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PennyMac - Extreemely rude latino sounding customer service agent talking over me

Company PennyMac
Product / Service Insurance Cancellation
Location San Francisco, California
Category Property Insurance
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Got a call that PennyMac needed my insurance company to fax a Declaration Form and Bill to them... in the mail that same day, I received a letter that my Homeowners Insurance had expired.

I immediately followed up with my insurance company based on the call to have the requested information faxed over. Once I got the letter, I called my insurance company again to find out if there was an issue with my homeowners insurance. After verifying that there was no issue with my insurance, I contacted PennyMac to determine why I got a letter that my insurance had expired.

The agent gave me at least 4 conflicting reasons why I would have gotten the letter and a phone call re: issue, he never apologized that their records were not internally updated to reflect that they had what they needed, adviced me to essentially do their jobs for them since for a year they supposedly did not have my home owners insurance information, but the letter I just received was the first I was hearing of it, continued to interupt when I was speaking and then started talking over me!

Recommendations: (i) PennyMac should better train their representatives on customer care (ii) given that monthly statements are provided to customers, if there are any discrepancies in the account, advance notice would be appreciated rather than wait until the last minute and send frightening letters (iii) the different divisions of PennyMac should do a better job of communicating internally to avoid the burden of verification being placed on the customer. 306f960

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Jan 17  from Moorpark, California
Hi, Monica, we're so very sorry to hear that you have not enjoyed your experience with us. We never want you to feel like your stuck with a bad experience and would very much appreciate the opportunity to find out what happened and try to make it right. Thank you for reaching out. We will work with our team to resolve any issues you may have experienced.
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