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Product / Service Pinook Usa
Location Kinston, North Carolina
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I was approached by this guy in Lynnhaven Mall, in Virginia Beach, VA on Lynnhaven Parkway. He was selling these little devices that makes these electric shocks. Well I was never told there was no refund policy. Isacc stated to me that if you don't like the product you may return product for 100% money back. Well after doing an investigation and reviews on it, I wanted to return the product. Well I first call Isacc on his phone that he provided me, which was disconnected. So I located the store phone number, the man who answered the phone said Isacc was no longer working there. Well it sounded like Isacc himself. Then we told them we don't want the product and we are returning it. Well then the guy said he didn't understand english. He then hung up on me. So I had someone else call in and they hung up on them too. This company which is based in Orlando, FL is nothing but a SCAM. I was able to call the owner and he didn't like getting bothered on his cell phone. Isacc also told me if for any reason the product fails at anytime we can exchange it either at that kiosks or any other store. Well that was nothing but a lie. I investigated this company and found out you have to send product in, with $19.95 so they can ship replacement back to you. If you don't at the 60 day point they will trash the unit. None of this was disclosed at all. The address for this location is:
Pinook USA
I Masage
701 Lynnhaven Parkway #5560
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
757-306-1224/ 757-202-6867
The Corporate office information is:
5247 International Dr #B
Orlando, FL 32819
The owners name is:
Dvir Lev-Ran
This company is nothing but a scam. Buyer BEWARE. Don't get scammed like I did. I did in fact put a dispute with my credit card company, and they are putting a stop to this transaction. Before you buy this please email me:
pinookusascam@yahoo.com 2ec31e2

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Feb 14  from Edmonton, Alberta
Thought I got a great price for two both were damaged and my kids distracted me no info on receipt and phone number on warranty doesnt work!
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Jan 11 
I bought this product at kiosk 2 years ago, after my cost for doctors,TMJ,chiropractor, massages, physiotherapy, medication... exceeded $5000 in one single year. I suffer from back and neck pain and almost killed myself because of the pain. I stopped counting doctors visits and got disappointed when I was told that all is in my head, only because doctors could not get proper diagnosis.
After using this product, my health has been improved. However i am still seeing chiropractor and masseur once a month, but cost went down to maximum of $ 500 a year. Also I joined gym. Somehow I have found balance in my life. My health is stable now and I am 90%free of the pain and pain killers.
I am happy with the product. At the time of purchase I spent $199. The product was worth the money.
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Jan 10 
I purchased 1 and love it. Did I say love it. Yeds!
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Jan 02  from Grandville, Michigan
Well if it's not a scam then they just have crappy business practices... I found this on the FDA website http://www.fda.gov/ICECI/EnforcementActions/WarningLetters/2012/ucm312639.htm.
It explains the several violations with the FDA.
And the letter is addressed to the same person named above and notice they don't sell this product anymore and other websites that used to sell them don't work anymore.
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Dec 21, 2013 
You *** complaining *** need to learn when to shut the *** up u *** *** :( . Its NOT A SCAM Ive been using it for years, sincerely mike d
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Oct 25, 2013 
I Purchased A Unit In Florida, AndHaveBeenUsingIt WithoutProblemsAndGainingPlentyOfRelief. itSoundsLikeSomeoneSpentMoneyTheyShouldn'tHaveAndWantItBack.
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Oct 12, 2013  from Fort Lauderdale, Florida
I too was ALMOST scammed by these people. I've always known to take kiosk retailers cautiously. But this guy's name was Shane and he saw that I wasn't taking the bait so he said that he would drop the price from $199.00 to $100.00 AND throw in a $60.00 heating pad if I "buy it now". That offer in itself is enough to make me not want to buy it...thats just too much of a difference in a spur-of-the-moment offer. So I said no and figured I'd come home and read up on them, and lo and behold, lots of other people have been scammed also by this company. So buyer beware electronic massagers sold in mall kiosks!!
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Aug 14, 2013  from Tyler, Texas
If the only reason you wanted to return it was because of things you had heard from reviews then it sounds like you don't need it in the first place. This device has kept me off of pain killers for three years and counting. I use it every day and has yet to let me down. Never buy from a kioske in the mall. If you're interested in something they have to offer, look up the product online and you will most likely not get screwed over in the future.
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Aug 10, 2013  from Newark, New Jersey
I love my device. It helps my bad ankle and my husbands back :p
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Aug 09, 2013  from Ottawa, Ontario
Well the most important thing is that this device helped me...imagine how much you would have to pay therapy.....so in any case in in plus...
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Jul 30, 2013 
A little due diligence and you can purchase these units all day long from the manufacturer in China for about $3 each !!! Sounds like the majority of you were "impulse" buyers at some cheap kiosk in your local mall.
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Oct 22, 2013  from New Oxford, Pennsylvania
Where can I get one of these mini-massagers for under $110 ???
