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Peoplefinders.com is a scam! Do not use!

Company PeopleFinders
Product / Service Phone Number Search
Location Scottsbluff, Nebraska
Category Household Services
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I used Peoplefinders.com to find a phone number for me.I was under the impression it was only going to cost $0.95.

They ended up charging me and extra $0.95 to email it to me and then a hidden charge of $24.95 for not canceling a trial I did not know I had. When I called them to ask politley and nicely after I said I was happy with their service but wanted the charges I did not use or want or know of to be taken off, they said it was completely impossible. I called my credit card company to dispute the unautorized charge so we shall see if they can do anything for me. I hate it when people are devious.

SHAME ON YOU PEOPLEFINDERS!Where is your integrity? 2d447ba

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Oct 23, 2013 
These people suck. I found exactly who I wanted a phone number for to report a death of a relative and they sent me every friggin name except the one I needed. Never again, people finder. You friggers are total scammers. ***.
Reply to edpow

Oct 02, 2013 
I can't even get a good # for them to complain; the # listed on their web page is not a working#. Does anyone have a good # for them? :sigh :sigh :sigh
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Jul 25, 2013 
I also got taken in by the $.96 deal. They have been withdrawing $24.95 from my bank account for 7 months. I did not catch this because I had no idea I had been signed up. I canceled the account online because their customer service will not let you talk to a real person. So far they have not responded. My bank said to give them 10 days to correct this. Will change debit card if they do not stop. I'm out alot of money.
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May 29, 2013  from Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Most of you clearly don't understand the definition of a scam. Incurring additional charges because you didn't read what you were agreeing to DOESN'T MAKE IT A SCAM!! Take responsibility for YOUR mistakes.
Reply to sessa

Sep 08, 2013  from Albany, Georgia
Ya..it is a scam when the fine print at the bottom doesn't make sense to most of us and they mislead us to believe its only 95c with no reoccurring fee's. Just cuz you think you know it all and are high all mighty don't try to justify a company that takes advantage of peoples needs and wants. CLEARLY sessa, your review doesn't mean s**t to anyone on here. Hope it happens to you one day..sure as *** wouldn't get any sympathy from me or even the other reviewers on here. Have great day! Oh if you read the fine print to my comment, it actually says "have a shi**y". Oh that's right you didn't see the fine print.
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Oct 23, 2013 
Scamming is also paying for a product and getting *** for a result. I understand quite clearly what a scam is and THIS IS IT. Does people finder have you shills looking all over the internet to post *** posts like this.
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Mar 23, 2013 
:eek :sigh :( Thats bcause all u ppl who posted on here dont use their service for work, it serves no purpose just to look up a buddy or some old flame ur still in love with after she dumped u 10 yrs ago.Lol. If ur in the Real Estate business like I am & u need to find ppl $24.95 is a steal for when u reach important leads to buy perspective properties.
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Mar 25, 2013 
Rich, I would like to start a class action lawsuit against these crooks. I too have been ripped off, over $50.00 worth. I've had to cancel my debit card and issue a fraud complaint. i do not know where to go to to get legal help on this. Is there any way possible for ea. of us complaining on here to start an injunction and/or class action lawsuit against them for fraud?
Just wondering,
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May 29, 2013 
I must agree. I was charged 24.95 for this service and I did not sign up for it. I used the service one time for .95 and did not sign up for it. I paid for the service at that time with my credit card, but then I get these charges on my card.
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Feb 22, 2013  from Brecksville, Ohio
They got me for five months at $25 a month on my credit card. I did the ninety five cents for three day trial. I looked up one old school buddy. Couldn't have been on their site for more than two minutes. They got me for $125. I disputed it with my cc company. They initially credited my card, but people finders disputed it, and I was eventually charged the money. I called People Finders, and spoke to the rudest woman on earth.

