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Why Priceline Sucks

Company Priceline
Product / Service Priceline Car Rental
Location San Francisco, California
Category Rentals
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Priceline is quite clear about the fact that if you use the Name Your Own Price function to book a flight or hotel, then that's non-refundable.On the other hand, if you book a flight and then are offered an upsell car rental, it's not at all clear that booking is non-refundable.

Presumably somewhere in their massive terms and conditions, it's written in small letters. I've never heard of a non-refundable rental car reservation. The fact that they won't refund your money for that - and don't make it clear in advance that they're not going to refund your money - is unconscionable. There are a number of similar services on the market to Priceline.

While I've been a loyal Priceline customer for the last few years, this will be my last experience with them.And I'm going to take as many fellow Priceline customers with me as I can! 2d76dce

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Dec 12, 2013 
priceline just kept transferring me ..three times to be exact and the third time after waiting more than 30 minutes on hold i hung up.... NEVER AGAIN :(
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Dec 04, 2013  from Montreal, Quebec
I am in a similar boat. They had a deal on a 3 star hotel in an area where the Hampton Inn, Best Western and Holiday Inn (newer properties) were all rated at 2.5 stars. I was expectnig a Hyatt when I bought the express deal, but the hotel was revealed to be a Clarion. Clarion! Older, and (although fine) not a nicer brand than 2.5 star Hampton. ON Tripadvisor, the Clarion shows up 8th out of 25 local hotels. The ninth place hotel was a MOTEL! The Holiday Inn, Best Western, and Hampton all show up higher and with better approval ratings. How does Priceline get off rating Clarion HIGHER? They hid the Clarion from their usual list view so I was not able to guess what hotel I was getting. I felt ripped off.

Their Customer Service is not interested in making anything right. They fed me standard lines. I called the hotel and they were quite willing to cancel if Priceline would agree. I called Priceline again, and this time nobody would speak to me at all. The telephony system kept me on hold and then dropped off.

I've referred people to Priceline before and will never do so again. The entire value of the hidden deals predicates on their being honest about the true ranking of the properties.

Clarion is not better than Hampton. The price proves it, common sense says so, and so does Tripadvisor's rating.

Bill Shatner...should've noticed before the word 'shat' in there....
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Nov 17, 2013 
I've stayed at Barrington many times in Missouri, but the only way I could stay there this time was thru Priceline since they had the only rooms. Barrington's other rooms were sold out so the rooms Priceline had locked was the only way to stay there. I've paid $109 for a King Jacuzzi room, $135 for the Presidential Suite before, but thru Priceline I had to pay $155 for a 2 queen beds room. Barrington is great but Priceline SUCKS!!!
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Aug 18, 2013 
As many have said, Priceline is a scam.
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Jul 20, 2013  from Chicago, Illinois
Totally bait and switch.... I booked a hotel that, according to the site in the room details section, included Executive club access. I called the hotel to double-check that this was the case, and surprise! it wasn't. Then I had to go through an online chat to cancel the booking, whereas on other hotel booking sites, you can just do it online. I'll avoid priceline from here on out.
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Jul 18, 2013  from Odessa, Texas
I used them 1 time and they cost me money to the tune of about $150.00.
I will never use them again. Price Line Is a Scam
Price Line SUCKS
Disabled Vet
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Apr 01, 2013  from Houston, Texas
I just experienced this same issue. I have only used Priceline 3 times. However, every time I have been screwed over some *** thing. I will never use them again.
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Feb 19, 2013  from Puyallup, Washington
I got an email from them with a $30 bonus cash for a booking of 10 days on a car. Well, ok fair enough. Did everything, clicked and cash is 'in your account'...only problem is it isn't, it's a scam! Used to be a good company but now it sucks, about as straight forward as Bill Shatner at a pool party. Anyone want to do class action, I will sign it and forward my info. Tired of BS scams and false advertising.
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Feb 04, 2013 
Travelocity: I did become quite ill before leaving for hawaii for my daughters wedding. booked online and found i could not fly on original date 1 week before wedding departure. Travelocity wanted to keep all cash spent and turn it into travel bucks. not a good idea! I went to my bank and had them call travelocity to return money spent online. Travel company wanted to keep money for 3 months before processing a return. Bank helped return money in 24 hours. I made it to the wedding without a 600$ rental car for one week. last minute re-books are quite tenuous. Price increase to re-book last minute is impossible. I recomend booking in small blocks of time so all does not get canceled.
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Feb 04, 2013  from Hinesville, Georgia
I too will never ever use this company or any known affiliate. I was a loyal customer of this company & cannot count the number of reservations made both name your own price & fixed rate. I booked a reservation & mistakenly typed in the wrong date & noticed it immediately. As fast as I could I dialed customer service & explained that I wanted the room but had the date one day off. I volunteered to pay any difference but when I went directly to the site it offered the rate I was paying on that same date. I called the hotel who said they would accept my offer but Priceline would have to make the change but priceline was hard nosed & said no refunds no changes & lost me forever as a customer for under $75. I tried sending a letter to upper management but the emails are routed to customer service who then gives you an even nastier attitude because you are complaining & basically state they don't need your business. All I can say is dont walk away but RUN as fast as you can. Expedia is great!!
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Jan 31, 2013  from Orlando, Florida
Requested 3 1/2 star hotel in certain area. Ended up in a 3 star hotel on opposite side of river from my request. Was told by PriceLine Chat rep that there was no one else to appeal to, no phone number to call. I copied and pasted the PriceLine Customer Service number to Chat rep who did not acknowledge the lie. PriceLine LIES, CHEATS and STEALS ($25 if you want to actually cancel the hotel reservation). I will NEVER DEAL WITH PRICELINE again!!!!
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Jan 15, 2013  from Sparta, New Jersey
Just booked 2 tickets from EWR (Newark) to SJU, and the system changed me (without warning) to JFK on the mainland side. Spent an hour on the phone with some bottomfeeder (allegedly a supervisor) only to pay $260 in additional fees, and another 300 for the tickets to change airports back to what I had selected in the first place. Final cost: $1124 for 2 round trips Newark NJ-San Juan.
What a raw deal.
Everything is non-refundable w/ priceline, cancellation was my first thought
Reply to USE PRICELINE and LOSE!!!!

Jul 01, 2013 
YES.. I had the same thing happen..booking from Wichita Falls to Denver, the changed it to Dallas (2 hour drive from Wichita Falls) to Denver ... Landed paying a bunch more buying the ticket at full price AND paying them a fee ... They KNOW what they are doing and I agree somebody needs to file a class action lawsuit against them .. they are a scam!
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Sep 19, 2012 
I'm done with them too...I attempted to book a flight for $135 nad got an email that told me "we're still working on your reservation, allow 15 minutes for you confirmation "... 2 hrs later, "still working on your reservation"...next day, I called: "it didn't go thru"..That would have been nice to know at the time I tried to BOOK IT...I could have found a different itenerary, many were availble then....BUT becasue of that delay, the best price I can get is $327. The thing is, after I had the problem with Priceline, I went directly to US Airways website and booked two other, but similar flights at the same price - thats all gone now. Priceline's delay has cost me money. I'll never use them again.
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