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Pace Lattin: Child Molester | PerformInsider Scam

Company Pace Latti
Location Delhi, Delhi
Category Professional Services
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Let's talk a little bit about Pace Lattin. This is a so-called performance marketing "professional" who think he knows it all. If there's one thing I've already learned, it's that he knows nothing at all.

I'll admit, he can talk the talk. Charisma has a way of making someone appear a lot more talented than they actually are. But when you put someone like that under the microscope, the truth will show its ugly face.

And for this particular subject, the truth is terrifying. He's a scumbag – a borderline-criminal scammer, a negligent business affiliate, and an all-around terrible person.

Look, I'm not writing just to randomly bash someone I don't like. In Internet marketing, everyone is a rival. But you get that when you work in the business, and a true professional understands that friendly competition is a good thing.

But with this clown, you get anything but a professional. He has no marketable skills, but he acts like he does. And he charges a pretty penny for his services, too. What you get is an egomaniacal psychopath spouting off ineffective, nonsensical idiocy at every moment.

Let's take a look at PerformInsider, Pace Lattin's self-proclaimed Bible of performance marketing. All you'll see are self-important posts containing intellectually void nonsense.

Deep down, the reason I'm writing this is because of the huge disparity between who Pace claims himself as online versus who he really is. As his bio describes, he is a super-marketer, unparalleled in his professional skills. He also claims that his major focus is on marketing ethics and maintaining the sanctity of the affiliate marketing industry.

He's seriously spouting off about his ethical commitment? Seriously? Take a look across the PerformInsider site. You'll see tons of posts by this false idol of affiliate marketing tearing down anyone who's brave enough to challenge him.

When you spend your time taking unmerited, false jabs at all your competitors, how can you call yourself ethical in the same breath? The blatant hypocrisy there is really laughable. There's nothing ethical about making up false facts and figures and pretending like you know everything. That just makes you look ***.

I've already spoken about the contradiction between his accolades and his actual skills, which leads me to my next point. Pace Lattin spends so much time TALKING about himself and his skills, he has nothing to show for it otherwise.

Look, if you're an actual professional then it's great to share some of your secrets to success. But if you've spent your entire career ONLY talking, you're not good at anything. Would you really trust a "mechanic" if he never worked on a car and only talked about it? I wouldn't.

Now I won't come right out and accuse Pace Lattin of what this post title says, but let's look at the situation. Here we have an affiliate marketer. He knows how to rank and de-rank Internet content because he does it for a living. He does it pretty poorly, but he certainly knows a thing or two.

Consequently, when it comes to the TRUTH about himself, he's pretty good at keeping it a secret. But if you've found this review, you probably know a thing or two about the Internet, too.

We all know that when it comes to the truth on the Internet, it's out there. Take a little time and dig around to find information on this marketing scumbag. You'll learn that he's a lot less of a genius as he claims to be. You'll also learn that Pace Lattin's dark history isn't as hidden as he'd like it.

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Oct 25, 2013  from Charlotte, North Carolina
*** Pace Lattin. Such a Cumwad.
Reply to bigballa

Jun 29, 2013  from Chicago Heights, Illinois
This is horrendous that this site allows a personal attack of this nature. The person even says he is using "child molester" to get attention.
Reply to Anonymous

Jun 09, 2013 
Seriously? Calling a guy a child molester because you disagree with him? :roll :? :(
Reply to Holy Crap?

Jun 03, 2013  from Kihei, Hawaii
The review is a personal attack against a public figure using a fake subject line. Can only assume this was done by the site owners to get traffic?
Reply to Personal Attack

May 03, 2013 
Doesn't even make sense? What does this have to do with the topic?
Reply to What the hell?

Nov 02, 2012 
Example of a review that has nothing to do with the title. Someone upset at someone's success calling them a child molester.. and then saying it's not true.
Reply to Should be taken down

May 08, 2012 
If you follow "Perform Insider" - the Pace Lattin blog - you will discoed that the entire site talks about how Pace Lattin is a genius at performance marketing and everyone else is an ***.

Sounds to me like the rumors are true, Pace Lattin has a VERY SMALL ***. This complex is causing him to put everyone else in the affiliate marketing industry down.

As Shoemoney pointed out very astutely, Pace Lattin is a PIECE OF *** that adds ZERO value to the affiliate marketing world.
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