a significant amount of spread/override. So rather than having your RVP lose out on that override, they have you completely give up your strongest leg. So now your RVP actually makes more money from your severed leg because you are no longer in the middle. Wow.. What a business model. I read in an earlier post that "if you do it right" you would have more than one leg when you promote to RVP. So in other words, the earlier post is saying to quit the whining... Work harder... Stop blaming the system.... Etc. Sounds good to me. Why not ask your RVP to do exactly that.... Work harder, and stop taking business from those who have earned it! If Primerica really cared about its reps, it would help them to grow their business and stop ripping off its reps by taking from them and giving to their higher ups. And while they're at it, why not remove the golden handcuffs from those who have seen the light, and allow them to take their book of business with them when they leave Primerica... And put it in writing? If this were truly "your own business", your book of business would follow you... Show more
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Sep 24, 2013  from Paramus, New Jersey
Biggest scam I have ever been involved with.
I did everything they told me to do. I even moved to a largely untapped market to develop a team. I lost 1000s with this company. The life insurance rates aren't good. The mutual fund expenses are too high.
It's disgusting that a company like this is allowed to exist that sells dreams to people only to get them to buy their products. I was told that in order to remain a Primerica representative I had to have life insurance and mutual funds which I didn't need and couldn't afford at the time. I was told I would make 100k a year if I worked hard for a year. Well I worked hard for 3 years and did everything they said.. conventions, job fairs, palm pilots, sales training, etc and I actually lost money paying for all of their training courses and everything else.
Do youself a favor and run the other way if you ever meet one of their representatives.
Reply to Jason

Sep 22, 2013  from Anaheim, California
I couldn't agree more! My wife and I were RVPs back in the '80's. We were under one of the top leaders who is still going strong today. We were encouraged to go full time before we were ready, but we did it. After making RVP and giving most of our people away, plus some other games that were played...we had to sell our house at a loss.... and that was the last house we've ever owned. That was over 30 years ago. I wish we had never been with the company. All that glitters is NOT gold.
Reply to Joe

Sep 12, 2013  from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
I've always thought of Pimerica as a good company. I know the founder and many of the reps. I have no doubt that I could do quite well w/ the company -- if I were so inclined. However, it (the product line) just wasn't that appealing to me. I have found a company that truly makes me feel that I'm getting paid (extremely well) to help people. It is one of those multi-level *** companies that this *** is talking about.

With that being said, I truly hope you take your own advice and get that "real" job. The world needs dishwashers too. MLM is the truest form of free enterprise that has ever been conceived!!! There are two facts that I hope everyone realizes about MLM... 1) It is designed to be a business that is right for anyone but not everyone is right for the business. 2) Love it or hate it... If you hate it, it's probably because you either were not taught the right way to do the business or you simply didn't listen to what your mentors were telling you. If you love it, you must have found a company that you can become passionate about and are, not only, seeing success for yourself but you are helping others to achieve their own success.

Stop trying to steal people's dreams because you screwed up your biz. If I listened to people like you, I would still be working in a carpet mill! That's a real job!! Nothing wrong with that but I would never have been able to help over 80 families to create a 6 figure income from home if I was still there. ... Show more
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Aug 29, 2013  from Baltimore, Maryland
Why didn't the author of the blog just get transferred to another RVP? it sounds like a personal problem not a primerica problem...
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Aug 01, 2013  from Las Vegas, Nevada
Just pathetic. I'm 19 years old I'll be an RVP in at least two months. And produce my first RVP before 2014. Get a grip. Grow a pair. And stop looking outside yourself as to why u didn't succeed. It's not your uplines fault, not your downline or side line. ITS YOU! I'm sorry but if u can't make it in Primerica, the greatest opportunity in the history of America? You won't make it in any business. You deserve mediocre like everyone else that settles. You deserve JOB!
Reply to Tray Jackson

Jun 04, 2013  from Phoenix, Arizona
My inlaw is a primerica RVP. He has tried to sell me on the business, but the mlm business isn't my thing. My wife bought a some mutual funds, and after researching them I was surprised to see the amount of fees they charged. All I know is that in the past 7 years he has declared bankruptcy foreclosed on his housed, and had to borrow thousands of dollars from family members who work for 'Corporate America'. So, I'm not interested.
Reply to lopsang

