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Osterman Propane - OSTERMAN GAS SUCKS

  • by   Feb 28, 2011
  • Review #: 224186
Company Osterman Propane
Product / Service Bad Customer Service
Location Worcester, Massachusetts
Category Utility
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I inherited these people when I got my new home and they have been a pain in the #$%@%% since then.They want a credit check to order propane, then they want to put you on auto delivery, the pricing is bad and they basically neglect you if you do not fulfill the requirements listed above that they want.

The tank is owned by them so it is a big hassle to put in a new one or get my own tank. Basically they are a monopoly that handles customers poorly.

I would never recommend them.Please find another provider in your area to save yourself the trouble.


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Jan 07  from Weymouth, Massachusetts
I agree this company sucks!! Its all about the extra fees. They have left me without heat since new years day because I refused to pay an extra $100 on top of the $425 for 100 gal. And $75 fee to check the line because I ran out
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Oct 25, 2013 
Take a hike Oilman. you must work for Osterjew.
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Jun 27, 2013  from Boston, Massachusetts
I was just notified that I was switched to Osterman without my knowledge. I was using Whiting then bam......I'm getting Osterman. They CLAIM they made two deliveries. But yet only got a delivery slip for one. THEY put me on automatic delivery. I live alone and barely use propane....my bill is $252....and the bill doesn't say how many gallons I got. I didn't ask for them, they don't own the tank, whiting does. I want OUT!! :(
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Nov 26, 2012 
I wish I had the money to remove their tank and go with another company. They are horrible.
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Jul 10, 2012 
Im so sick of these people with their cut thoraot tatics , I want gas!
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Jul 10, 2012 
Osterman is a horrible and ruthless company. I am making regualr payments and only "owed" 50.00 on a bill and the came and plugged my tank! Now Ill have to pay re-install fees
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Jun 27, 2012 
I just had Osterman Propane leave my home. I had a $500 balance left over from winter that I was paying off, thought everything was fine as long as I continued to make payments because I consistently made payments and nobody ever told me otherwise, and then the propane was shut off without warning. They did not mail me a notice, call, or even send an email, just shut it off. I paid over $800 in the last few days to take care of the balance and fees involved in the shut-off. Even though I had been making regular payments, they wouldn't even discuss a payment arrangement whatsoever. I am a single mother, work full time and am a full time student. They didn't even care that I have kids in the house. The women if the office were so unbelievably rude I was ready to jump through the phone and strangle them! Trust me when I say that I would NEVER knowingly let any bill get to the point where my service is disconnected. It's just not the way that I operate. In fact, I had scheduled another $400 payment to be posted the day after it was shut off, completely unaware of what they intended to do. They finally sent someone in today to turn the propane back on. After about 20 minutes of working in the basement and another hour of sitting in his truck, the service guy told me that he could not get the hot water heater to fire up and it needed to be serviced, which he could not do without my landlord's OK. After dealing with Osterman over the past week, with their many inconsistencies and a... Show more
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Mar 17, 2012 
Absolute worst, lying, conniving, money grubbing corporation I have ever encountered. Both my tanks are empty...and i have switched to a whole house wood stove. If the the ceo or management who set the prices at osterman propane were on fire,i wouldn't wee on them to put them out. They can eat a big you know what. Come pick up your tanks,and no i'm not paying your 150 dollar pick up fee. You can shove them you know where.
Reply to Ware, MA Resident

Feb 20, 2012 
Osterman has been screwing me for years. They keep bumping me up to some 'corporate rate' that is about a dollar per gallon higher than the home heating rate. They claim it's an accident whenever I challenge it, but won't reimburse me for anything but the current bill. Apparently, we need to watch them like hawks because they're just waiting to steal from the unwary public.
Reply to Massachusetts Consumer

Feb 14, 2012 
Agreed! The "company" gave us a tank with a busted gauge indicating how much gas was left in the tank. After inquiring about getting a replacement they said they'd have to let all the gas out of the tank and it would be my cost to replace it. The back of their bills state how this is all their equipment and their responsibility. Well, they're apparently too lazy to take care of their equipment. The kicker is when I asked them to top off the tank and record how much was being added (we were selling the house and getting the balance from the buyers) the technician said he couldn't do that because the gauge was broken. They nearly messed up part of our home sale.

And to address the "uninformed" comment above...the only people who are uninformed are the white trash that run this place. We highly recommended the new owners change propane suppliers and they eventually did.
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Jan 14, 2012 
People need to read the paperwork they sign. If you filled out their credit app, and all of those companies require one, the fees are in there. Be informed. Ask questions. Being uninformed doesn't make you a victim, it makes you a sucker.
Reply to oilman

Jan 10, 2012 
"the grass isn't always greener": when I built my house 6 years ago I was forced to sign a contract with Amerigas. I also experienced very similar experiences, poor customer service, ridiculous overcharges, constantly getting the run around, left without heat for 4 days in 10 degree weather. I finally squirmed my way out and convinced Osterman to purchase the tank from Amerigas. Going forward, this made Osterman my new supplier. It's been a couple of winters now and so far so good, but I hold my breath. Prices will only continue to rise, and all these suppliers will only continue to become more and more greedy. I'm convinced a woodstove for heat and solar is the best way to go. My goal is to be completely self sufficient and free from these bloodsucking corporations in five years.
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Nov 01, 2011 
This company is the WORST! They are one greedy company only driven by money and are totally dishonest and spiteful. They charge you minimum usage fees without properly notifying you and then try to force you into signing a contract agreeing to pay more fees. They charge extra fees for everything! They are bullies and threaten their customers with disconnection and come to disconnect tanks without sending any formal notification. I filed a complaint against them with the BBB and they wouldn't even respond. Then during an emergency, when I was almost out of gas, they refused to come and told me I wasn't a priority. Scary to think what would happen if I had a leak! They operate by their own rules and do not adhere to any professional standards.
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Sep 20, 2011 
Yes Bully is a perfect word for this company - They give option to fill as "On call" and charge you extra for it. But of course never write anywhere that there is an extra charge , This company Osterman has been overcharging me for years. I have all paperwork though and I guess need to take next step- I feel your pain :sigh
Reply to Sandra

Sep 05, 2011 
They tell you they are "giving you the propane tank". once its installed they "give you a good screwing".
Reply to Bill

Aug 12, 2011 
Yeah they got me too. When I built my house back in 2008 I signed a 3 year lease with them thinking I'd be able to purchase at lease end. At the time (and currently) my company was buying propane for our forklift tanks. I figured they would take care of me, but that was not the case. Now that my lease is up they will not sell me the tank. The only way out is for me to dig it up at my expense. I am willing to buy the tank off them but they simply say "We do not sell our tanks". Therefore I am forced to continue to buy propane at their mercy. Unbelievable that I have no rights as a consumer. I would never treat my customers like this! :(
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Aug 03, 2011 
Beware. They bully, force and coerce you to sign a contract with their company in which you have to pay a minimum usage fee if you do not get your tank totally filled. If you do not sign the contract or pay the minimum usage fee, which they don't disclose when you initially place your order, they come to disconnect and remove your tanks with no notice!
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