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PCHLotto - W78 Notice..unable to register...

  • by   Aug 24, 2012
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Company PCHLotto
Product / Service Lotto
Location Mexico, Missouri
Category Advertisements and Cons
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My husband recieved a W78 notice today that told us to log onto www.pch.com/w78.The special registration page did not come up.

The one remedy address that was provided took us to the pch lotto game. There was no place to tye in the authorization code that we got. The way the post was worded it does give one the impression if you don't go to this address and register, you won't be eligible for cash prizes. Does this mean the big drawing on Nov 30, 2012?

My husband thinks he is now disqualified for that drawing.

Please clarify if tis is the case.valerieedwards252@rocketmail.com

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Oct 25, 2012 
Followed the directions given and was unable to register on 0ctober 25,2012. I could not enter my code given to me on the W78 notice.
Reply to Doris E. Simon from Gretna, L

Oct 24, 2012 
:x :cry cuz when I went to put my entry in evertything including my information disappeared m cant seem to put my entry for PCH GWY that I think I won.
Reply to Carrie Sloan

Oct 23, 2012 
My Husband received this notice. Could not register. What is going on with PCH?The notice said to log in to www.pch.com/notice.AUTHORIZATION CODE DE265. NOT VERY HAPPY ABOUT THIS> Nampa Idaho.
Reply to blueone

Oct 12, 2012 
I tried to register my W78 number as the post card indicated that I should. However, all I got was a shopping cart for ordering merchandise. I had already placed and received part of my orders. I feel like the others that this is a scam to try and get people to order merchandise. This appears to violate the rules of the sweepstakes. 10/12/12.
Reply to judy hines

Oct 06, 2012 
i am unable to register my w/78 number. is this a scam . if let me know how to register the number
Reply to Lillie

Sep 28, 2012 
I have tryied to registered but cannnot. email address is coffyclan@aol.com
Reply to Geraldine Coffy

Sep 22, 2012 
I aso recieved the card stating to enter the same code. My question is why does everyone have the same code?
Reply to Nana L.

Sep 21, 2012 
Can't enter code; why is this company taking up people's time. Must be some friends of Romey. :grin
Reply to Linda

Sep 19, 2012 
hi im experiencing the same problem the other people are having not being able to put my w78 code that i was sent on the most recent postcard i was sent the authorization code is (W5230)plz send me email conformation that everything went through thx!!!!!!!
Reply to elveta kemp

Sep 19, 2012 
:cry ,,, i also was unable to registar and i been following all the pch documents for quiet some time now, what seems to be going on with the entries that we all cant get in????? i wish is to be contacted by mail with an answer please, thank you !!!!
Reply to terry anderson desmoines iowa

Sep 18, 2012 
i also recieved this pch,com/78 post card also unable to register this publisher clearing house is really insane-do we all really have nothing better to do but hope on a dream!! are they sitting back laughing at us? :sigh
Reply to jamie

Sep 18, 2012 
I also recieved the post card with W78
Can not find place to regester
Reply to Bud Burgess

Sep 18, 2012 
I also recieved the post card with W78
Can not find place to regester
Reply to Bud Burgess

Sep 17, 2012 
I also received a postcard to register my W78 code number and was unable to find the site to put in my code. I agree with everyone else. Why send it out if we can't find it. Sounds like a scam to me. Won't enter the contest or buy their products again. It's too much of a hassel!! :(
Reply to Gloria from Santa Maria, Calif

Sep 15, 2012 
I received w/78 postcard, went to web site and got this site.. is it for real or not...
Reply to leona hancock

Sep 12, 2012 
from genaro cartagena in chicago ill i also received a w78 notice can not find a place to register my code number. thanks for any help!!!!!!!
Reply to genaro

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