Apr 07, 2013  from Phoenix, Arizona
I was in Primerica back when it was AL Williams. I made it to RVP, and between office expenses and seeing most of my team move on to my upline and starting all over again, I was struggling big time. I was a top part timer and made it into a promotional book the co. had and thought I would hit it big. I agree with everything the man just said. My best friend who got me into this thing and I lost our relationship over it and I went on to make a lot of money on my own. Last 2 years a million dollars per year. If Primerica is for you, good, but don't let it overtake you. If you start looking at everyone as a potential client or sale instead of a friend or fellow human being, it is probably time to run. I did learn a lot in ALW, and for that I am glad, but at what cost? God Bless You all.
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Feb 06, 2013  from Kent, Washington
I make $30k a month but its not with primerica. I can't believe how many fools fall for this company. The motivational Facebook posts and talk about rings, trips they are about to go on or the amount of money there going to make. These people are brainwashed.
Reply to Primerica scam

Jan 30, 2013 
Wow your page is full of hatred that over shows the truth in wish you are trying to speak of. The overall outlook is depicted as an insult to one RVP you knew. There is a lot of other Rvps that generated overrides which help an individual start to create there own business with the extra time you have freed your self of. Primerica is simulating the government with all the 100k minimum early earners in which they have created more that Microsoft has and there personal ties to each other have very little to do with your Rvp business because its your business now. So before being such a hater think of the whole round picture America is a business competing business and primerica is going to become one of its greatest tax assets with all the Income they make. Yeah you have to work to make it to the rvp position but its all a learning process of what the future of the change of the ages from industrial age to the informational age will have for jobs. Stay alert. :x
Reply to anythingg567

Jan 24, 2013  from Toronto, Ontario
My wife and I were part time representatives for many years. Learned a lot about a lot HOWEVER I must admit the products are not necessarily the best. Do your own comparison for Term insurance and you will realize you can get same coverage for much cheaper. From the agents point of view, compare commissions that are paid to their representatives and you´ll see that primericans are well underpaid. The one advice I give to anyone looking into Primerica is that investigate your RVP and your upline to be. If your RVP has not had much growth in the past years than chances are something is terribly wrong!! This was my case. An RVP stuck at the same income for over 10 years. Seriously, so you think they can really help you get where yo need to go? Find someone than can!!!
Reply to mimi

Nov 05, 2012 
Reply to Jb960000k

Sep 15, 2012 
Maybe y'all didn't have what it takes. Everyone loses their best leg and still has 5 or so (if you do it right). And yes Im on my way to 700,000 for the year!!!
Reply to sean dean RVP

Apr 07, 2013  from Phoenix, Arizona
I only mentioned how much I make anonymously,to let people know it doesn't take Primerica to do it. One of the things Sean that always bothered me about ALW, was how everyone knew your business. How much you made, how many sales you and your downline had, and everything else that is no ones business. I'm happy for you that you may make $700 K this year, but why does everyone else need to know. It's what keeps the 99.9 percent around for a while to drain them of leads before they inevitably quit. How many agents has ALW, Primerica had since it's inception? Millions?
Reply to Been There

Jul 30, 2012 
Written by a true weenie. Get over it. Take your failure like a man and move on and stop making up lies to cover for your lack of focus and laziness.
Reply to SpineDoc

Feb 28, 2012 
Primerica is absolutely a joke--stay away. There is absolutely no marketing or training support. Almost no one makes any money with them. Of course, of the millions they hire, a few will make big bucks but the company throws those in your face and ignores the fact that 99.999% of the people who join make little to nothing and have to quit to find a reliable income.

There has been serious discussion by the regulators over the years of shutting Primerica down as an illegal pyramid scheme but the company manages to skirt the law by offering "products." Of course, the only sales that occur are out of pity-if the market would determine the results, the Primerica products would never sale and the organization would collapse as a pyramid.
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