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beware overstock.auctions is a big scam

Company Overstock
Product / Service Selling
Location Taylor, Michigan
Category Auctions and Internet Stores
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Monetary Loss

beware sellers, if you want to sell items on overstock.auctions be careful.they charge fees even you haven't sold anything!!

they will cancel your items but till charge you with over high fees! beware they will never reply to you when it comes to their fees! as a seller they cancel my items and automatically charge me fees, im pissed off!!! mad as *** i lost $20 without anything sold!

beware everyone dont sell at that auctions site. overstock.auctions is one big huge scam!

and they will take your money away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!beware, beware!!!!!!!!!!!!
overstock.auctions you sucks!!!!!!!!!! 2f0f11c

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Dec 17, 2012 
Grrr! I've never ever bought or sold ANYTHING from Overstock or even made an account on that site & so far Overstock Auctions has sent me 2 emails in the past 4 days trying to sell me iPads & stuff. I don't know what to do to make it stop!
Reply to OverstockAuctionsSUCKS!

Nov 20, 2012 
:(, Yes I am angry. I have tried on numerous occasions to block Overstock Auctions from sending me UNWANTED emails to no avail. Every time I try to send a reply to tell them to stop sending me emails it comes up ERROR, and won't send it through.

I did NOT sigh up on anything to receive these emails.
Reply to Rita Aldridge

Aug 21, 2012 
I got an email yesterday
Unbelievable Price : iPad near to $10!
Unsubscribe from future emails here
PO Box 025250
Miami, FL 33102-5250

Well when I saw this offer I thought wow I am going to buy the whole world from this shop then I serched and it leads me to this page
..I thought I was going to do the same mistake tooo
Reply to Shifa Aktar

Apr 29, 2012 
is overstock auctions.com PO Box 025250
Miami, FL 33102-5250 the one you are referring too?? i was wondering if it is the same because i was looking at there prices for stuff and it seem really cheap..too cheap. Like
2011 Inventory Closeout
Get an Apple iPad for $17.57??
Reply to Russ

Mar 27, 2012 
I get so many of these *** emails everyday it is driving me nuts! Any company that needs to spam like this cannot possibly be legit. Idiots! :x
Reply to Krikri

Dec 17, 2011 
This is more annoying than anything. they keep sending me spam mail. Ive unsubscribed from their email over 8 times, and yet they keep sending me their spam.
Reply to DAVID

Dec 14, 2011 
Im always afraid of site that ask for upfront money! I thought the site was ok until I got to the last registration page that listed their bidding fees. Why should anyone have to pay to place a bis. E-Bay doesn't charge anything to bis on their site.
Reply to Prissy512

Dec 12, 2011 
i wanted to order laptop they said my cc was already in use whats this)
Reply to wendy

Dec 10, 2011  from Krishnanagar, West Bengal
I am getting up to 100 spam emails from Overstock Auctions per day. Trying to unsubscribe only increased the number of emails. The FTC needs to fine them big time or put them out of business. :(
Reply to maria67

Nov 25, 2011 
*** im lucky i blogged them up, seems like alot of people are having problems with them. and god knows money dont come easy, wanted to try and save money here to get my little ones xmas gifts. guess not
Reply to bdomena@yahoo.com

Nov 15, 2011 
I have been receiving hundreds of messages from this site, clogging my spam box and deleted file..... I have tried thye unsubscribe links with no contact. I have reported it to the FTC. Still no relief.
Reply to Marge

Oct 18, 2011 
:eek wow i'm lucky i did a research first cuz it's very tempting and i click on it but my instinct lead me to look up first... :zzz
Reply to Lynn S

Sep 29, 2011 
cant not bid on anything because it say i need to resigter again and again and i already did and they got my money. help please
Reply to sexyd

Sep 26, 2011 
That's right and you can't get a hold of anyone with a complaint because they never answer the phone or emails.
Reply to Jonh Smyth

Aug 07, 2011 
hey man no worries with buying at overstock, infact ive purchased many a great deal!!!!!
Reply to octopussy

Jun 22, 2011 
Overstock cancelled my auction twice in a row. The 1st time they asked for personal info such as copies of driver's license, utility bill, item invoice, etc. After I supplied that I was allowed to resubmit my auction but they cancelled that one too, without warning or reason. I'm currently awaiting their explanation. I've spent thousands on their auctions but they won't get another penny from me.
Reply to ronl2k

Jun 13, 2011 
I totally agree and have hard evidence confirming the above complaint. Sellers beware of overstock auctions as they are a SCAM and overstock.com support is NON-EXISTENT.
Reply to sinbad42

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