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Other company - 32-pc. freedom/cuisinart stainless steel kitchen set

  • by   Dec 21, 2010
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Company Other company
Location Omaha, Nebraska
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I ordered this on a layaway basis - had no confirmation - realized there was no info to contact them -I haven't been able find out info

I am frustrated and a bit ticked off and why do they require us to use 100 words on a posted - my complaint -that is crazy - its simple - it was put on layaway so why I haven't got a notification?Can anyone help me - and the first post on mine anyway is all good about it - what is that - their post!!!!!!!

the conpanies?feel free to e-mail me at lamilajean@yahoo.com 2e1ffa9

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Mar 06 
Hi, I'm glad I went to this site to check it out. The old adage "if it's too good to be true..then it isn't" Guess we all want to "win" something right? It's too bad though if people with good intentions took this mailing at it's word and were hurt or disappointed. Shame on them.
Reply to Chachie1512

Mar 04 
I think this deal may be a scam. The saying "buyer beware"
I too mistook the cookware as a Publishers Clearing House gift
voucher. It is NOT. It says "Sweepstakes Clearinghouse"
We did not enter any sweepstakes with this company. So if
you order using their vouchers, you have been warned.
Reply to G girl

Mar 30  from Independence, Missouri
I just got this and was looking everything up did u actually use these vouchers ??
Reply to Kimberley

Oct 09, 2012 
I just received my 32 pc freedom ware (cuisinart) from clearinghouse and got it 2 weeks after I sent in my voucher with the $117,its looks nice,lots of lids the food processor is small but I looked up on line and the cheapest I found was $239 so not too bad of a deal however I have not used them yet.
Reply to Ruthann

Jan 23, 2013  from Ludington, Michigan
I am looking for the original add for this cookware does anyone still have it.
Reply to RalhpyT

May 14, 2012 
Wow I was about to order the 32 pieces Cuisinart after what I read i don't think so thanks for the info,another company sent me a letter saying to pay 19.99 and they r supposed to send me 1 million and1/2 don't think it's true,
Reply to eva

Mar 29, 2012 
Did anyone ever come back and say if they actually recived the cookware and what it was like?
Reply to Carol Fernandez

Jan 09, 2012 
I got these vouchers too. It says:
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse
Department of Notifications
1555 Regal Row
Dallas, TX 75247

This is not to be mistaken for Publisher's Clearinghouse. Sounds like they are banking on their similarity of the name and how people will be so excited that they won a consolation prize of $400 off each of these GREAT items that they won't see that it is not the same.
Reply to Robyn

Mar 30, 2011 
:? I want to order the 32-pc freedom/cuisine stainless steel kitchen set. How long has it been since you first sent in your money with the layaway option? Please email me at jassolaura17@yahoo.com with your comments.
Thank you.
Reply to Laura Jasso, jassolaura17@yaho

Mar 25, 2011 
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse
1555 Regal Row
Dallas, TX 75247

I sent them their 6 $400.00 checks back and told them to send me the money instead.
They claim to be legit-call BBB and other federal agencies regarding this ill-legit behavior!!!!
Reply to Faxanonymousme

Mar 22, 2011 
I ordered this and sent payment in full on Mar. 1st, The check hit my bank on Mar. 10th. It is now Mar. 25th and still no cookware. There is a number you can call, but good luck with that. The number is 1-214-915-7100.
Reply to Gloria Rhyne

Mar 04 
I am not the brightest star in the heavens, but today is only
March 04,your check couldn't have hit bank on 10th...we haven't got
there yet, and the 25th is 2 1/2 weeks away. Are you thinking
in terms of last month FEBRUARY?
Reply to G girl

Mar 04, 2011 
Did this involve a 400 dollar voucher from sweepstakes clearinghouse that offers interest-free lay-a-way for the remaining balance? I was considering cashing in on that but now I am not so sure.
Reply to A.W.

Jul 04, 2013  from Hartford, Connecticut
I don't think you can cashed that because it says on the top of the check that "valid only toward purchase....."
Reply to ziggy

Jan 12, 2011 
I have the exact situation/experience as the party listed above, i.e., "lamilajean@yahoo.com" except for the fact that I didn't do "layaway" & sent AMG,Inc. a check for pymt in full for the described "32-pc.freedom/cuisinart stainless steel kitchen set" No confirmation, No way of contacting the company? Boy do I feel like a fool! :/
Reply to D. Cifelli

Mar 23, 2013  from Buffalo, New York
ive done thousands of dollars in purchases with sch and never once a bad expierence and always got my stuff wether on lay a way or purchase outright. hang in there and be patient they have great quality stuff and is always cheaper than any place on the internet.
Reply to mike

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