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PaymentWall - They Scammed me.

Company PaymentWall
Product / Service Membership Fee
Location Vienna, Wien
Category Finances
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Monetary Loss

I made an order for 20$ through Paymentwall, they took my money without forwarding my order and just cloaked in Silence.

for years i have been shopping online and i have never seen such a shortsighted customer unfriendly custom service who just remain silent in hope to make you give up on your money instead of being solution and business-oriented like every other legitimate Company.

They just took my money with no service in return, bloody scammers.

I hope people google Company reviews before they shop online, because have i did google Paymentwall and saw this site and the others i would have never used anything involving them.

i learned my lesson for the cost of 20$, becarefull guys you may loose 100's of $ if you are not cautios enough. 2ffcd80

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Aug 05, 2013  from Auckland, Auckland
SAme thing happened with me but with $50 they are silent.
At least it's not too much so i'm not worried.
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Feb 25, 2013  from Toronto, Ontario
I completed surveys for credits at a site, and forwarded them the email saying I did them with the proof they ask for and recieved this in response


We have verified with the Ad network and found no records of this offer's completion. Unfortunately we are unable to credit you in full. Please check out our other great offers to complete in order to receive necessary credits. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you for using our services,

Paymentwall Team"

Don't trust them, they already got paid for me doing the survey, and don't want to have to pay the site for the credits, so *** them
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Oct 12, 2012 

This is Paymentwall Customer Support Department. Could you please let us know what payment option you used to complete this transaction and forward us receipt of this payment on paymentsupport@paymentwall.com, so we could investigate this matter/ We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Kind Regards,

Customer Support Department
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I completed surveys for credits at a site, and forwarded them the email saying I did them with the p...

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