Need another one, and could then give my daughter one as a gift.
Thanks. You can email me cat.st@icloud.com
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Jun 07, 2013  from Fairport, New York
I bought this unit from a trade show. Loved it!!! :zzz I suffer from neck and upper back problems, sometimes putting me in pain for a couple weeks at a time. The Chiro I saw after my auto accident had a device like this he used to use on me to manage the pain. It was great!
So when the sales man introduced me to this product, letting me try this for 20 minutes (which at the time I had a tension headache) feeling relief that quickly, I purchased it right away. :zzz
I carried this massager with me every where I went in little zipper bag I kept it in. Used the heck out of it for about 6-8 months. Went to use it one day and nothing!!!! It turns out, the window lights up, I can move through the different message settings. But I get nothing through the pads. My device came with 4 pads, and two wires. I tried using the second wire that I had used before and changing to the new pads as well. Still nothing.
Let's just say I'm not happy :( that after spending 110.00 for this device I only had 1/2 year usage!!! I miss this device though. :cry I am going to look for another device, with the same options but of a different name brand! :sigh... Show more
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Oct 29, 2013  from Ontario, California
I've bought two of those unit and It's great. I've read your story about getting another unit. I've paid 225$ each so if you a interested send me an e-mail and we could arrange something. e-mail address is kanouque@yahoo.com from Canada Ontario city of Ottawa

Chow :p
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May 27, 2013  from Ottawa, Ontario
Bought this for great deal including the one's for the feet. My wife has suffered with a problem in her foot for years, I was very surprised as was she when after only 15 mins of use she said the next day that her foot didn't hurt. It was the first time in years. She was the biggest skeptic on this but after using it, is a believer. She stills says a coincidence but really after all these years? You be the judge... For me the pads I used on my lower back for about 20 mins and afterward it's been two days and no back pain. I'm a skeptic as well, I say a placebo effect but whatever the reason, two of with no pain in problem areas after years! For me jury is still out but it's winning me over fast... Paid less then $100 on both and got bracelets x 3 as well. Second guessed getting it at first but really this worked so to me it was worth every penny. :)
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May 18, 2013  from Honolulu, Hawaii
guess what! they are here in the Hawaiian Islands! initial thought on the Pinook Mini Massager PT11 was kinda cool. Woman quoted me $180. for just the unit with two sets of pads with no slipper massager or ear clips. Well, I wasn't about to spend $180. so she brought it down to $150. stating that she would "throw-in" an extra set of pads. Brought home and read the user's manual but found NO extra pads! RIP-OFF!! Then, as I kept reading, I found that this Pinook Mini Massager PT11 is stated for strengthening ab muscles! Nor did the guide mention any info on the functions so I went online to investigate and found this gripe session. Well, I haven't yet given it a full go yet but for the price I paid I think I should have gotten the slippers as well as the ear clips! :? :(
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Jul 03, 2013 
Yes, they should have given you the slippers. They are great. Go back and ask for the slippers. You can bargain with these guys. At first they wanted $250.00 for the Massager and when I said I could not afford it they came down to $200.00 and I was still hesitant. Then came down to $150.00 and they threw in the shoes and a head massager. The Pinook Massager has been like a miracle for me with nerve pain. I use the unit for 20 minutes on my feet and then I can sleep through the night, where previously it was like torture and very little sleep that was continuously interrupted. This is a miracle product for anyone suffering with pain. Of course the pharmaceutical companies probably don't want you to know about this product. Because -----IT WORKS. BONNIE WEISS
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May 13, 2013  from Corpus Christi, Texas
My 17 yr old son went to the mall to buy me a mothers day gift and somehow got conned into buying me this"tens unit", as a massage unit. Why on earth would I want a tens unit?? These 2 Arab guys convince my son that this is the greatest gift ever and tell him he can upgrade our return it if not satisfied. So the next morning I go to return it, as I have no need or desire for a tens unit, and quite frankly can get one for $20 if I needed. Of course they are not helpful and pull out the no refunds card. Now I'm stuck with this $110 tens unit, which I'll never use. I would have much rather my son NOT gone to the mall where these scam artists are, and just given me a gift card to ANYWHERE but i-massage!!!
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Jul 03, 2013 
Yes , you may have paid slightly too much as so did I,but if you have any pain or discomfort, this little machine will change your life. I can sleep through the night where before using the machine I could not. I was told at the Kiosk in the Mall of America that the unit was guaranteed for life. A few months after having it, the unit stopped working. I returned it and was given a replacement unit ----not Pinook ---- but Hidow AcuXP Micro. It costs half of what I paid for the Pinook so I feel like I am being ripped off and -------I have no warranty. What kind of company is Pinook?
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Apr 21, 2013  from Saint Cloud, Florida
great lil machine, my wife n I enjoy it and does help. :) :) :) :grin :grin :grin :grin :) :) :)
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