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Company One Source Talent
Product / Service Talent Services
Location Beaumont, Texas
Category Professional Services
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Okay...Let me break it down as professional as I can...A One Source Talent Representative calls you from a nationwide home based call center. That person that calls you is an at-home business employee of OST. They get paid to process email submissions and to do call backs from the privacy of their home. Every Submitted talent is called back for an interview. Every talent gets told that their very marketable. It's the "Butter up" system for you to come into an interview.

When you get to your OST Interview, everything looks professional but, yet look at your surroundings. There's something missing "thought" will cross your mind. At the same time, as you wait, other call back potential talent flee through the door like a herd of cattle acting as if they got something that no one else has....talent...You look at them and your like...What the hay? While you continue setting there, observe the receptionist. She's on the phone setting one reschedule appointment after the other of those that cancelled or couldn't make the 1st initial interview.

After about 30 minutes, everyone is placed into this huge room, filled with chairs lined up in two column, a huge flat screen hangs on the wall, you fill out an application, and there's video camera's in all 4 corners of the room. The camera's are there to observe the talent but, not in the way you initially think. Those cameras are there so that the OST Team can watch & observe the suckers that they feel will buy their scam once you get behind closed doors.

Before anyone is called back for interviews, the Director will come out to do a practiced script about OST. They do this from the time they get to work until 7:00pm at night. Think about it? He or She will tell you about all their previous work experience and tell you about current talent. They'll show you these COMP CARDS of these pretty talent ID members. The OST Director will tell you a few success stories like the kid that appeared in the DORITOS PLAY NICE COMMERCIAL, and then, they go for the win. They'll tell you about this $39.95 a month service fee. They do it so fast that you don't hear them say anything about the $495.00 dollar deposit. That's their attempt of trying to be up front with you. They pull this " we want to be up front, fourth coming, and honest" line to make you feel like they can be trusted.

Eventually, the OST employee will start calling several people back into small groups where you're placed in line in a hall way like you're in elementary school. One by one, the potential talent goes into a small room where two OST employees will take your measurements, weight, and take your physical profile information. They write it down on a form & send you back to the BIG ROOM where you wait to be called back, again, for a private one on one meeting.

The second private call back, you go into a small room with one OST employee that ask you a few questions and they act as if they're observing you or your child to see if their SHY, basically. Yes, on occasion, they'll tell you that your child is too young and needs to mature. This is to make it even appear more legit. OST will give up and reject those that they've already observed w/ those cameras in the BIG ROOM as, whether or not, you or the parent can afford the service they provide....and yes, they do judge a book by it's cover which, you and I know...Looks can be very decieving...right...That's what they do. OST is a business in doing just that...

After the second interview, they'll schedule another meeting for you to come back. You'll travel back to OST from how ever far you come from the first time and you'll get this...You'll get there, wait a lot longer than you did the 1st time you were there. OST will call you back for a PRIVATE meeting one on one...They'll spend about 20 minutes asking questions and giving this spill...They'll even go as far to tell you about TALENT THAT WAS SUCCESSFUL THAT NO LONGER NEEDED THEIR RESOURCES and cancelled thier contract service with OST. Then, they get you to sign the first initial contract...Then, they tell you about their $39.95 a month fee again and explain all the 5 services you'll get for this fee. They go out of the room, leave you waiting and thinking about the program services. They'll come back in the room after 5-10 minutes with another contract, put it in front of you and they'll drop the big balm of $495.00 dollar NON-REFUNDABLE deposit in this 2nd contract and your suddenly, like...uhu? They do a pretty good job of convincing you...If you can't do the whole amount, they'll work with you. It's kind of a tit 4 tat...I trust you to follow the payment plan, you trust me to give you this service. OST will activate your accounr service & it'll become available to you ONLY when you come back to pay the remaining balance. ONLY after you sign the contract agreement, the OST rep will take these digital pictures of you or your child...They use these photos to put up pictures on your site to link to your COMP CARD and head shot talent specifically linked to your issued ID Profile.

OST Rep. will tell you that there's three (3) ways for you to be promoted & submitted to acting/modeling jobs or casting calls...They'll tell you that OST handles & submits you to these bigger companies while you submit yourself to these other smaller casting calls that are posted on their site after you log in. OST will tell you that the BIGGER companies will call them, often at the spur of the moment, needing immediate talent. OST will tell you about these NO HIDDEN FEES and invite you to come to these training & company events held in their offices twice a month. OST claims they post these free of charge meetings on the Forum Board at OST.com and claim it's an opportunity for you to meet others in the industry. I've yet to see these posts.

