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Power Home Remodeling Group - Pissed off

Company Power Home Remodeling Group
Product / Service Roof
Location New York City, New York
Category Home Construction and Repair
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I had a guy from Power RoofIng come to my house seemed very nice and he was.Little did I no, after agreeIng to meet a salesman what a nitemare was to come.

They sent a salesman a day later and again seemed nice but was in my home for four hours selling me the Taj Mahal of roofs. They start at around 13,000-14,000 then you can get a little flexible they tell you if we use just your location for there website they will take 1,000 off.I no nothing about roofs but that sounded way to high so I cancelled you have three days to cancel and you have to fill out a form and mail it and they have to get it in three days. The next day we called the salesman who we thought was ok turned out to be a $@&$ head. He dIdnt call back until Friday that week he first came on Tuesday and that just happens to be the three days.The head office called us and asked why we were canceling and we told them way out of wack with the price, so they said ok we will send a rep out to talk to you.

The rep turned out to be the same salesmen. Great he seemed ok just print the document we need to sign and we would be done. The sales went on about why you canceling and got nasty with my wife. He told us after an hour we can do 10,000 we said that's still to high .

My wife asked to break down the money for why the price is so high he told her what do you care your getting a lifetime guarantee no bull?$&@.

We actually had to throw the guy out of my house..Not worth the aggravation or money you will have to change you roof once maybe twice take your roof and stick up your a$$... 2f296ab

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Mar 11  from Newark, New Jersey
No company could possibly be in business, let alone the largest replacement roofer in the nation, if they were offering roofs for 13K that someone else was doing for 5k.
It just makes no sense.
Some people just prefer ***. Plain and simple. And they like to kid themselves into thinking that all roofs are the same, so they feel better about choosing the cheapest roof out there for their home.
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Jan 19 
I worked for these douchebags...they are the sleaziest pieces of *** on the face of the earth... 30 days of learning a script as training... and anyone that believes they are really getting a lifetime guarantee is a *** fool.
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Jul 04, 2013  from Newark, New Jersey
Your a cheap *** who I bet wants top of the line quality but do not want to pay for it
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