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Planet Fitness-way too hard to cancel a membership

  • by   Jan 23, 2011
  • Review #: 217783
Company Planet Fitness
Location Littleton, Colorado
Category Fitness Centers
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Tried to cancel my month-to-month membership today since I have moved and it's no longer convenient to go there.No where on their website does it tell you how to do this.

I called my home club and was told I either had to go there in person(which is 1500 miles away), or I could send a certified letter (and it MUST be certified) stating I wished to cancel, and they would "process my request". Those are the only 2 options. So now I have to go out of my way to go to the post office and PAY to cancel my membership.

Ridiculous.Super easy to join, but they make you jump thru hoops to cancel. 2d32ed9

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Apr 02  from Dallas, Texas
here's a trick to do it easier if you have moved.... first just transfer your membership to a gym close to your area,(you can do it online) when it is transfered, you can go to that gym and cancel your membership there. no letter and no traveling 1500 miles.
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Mar 29 
you get what you paid for. PL is shithole, dont waste your time and $ :(
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Jan 21  from Nashville, Tennessee
You should be able to cancel in an easier manner. YOU have a membership number . They should provide some kind of online support to cancel it. THe YMCA you can cancel without doing all that ***.
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Jan 21 
I was in the same boat. I had to go in person to cancel it. I was not using the gym. They make it hard on you to cancel so they can keep charging your checking account. It rubbed me the wrong way . I will never join a gym again. I will buy my own stuff to work out or take a walk or jog.
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Nov 29, 2013 
I have tried to cancel my membership a few times in the past 30 days to give proper notice and not get an additional month taken from my account after my year is up. ( I hear that this does happen) I have been told on 3 different occasions that I just come in before the 7th of December and "it will be ok"
This is totally annoying since they already took my final months fee out, so all I am trying to do is let them know I will not renew for another year. I have been told that if I cancel right at that moment I will incur a $60 cancellation fee. This gym is outrageous!

Never! Never join this gym!
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Nov 13, 2013  from Lakewood, New Jersey
I'm not a PF member. I was looking at reviews to see how others felt about them before I decided to join and I have to say - most of you are misleading. You can't complain that you cancelled a membership and didn't notice two months, six months, or three years later(really, three years?? You haven't looked at your bank/credit statement for three years??!!) that they were still charging your card. That's on you for not paying any attention.

Also, I was initially shocked about the cancellation fee of $58 and the people being charged the $20-$40 fee on top of membership, until I realized that those fees are clearly stated on their website. Plus, you can't be angry that you decided not to go to the gym or ended up in an unforseen situation where you couldn't go to the gym and they still want you to honor your membership agreement...you would want them to honor their side, why would you expect not to have to honor your side?!

A certified letter by the way runs less than $12. You'll spend that much in gas and time driving there or calling, plus it provides you absolute paper proof that they recieved your cancellation request should they continue to charge you. Proof you can use to fight the charges with your bank or in court. Anyone who complains about that is rediculous...it's for your own protection, not theirs, and it benifits only you, why would you not want to do it??!! It's also avaialble at any post-office, which you can find in almost every city
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Nov 13, 2013  from Garfield Heights, Ohio
I hate this gym! After calling, going into the location, talking to the manager, threatening to get my lawyer & just plain out cursing somebody out; I still don't have a cancelled membership! They took $100 out of my account and then told me I still had to pay $58 to cancel the membership. My thoughts were to take it out of the $100 y'all stole. But what I'm going to do is close my account! I'm so aggravated with this gym! I will never recommend this gym to anyone! Terrible investment!!! :( :( :(
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Sep 27, 2013 
It's funny, that people keep discussing a contract. I NEVER signed a contract with Planet Fitness. I purchased a prepaid membership and never authorized any payments to be taken out of my account. Yet, they still took money out of my account. I sent them a letter via certified mail to stop charges. They still charged me the next month.

Glad I found this site to suggest going to my bank. I will talk to my bank. I have good credit and have been with my bank for over 10 years. I hope my bank will support me versus this disgusting organization. Never, ever, ever go to Planet fitness.
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Sep 04, 2013  from Albuquerque, New Mexico
I want to alert people to the fact that Planet Fitness sets the date you sign up as a member into the computer system but the employees think that the same date the next year is also the date of your last payment. That makes 13 payments. I attempted to explain to more than one employee, including the manager, that they are attempting to collect 13 payments for a 12 month contract. They collect for 30 days in advance so since I paid 9/17/12 and each month through 8/17/13, I've paid 12 times. Not rocket science but three employees did not understand. They can't think for themselves and only look at the computer which is set up for 13 payments. They reluctantly cancelled my membership. EVERYONE! Remember the date you signed your contract. If you are wanting to cancel at the end of your contract, make sure you go in knowing when you made your first payment.
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Aug 19, 2013  from Cleveland, Ohio
I went into the gym and filled out a termination form and it was cancelled the same day.
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Jul 22, 2013  from Newark, New Jersey
They really don't make it easy to cancel. It should be as easy to cancel as it is to join.
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Jul 22, 2013  from Sunrise, Florida
Im in the same boat. I went to planet fitness 5 years ago was a member till 2010 they changed name to youfit....I went and cancelled and NOW 3 YEARS later I find out hby MISTAKE that they been charging me for tthe past 3 years 15.90$!!!! Just called them and spoke to the manager and he saidni couls only get a refund if I had proof I sent that letter 3 years ago..so *** pissed and frustrated... I even wonder how the *** Youfit charging me if I never signed a contract with them....Im about to get a lawyer.?
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Jul 22, 2013 
I had no issues with the gym while I went there during my 12 month membership. After the 12 month period, my membership went to month-to-month and it clearly states on the Membership Agreement what steps you have to take to cancel. (The only hiccup here was that it says you can cancel in person OR send the cancellation request via certified mail. When I went to cancel in person, they wouldn't even take the letter and said it had to be sent certified mail.) It was very clear that I had to cancel by the 10th of the month and with 30 days notice. This is were the trouble started. I have a receipt, thanks to USPS, that states they got the letter on the 5th and I also gave them 42 days notice. I *thought* this was plenty of notice and everything was taken care of- until I was still being billed the following month. Certified mail shows they got the letter on June 5th, but they didn't bother to cancel my membership until July 15th. Now I have to jump through hoops and have already made a dozen calls trying to get my money back for this month's membership since it was their error. I'm not upset about an extra $20, but it's completely unethical to "put off" cancelling so they can collect one more payment. :(
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Jul 04, 2013  from New York City, New York
Planet fitness say its only 20 dollars but they try to *** off money from u...i hate it
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Jun 30, 2013  from Cleveland, Ohio
You can always just transfer your membership to a closer location instead of canceling....
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Jun 04, 2013  from Versailles, Ohio
I cancelled my membership in person and they still charged me the annual fee! Said that even though I was on a month to month I still had to cancell before a certain date if I didn't want the fee charged. No One and No where does it say this!
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Jul 03, 2013  from Throop, Pennsylvania
Um actually, it's on your membership agreement
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Feb 23, 2013  from Chicago, Illinois
I cancelled my membership IN PERSON at the gym I held my membership at because I was moving and I just realized months later that they are still charging me. Can someone explain to me how this is even legal? Shouldn't there be a law against businesses and people who say they will cancel your membership, take all the paperwork and afterwards still continue to charge you?
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