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Park West Gallery - Park West Auction - A Rip Off!!!

Company Park West Gallery
Product / Service Art Painting
Location Houston, Texas
Category Auctions and Internet Stores
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Monetary Loss

We sailed on Carnival Cruise line in 2008 and decided to go to the auction.While we were there we bought a painting that we liked.

We were not interested in selling it for money to make a profit. However, when we got the "painting" we realized that we could have done the same thing at home with our plotter. To top it off, we probably paid over 500% of what its worth! Beware - quality is horrible, price is crazy and they won't even work with you to return it.

Luckily we are American Express Platinum members and since we paid with our Amex, we got all of our money refunded!!

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Aug 08, 2010 
I collect and sell art as a hobby. I attended one of the Park West auctions while on a cruse and was appalled by what I saw. People were paying large sums for "***" that I would not bid $5 on.

Folks, there are some great auctions where you can buy incredible art at very reasonable prices. Don't let Park West turn you off from buying art at auction.
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Jul 23, 2008  from Atenas, Alajuela
I am Rip Off by Park West and I am looking for people in my NY or NJ for ClassAction.
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