Make no mistake. This company is the epitome of organized crime. Avoid at all costs. Total ripoff. They'll steal your money.
Reply to Steve

Jan 18, 2013 
I was also scammed by peoplefinders.com. They will not refund the $24.99 that they took from my atm card account. Don't use them! They must be other services with integrity that can do the same job.
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Jan 15, 2013  from Syracuse, New York
I, also, signed up for the $0.95 and cancelled the "contract" on the 5th day. peoplefinders.com, however, charged my account $24.95 on the 4th day . I challenged the charge with my cc company and peoplefinders.com sent them a whole bunch of papers showing searches I did not initiate and according to peoplefinders.com records, I didn't cancel until nine days later. This is an outright lie. These people are not on the up and up, regardless of what rating the BBB gives. I suggest we all file a complaint with the BBB as peoplefinders.com are a scam and a shame.
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Dec 02, 2012 
I have found this company to be a scam just like a few more I have come in contact with....they bet on you being in a hurry and not reading exactly what you are getting into..if you go to White Pages it will take you to their site....we
were at the hospital..my son is a transplant patient and we needed a number fast and we got it we thought for the dollar price....so in all that was going on we would most likely not have had the time to cancel in 3 days if this had been realized....I saw it on credit card and disputed but at that time the credit card wanted a copy of transaction I did not have...so I thought I will suck up this charge
then come to find out that you will be charged forever if you do not cancel something you do not know you have gotten into.
Who would need $25.00 worth of people search a month anyway...like I said their way of making money is to scam you into the charge. I am retired on limited income and no way could I afford this charge every months. I will get a one time refund of the $24.95 but they can go to the log and see I never once logged in all
those months. I saw someone say on this site they were able to do that and would but did not offer for me.
Will report to attorney general and BBB ..I
have another company to warn you about Myinfobill.com does the same thing offers a
dollar car search and then you get charged $19.95 a month on credit card every month.
Reporting them too. This are
... Show more
Reply to JHarwell

Dec 01, 2012 
I just discovered that I have been charged every month for the last six months. I called and vented to some kid, who told me that I will be called back. I knew that this had to be a scam, and here I am, a few clicks later, feeling VERY angry at the BS and corruption behind this scam.

Thank you for telling me to cancel my credit card.

I say we all give them the same BS back that they've given us! Can we hire a hacker, or find out where they are and send them some real BS?


PS - I don't care if it cost me more to hurt them than they cost me. They are SO full of ***!
Reply to Me

Dec 01, 2012 
I did the same as other folks in these comments. They started charging me 24.95/month for something I do not use. I used it once for 95 cents. Do not use these scam artists.
Reply to lxg

Nov 30, 2012 
used Peoplefinders.com to find a phone number for me. I was under the impression it was only going to cost $0.95;. They ended up charging me and extra $0;.95 to email it to me and then a hidden charge of $24|.95 for not canceling a trial I did not know I had;. When I called them to ask politley and nicely after I said I was happy with their service but wanted the charges I did not use or want or know of to be taken off, they said it was completely impossible!. I called my credit card company to dispute the unautorized charge so we shall see if they can do anything for me|. I hate it when people are devious;. SHAME ON YOU PEOPLEFINDERS! Where is your integrity?
Reply to Narotham Sunki

Nov 25, 2012 
any time you all have difficulties with situations such as this, CALL the State Attorney General's office. It is process, but be patient. Ask for an investigation. FOLLOW THRU. It's important. If enough people call and ask for an investigation, maybe this company will be sanctioned or shut down. I've read the above comments. If there are those of us that will 'post'...it makes wonder how many others have been scammed that have not aired their views. Please call the A/G's office.
Reply to Missy

Nov 12, 2012 
People finders.com is a total scam, I called to cancel and the rep was a smart *** LEAH. "Why would you assume a background check is free." is what she said. I am now out 39.99 because they say that is what I agreed on when I went on their website. IT SAYS FREE TRIAL not we are going to charge you. Plus they took an extra .99 cents for e-mail which I did not use because the information was old. PEOPLE FINDERS should be ashamed of themselves for scamming the public and getting away with it.
Reply to margaretcarriger

Oct 22, 2012 
Even if it does say it is a Trail after you unsubscribe they should stop the charges but that is not the case they keep charging and charging
Reply to Josh walters

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