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Penn Foster Career School - I would'nt recomend Penn Foster HVAC program

  • by   Dec 08, 2009
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Company Penn Foster Career School
Product / Service Penn Foster Hvac Program
Location East Moline, Illinois
Category Schools
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I am not really happy with Penn Foster HVAC program. I made three question and neither weren answered right.Like I told them that I saw a heat pump with only one metering device and they told me to look better that there should be another one some where.The I found out that there are two way flow txv. Also they do not offer any type of training video.So basically you paying around $ 700.00 for a book and a $12.00 multimeter that they send you at the end of the course and the $50.00 for the EPA test. 30101b0

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Sep 01, 2013  from Chicago, Illinois
I have worked construction all my life, cement, roofing, electric (basic Wiring a house and such) but not electronics. I have even designed the flow chart for heating a home (70 at three feet off floor) with cold air returns and such. Would taking an online course like PennFoster be of any use to me? Why would I want to waste $$ on something I might not even need. Anyone??
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May 13, 2013  from Reston, Virginia
Hvac is not a course to take online unless u work as a maintenance tech and already close to the field. Thats the only way that could be useful otherwise ur wasting money
Reply to David

Apr 16, 2013  from Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo
it all depends on what your looking for. There are 3 things an employer wants. Experience, training and to know who you are as a person. Many people who take online courses want the degree. We just want to ensure the degree we are getting is worth the piece of paper its written on. So being an Acredited school is huge. Also having hands on training is not always necessary. Someone can tell me how to connect a line to the high side and I will do just fine. And there are alot of us out here looking to better ourselves but want to know about the school program and if it would help us or not. So when I apply for a job around the world and they ask me for that piece of paper I want it to mean something to them. :)
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Dec 28, 2010 
I have my HVAC from Penn Foster...I completed the couse in 4 months ... and I did not have any problems ..the send me books on time ..the problems here is .I had 2yr degree in electronic so the couses I was taking in HVAC was not had..if you do not have the background in electronic you need to take the couse local..plus you need to have a computer so you can take your test.Do not send test by mail..also pay your bill on time so you can get you deploma..Lastly the couse are designed for you to get a job to be train.
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Feb 25, 2010 
HVAC Tech needs a real tech college degree "2-4 years". You need to be state certified. 'Licensed and insured' Now there is no way you can go and work on heaters A/C with a PF diploma LOL its a diploma mill a rip off! You are wasting your cash and are a fool if you believe you will get a job with that worthless diploma. You cant even work for yourself... if you get caught you will be sued and you might blow a house up!

Good luck.
Reply to Sam Champion

Feb 28, 2013  from Knoxville, Tennessee
u can too work with a diploma, all u need is a business license to own a heating and air company an a few tech courses, i would know considering i own one... get your facts straight before you post
Reply to duh

Oct 28, 2013  from Enola, Pennsylvania
Maybe in your state you need to be certified, but not here in PA. All you need is the EPA certification and you can work for who you want. If you have your own business then you just need a contractor I.D and insurance. I am taking the Penn Foster HVACR course right now and I am learning a whole bunch of stuff. I work in building maintenance, and I already have a better understanding on how to trouble shoot. You don't need to go to a 2-4 year tech college, I have seen people come out of those schools and can't tell you how electricity flows let alone use a wrench.

Don't put people or education down in till you know for sure it is not worth it.

Reply to chuck norris

Dec 11, 2009 
I'll tell you I don't think all of PF courses translate well to distance learning. Something like HVAC probably needs to be taken at a local vo-tech so you can get hands on and talk face to face with other students and instructors. I don't see how any trades do well with being taught via distance learning. Trades are to hands on. Some parts of learning a trade can be done via distance but certainly not all of it can be.
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