So, you buy into the scheme of things after they tell you the punch line of investing in yourself as an actor or model. Actually, OST is correct in telling you this. WHY? Think about it!!! Any sport you've ever been in cost money. Let's say TENNIS for EX: Rackets, Balls, constant time invested to practice, driving to & from tennis courts that are available, and the entry fees you pay for tournaments. Even Dance Classes for EX: You've got the monthly fee, learning sessions for months, then, you spend hundreds of dollars for recital costumes to perform on your big day...It's the same concept. GOLF to PAGENTS...YOU INVEST...You spend money for a service, travel to spend hundreds of dollars to get to auditions in or out of state from wherever it is that you reside, and eventually, you get rejected enough times that you loose confidence & give up. OST gives you this " DONT LOOSE FAITH OR GIVE UP SPILL" but, reality is that is exactly what their banking you'll do...To make things worse, you're now broker than a *** on the street and scrambling around figuring out how you're gonna pay your bills or put food on the table.

OST tells you that the professional world wants the average person, not that of the Supermodel "CINDY CRAWFORD, IMAN, TYRA BANKS" stereotype or the "Brad Pitt's or TOM CRUISE'S" GQ Stereotype...OST is, partially, correct in telling you that part because the Professional world has moved to the more AVERAGE type. Back in the mid-90's, the industry went through a transitional phase. EVERYONE know's this...IT'S NOTHING NEW.

BOTTOMLIME. You get home eager to jump of the site to log in. When you do, the disappointment sets in and you realize that the Digital Photos OST took are they worst photos you've ever taken in your life. So, you delete them and upload your own. OST will tell you that you've need approvals for the photos before uploading them from the OST Director. (Actually, you send them to the Director that claims she's a model...uhu bull ***...research her. You'll find she's a wanna be just like you and has never been in any commercial print, advertisement ads,short films, or featured films. All those type jobs have your name linked to them. Had you done those type of jobs, you're name would be all over them as an earned credit...EX: Just type in CINDY CRAWFORD and go through the thousands of mags she's been on, etc. MOVING ON...) You'll wait and wait for a returned email that YOU'LL NEVER GET a response to.

You evaluate the castings and do the searches...you start submitting yourself...First of all..a vast majority of the casting calls are OUT-OF-STATE, reality show, ON & OFF Broadway theater productions. Naturally, You'd have to travel to the BIG APPLE and CALI. The IN STATE casting calls are for short films and commercials Directed & Produced by STUDENTS from a UNIVERSITY or COLLEGE...Here's the KICKER...You can do a simple search to submit to any of these Reality shows by simply submitting to them on their site. Short Films...well, every state has a Short Film Non-Union Website where you can get the same posted casting call for free. EX: TEXAS SHORT FILMS. BING IT!!!

When you log in to your OST MEMBER ID SITE, the 1st thing you see is these NEW CASTINGS, you get excited to see if any of the casting calls are a match for you. REALITY is that everyday OST claim they post new casting calls but, the casting calls are ONLY extensions of the same casting calls you've already reviewed a hundred times.

BY the way, You can print, download, and save the COMP CARD to your computer but, know this...When you go to print them, their pixelated. OST will tell you it cost hundreds of dollars for photo head shots and to generate COMP CARDS. Let say that I used my POWERPOINT and created a far better COMP CARD.

At the end of the day, YOU'RE on your own, submitting to castings. You pay for a linked domain site, grainy pixelated "Comp Cards", Casting Calls that you can find elsewhere for FREE, and you've just wasted the initial $495.00 dollars, plus all that money in gas, the monthly membership fee, and let's not forget the time and the emotional let down.


The one thing that OST is failing to realize in a legal prospective...There's a thing called "CLASS ACTION" lawsuits. This action is when 2 or more gather to file suit against them for FRAUD, FALSE ADVERTISING, & BREACH OF CONTRACT. OST best watch their step...TRUST ME...and by all means, feel free to contact me for furthur information. GOOD luck and hope this has helpped you with the question as to IF ONE SOURCE TALENT IS SCAMMERS?!!! 2ed13f1

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Feb 24 
Thank you so much. I was going to make an appointment, the office is very far from where I live. I am glad I read this.
The lady just called me again and I asked her to tell me by phone if there were any fees. She said No... I asked her at least 5 more times. She said "Not when you come the 1st time". She did not want to tell me by phone there were fees..
But I told myself I should go online and do my research.
Thanks to you, I won't lose my time and my children's time.
Reply to Alex

Jan 17  from Miami, Florida
One Source Talent is a SCAM! I'm fighting with them to get my money back. After spending a thousand on photos and over $400 in monthly fee's they are now saying they will give me half my money back because I reported them to my states consumer affairs. I did not book ONE job in over 10 MONTHS! RUN from these people
Reply to OneSourceTalentScam

Jan 17  from Forsyth, Georgia
i recently went in for OST and it is kind of funny because knowing that all of that happened in another state, it happened in Atlanta as well.after the let down i received yesterday, after all the time i spent on MY DAY OFF of my minimum wage job..i still made an effort to drive an hour and a half out of the way up there for them to tell me...you have potential and your gorgeous so we want you.me being very gullible and interested was about to accept the offer but im glad that i had my mom with me(i realized they make you bring parents even your 18 and in high school so that your parents can pay the rest of the money) just like me, my mom works a crappy minimum wage job and could not possibly afford all of that at one time or even payments over time.OST did not care what so ever if i was struggling with money or not and was not willing to just accept payments over time, but even given that i am glad that i did not spend my hard earned money on that bull ***.what i want to know is why must they go for people that are the most vulnerable and living pay check by pay check.REAL agencies do not ask for money up front,thats why you work for them..to cover that cost of your comp cards,professional pics,etc.. plus not only that, the place i went to was in some random building and the inside was so dull and only had a few pictures on the wall.these people should really be stopped or better yet i wish more people knew how fake they were and did not waste your precious time (like i... Show more
Reply to apissedoffperson

