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Pizza Hut - $10, any pizza, any size, any crust, any toppings? What a crock

Company Pizza Hut
Product / Service Pizza
Location Paterson, New Jersey
Category Cafes and Restaurants
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When we tried to order one of the $10, any pizza, any size, any crust, any toppings pizzas, we were told we could only order a large one-topping pizza.Then, when I pulled up the website, printed out the add and called the manager we still did not get the pizza we originally wanted.

He told us he would discount the price of the pizza, but he did not do that either. You expect a car dealer to play bait and switch...but a pizza place? What a crock!!!!

Can you say "Papa Murphy's"?It is definitely time to find another pizza place. 2d4e73e

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Mar 12 
boycot pizza hut for bait and switch the merchants should be forced to honor the deal or give up the name pizza hut
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Oct 06, 2013  from Toledo, Ohio
They also say any pizza , any toppings, but try to order more than 5 toppings and you find that they lie. Their excuse is "more than 5 toppings will prevent the pizza from fully cooking; but their super supreme is more than 5. THEY LIE. Also they refuse to respond to my inquiry about this. LIARS and CHEATS.
Reply to Dad

Jun 14, 2013  from Longview, Texas
Clearly Pizza Hut is charging like this: $10 for Crust and Sauce small amount of cheese anything after that is $1 more or extra cost.
Example: Crust,Sauce, small amount of cheese $10 with pepperoni equals to $11 bucks plus tax. Honestly for bread and sauce $10. If you can afford it buy but if you can't look elsewhere I am sure there are better places with better prices.
If the place clearly offends you don't go back enough customers not going back will send a message plus it will probably make you feel better to not deal with misrepresentation of the product.
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Jul 14, 2012 
:cry stop crying it states right in the fine print that stuffed crust extra cheese and double toppings are additional price....
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Jun 23, 2013  from Kannapolis, North Carolina
It is false advertising don't say any crust. If you can't get any crust.
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Jun 30, 2012 
You know the commercials do say any size any topping $10 but not crust it says plain as day thin handtossed or pan stuffed crust, straight Cuz and double toppings are straight get a life people. You are who we absolutely hate in our business and they prolly don't care because you treat them like *** if you spent less time *** and more time trying to tell them what's wrong with the order without attitude they will help no problem but when your an *** so are they just a thought don't *** the hand that feeds you cause you never know if they are the ones handling your food or if your talking to someone in a call center just taking your order and trying to help you all
Reply to davidsgirl

May 30, 2012 
It should be illegal to do what Pizza Hut does. They advertise "Any" for $10 but then throw in all these additional fees and charges. How is this not False Advertising???
Reply to Andy

Apr 19, 2012 
Even knowing the extra charge for the stuffed crust, my total somehow came out to $18.90 after tax on the website. Papa Johns, here I come.
Reply to Kyle

Mar 29, 2012 
Any Pizza Any Crust $10.00......Unless of course you choose Stuff Crust (Not mentioned in the advertisement) then it will be 13.00 plus tax. Papa Johns anyone?
Reply to GRUNT

Feb 15, 2012 
love how you cant find it on their website either
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Jan 06, 2012 
Because of their francise system and the inability of Pizza Hut to have any influence over their owners, the franchisees are free to do whatever they want which encludes determining which offers they want to participate in. Crock of Ship. I ordered a std Supreme Pizza and it cost $13.
Reply to A duke of Wellington

Oct 28, 2011 
This just happened to us too!! We called to order a couple pan crust pizzas for $10 and they saidthey could only be 1 topping??? The commercial says more than one and that you can get specialty and the guy said they can't offer that besides giving just one topping... What a crock!!!
Reply to Jolene

Oct 12, 2011 
When I called the West Bend Pizza Hut to take advantage of this $10 promotion, they were out of mushrooms and black olives! What respectable pizza joint runs out of such common toppings by 7PM?!?
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Oct 07, 2011 
My pizza was delicious, I really loved it.^^,
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Oct 01, 2011 
Pizza Hut commercial is a rip off!
Any Pizza, Any Crust, Any Topping.
They never mention in the commercial that there is an extra charge for stuffed crust, not saying that it's not in the fine print somewhere on the screen but geez you could at least mention terms & conditions may apply!
Reply to Richard

Sep 18, 2011 
Stuffed crust 2 dollars extra? Then don't say "ANY" crust. Even with fine print or an asterisk, the word "any" has a meaning. I have a cat. If I told you I have a dog, then write in fine print that by dog, I mean cat, I'm a douche.

Pizza Hut doesn't need to do this, I order them fairly often. Making a promise you KNOW is misleading is lame.
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Sep 06, 2011 
I will go to papa johns like always, their pizza is better, crust and toppings. :) :p :grin
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Sep 02, 2011 
Advertising scam!
Obviously if the advertising was CLEARLY MARKED on the whole topic of double toppings and cheese crust there would not be so much confusion. Being misled is an offense to the customer and just makes them shop elsewhere. Pizza hut should try advertising promotions they can follow through with consistently. Go Papa John's & Domino's!!!
Reply to Mark

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