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Peak Life is a scamming rip-off, thieving company

Company Peak Life
Product / Service Somna Pure
Location Amite, Louisiana
Category Health and Beauty
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Peak Life, Inc (www.peaklife.com) are a dishonest. scamming company.

I ordered only a 1 month supply on Somna Pure sleep aid and when i ordered it I specified to the sales rep that I did not want any more until I had tried the product out fully. I did not authorize the company to send me any more supplies and yet they took the liberty of sending me more and charging my credit card. i did not give them permission to send the product and especially to charge my credit card!
I consider this theft. If you take something from a person without their permission that is considered theft, correct me if I am wrong.
What is a shame is that I actually liked the product and was going to order a 6 month supply. But due to the company's shady conduct and dishonesty, I will not deal with them ever again.

I attampeted to contact the company through their support e-mail address which they provided "should I have any questions or complaints" I sent the e-mail 2 times in the space of 10 days and did not receive so much as an acknowledgment of my e-mail. I called the company and they tried to say that by buying a one month trial, you are basically authorizing them to automatically send you more and charge your credit card but those words were never muttered by the sales rep who took my order.
Beware of Peak Life! They are outright thieves! 2e15785

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Feb 27 
This company is a complete internet scam. Do not sign up for any trial, free or other bait offers. The product does no good and they will keep sending orders and adding huge credit card charges. I will dispute the charges with my credit card company but it would have been so much easier to have never been involved!
Reply to Rusty

Feb 03 
I too have the same problem with this company. Ordered sample and within a few days have been charged on my credit card for $91.00 for more which I might add I haven't received. How can they get away with this. I am contacting Consumer affairs in my state hoping I can put a stop to these cheats.
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Oct 31, 2013  from Coral Gables, Florida
My name is Fred Webdriwm and it happens to also. I call them and they said to return the erchandise, BUT I HAVE TO PAID FOR DELIVERY. NEVER MORE
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Sep 14, 2013 
A bunch of thieves,ordered a free sample and the next thing you get is another order for 74.98 on your credit card! Well guess what you creaps are getting the package, return to sender!! And I am going to notify the Attorney General of this state about your scams and fraud programs. :( :(
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Sep 07, 2013 
I agree the same thing happened to me. They charged my credit card and did not refund me the shipping. I would not recommend this dishonest company. They are theives.
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Jul 17, 2013  from San Antonio, Texas
The exact thing happened to me,and even though I was finally able to get a return number from an employee,they still have not seen fit to credit my account. Their exact quote printed across the bottom of order page is" If for any reason a Peak Life product fails to meet your expectations we offer a 30 day money back guarantee for any unopened bottles".Evidently that statement doesn't have any creditability .
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Nov 19, 2012 
I forgot to add the pots mark on the box on both sides is an address in China when I mentioned this to the agent and the fact that there was no Us address or email info. she denied it but I am keeping the box and intend to scan it for future use.
Reply to Helen Miami

Nov 19, 2012 
Peak life is a bait and switch scamming company. I agree with Michael and others. My credit card was charged without my permission (thievery) I intend to take it to the Better Business Bureau and more. I hope I get my money back since I am returning the product.
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Nov 16, 2012 
Evidently no one has sued this company. They are probably going to get one. I asked for a 14-day trial and within about 10 days had two charges to my debit card. I have notified the bank to cancel further debits, will return the order which I did not approve, and will notify the Attorney General of my State, along with the Internet Crime Complaint Center of the FBI. Sounds like the company is taking lessons from Swival Sweeper.
Reply to MBF Alabama

Aug 07, 2012 
Yes, I ordered the free month supply of Somnapure for $2.99. I guess I didn't read the fine print, that said they'd automatically send me another month supply, if I didn't tell them NO. I got the next month's supply and a bill for $74.98. I immediately called to cancel, and received just a $40 credit to my credit card account. I told the Peak Life rep, I didn't want ANY more, and that I would accept the $40 credit.
Next month came, and I received another month’s supply along with a bill for $34.98. Funny. If this product is so good, why do they only charge $34.98 sometimes? I called AGAIN to get this matter resolved, & they once again gave me a credit, $20, and asked them to remove my credit card information from their service.
The $2.99 ended up costing me $52.95 out of pocket for a product that I couldn’t even tell it did me a bit of good.
I’ll never buy from Peak Life again. Lesson learned!
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May 21, 2012 
I just found a charge on my credit card, i never ordered anything, don't know who FCF is, Bank had to cancel my card and reissue a new one. Can you say identity theft!!! Don't deal with these guys.
Reply to Jim in Seattle

Mar 30, 2012 
This company scammed by credit card also and I actually refused the packages and sent them back. I'm trying to get an office address for them and name of Owner, President, whatever. If anyone gets it, please send it to my email address. Literallylaurea@aol.com
Reply to Laurea from Los Angeles

Mar 27, 2012 
I've called twice to tell them I don't want anymore shipments. Twice I was told they took care of it. Really? Still getting shipments. Will have to get rid of my Visa and apply for a new one. Disgusting! This is a total rip-off!
Reply to Jan in PA

Feb 06, 2012 
The same thing happened to me.my husband was pissed 75$all I wanted was to try 2 week sample.this is dishonest not to inform customer that this was automatic delivery.
Reply to Nancy

Jan 27, 2012 
I got the same old ripoff with block payment on ;credit card.
Reply to Larry

Dec 14, 2011  from Sha Tin, Hong Kong (Sar)
The very same thing happened to me. The rep on the phone gave me an RMA number to send it back. WE WILL SEE IF I AM CREDITED! :(
Reply to CMH

Jun 20, 2013  from Indio, California
I got my CC co. to push this because they only gave me 34.99 when they charged me 39.98.
I had called them the day the second bottle came and the guy kept saying "you don't understand" over & over again. Finally I hung up...He wouldn't authorize my return of the product.
Had I NOT kept calling my CC company, I doubt Peak Life would've even credited me ANYTHING. It took them 3 weeks from the day I sent it back. Now I'm trying to get the $4.99 back as well. I think they make money on the shipping charges.
If you have a good product then a free sample should be really free AND you don't have to trick people into buying it. I have an initial complaint posted here on 6/4 I believe.
Reply to Sue G

Dec 05, 2011 
Peak Life is a total SKAM! I am in the process of preparing complaint to the FTC.

I ordered a trial/introductory Peak Life product on 9/29/2011 and authorized payment of $4.99 shipping on my Visa card. Peak Life sent me an e-mail on 9/29/2011 detailing the introductory order and charge of $4.99 for shipping; order number 1921366. Imagine my surprise and chagrin to find Peak Life charged my Visa $74.98 -- an overcharge of $70.00.

I complained to NFCU Visa. NFCU Visa was handed a bill of goods (lies) by Peak Life that I had entered into a program or continuing relationship with Peak Life. Therefore, NFCU is powerless to credit my account for the overcharge. I am appealing the decision of NFCU Visa and including a copy of the 9/29/2011 e-mail sent to me by Peak Life. Hopefully, NFCU Visa will see the light.

What further action should be taken against Peak Life?
Reply to William J. Camarinos

Nov 24, 2011 
I just received my 1st UNORDERED bottle after not even finishing the free trial. What a ripoff!! This same thing happened to me w/another company and the minute I mentioned calling the BBB they refunded my money with no further problems. I wonder if GNC, a reputable company with some connection to PEAK-LIFE is aware of what they are doing? The website also mentions CVS. Maybe both of these companies need to be contacted. I will do that if I continue to have problems. Good Luck!
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