Nov 24, 2013 
I pray yhay yhis is not a scam my dauther has put up 89.00 so far with the promise of getting in movies my daugther is on cloud nine not to many things make her happy but she has always wonted to act my daugther is beautiful and work hard to make her dreams come true one thing about this is when they mess with my daugther they mess with me you see my dauther has cancer she is 34 so we not sure hiw much time is left but will be damed if some one will hurt her like this and put her back into were she seels like a failure now I am mad
Reply to debi harris

Oct 16, 2013  from Atlanta, Georgia
thank you, i got this call from a middle aged lady asking to come for an interview; if i can do mon, tue or wed. good thing i read this review, i dont think ill go now. not sure how she got my email and phone number though. I think they got it from job boards where i posted my resume, looking for a job here. they even adressed scam slander on their website lol, http://www.onesourcetalent.com/one-source-talent-scam.cfm . i think they got good lawyers, and they r playing by the rules and its on us to call them out or become suckers of our own ego.
Reply to indian guy

Oct 06, 2013  from Miami, Florida
Yup you are right!, except I was never told about the set up fee and the nun refundable agreement, I handed out my debit card to pay the $39.95 monthly fee, and ignorantly sign the papers without looking at them, mostly because this guy started explaining to me what they were about without mentioning the real deal.
I did cancel the next day though, but never got my refund.
$534.000 went strait to the trash for nothing, and that's without mentioning the $12 overdraft fee that I had to pay for not knowing about their scam, that's actually how I found out about it!!!! :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :( :( :( :( :(
Reply to lilly

Sep 12, 2013  from ,
I still get emails from them FOUR YEARS after signing up online, after repeated attempts to unsubscribe because it became clear from the emails that they are a scam. psh.
Reply to jmbever

Aug 30, 2013  from Chicago, Illinois
you can kiss my fuzzy paws :eek :upset :cry
Reply to yduj

Aug 13, 2013  from Romulus, Michigan
They're charging $800 dollars now! I just left. And everything you said was true. They're all about MONEY! They find kids who are serious and use them!
Reply to Kayla

Aug 06, 2013 
I just went thu them n got picked for a second interview and then when i get there they take me in a room talk to me n.then ask for my pics and leave the room for about 15mins n hand me a paper to read about them. Then come back in saying congratulations we wana sign u to are company.and that i have to sign some papers n then she tell me about the $495 n since i aint have it or a check or credit card they told ne i wasted there time n i can reapply in two years....... Really..... i told her she wasted ny time n u just lost a model.......
Reply to Miss Classy

May 24, 2013  from Pleasanton, California
I am so glad that I found this site! Some scammy sounding lady called and left an esoteric message on my phone that some manager wants to have a face to face meeting with my child to evaluate for modeling and acting! Please folks, keep posting and keeping people safe and money in their pockets!
Reply to Sally Fieldings

May 21, 2013  from Hamburg, Hamburg

Irgendwie hatte ich immer das Gefühl, dass ich sehr reich werden könnte, wenn ich abwarte“, sagte „tumblr“-Erfinder David Karp noch vor kurzem. Er hat recht behalten: Internet-Riese „Yahoo“ kauft ihm jetzt seine Internet-Plattform ab – für über eine Milliarde Dollar. Eine außergewöhnliche Karriere...
Mit elf Jahren brachte sich der Sohn eines Musikproduzenten und einer Lehrerin den Software-Code HTML selbst bei. Statt Mathe zu pauken, gründete der Teenager eine Beraterfirma und brach mit dem Einverständnis seiner Eltern die Schule ab. Im Anschluss ging es für vier Jahre nach Japan, wo er seine Programmier-Künste weiter verfeinerte.
Zurück in New York entwickelte Karp 2007 „tumblr“ – seither schießt die Plattform für Blogger durch die Decke, hat 100 Millionen Benutzer, die täglich 90 Millionen Einträge mit der Cyberwelt teilen. Schon vor der „Yahoo“-Übernahme wurde sein Vermögen auf 200 Millionen Dollar geschätzt. Ein Reichtum, den der 26-jährige Amerikaner jedoch nie raushängen ließ.
Statt das Luxus- und Jetset-Leben zu genießen, liegt der Jung-Unternehmer abends lieber vor dem Fernseher und schaut Comic-Serien.
Durch die Millionen-Metropole New York fährt Karp nicht wie die anderen Superreichen mit Chauffeur. Er bevorzugt seine Vespa oder geht zu Fuß zur Arbeit. Der für einen Multi-Millionär karge Lebensstil geht noch weiter: Obwohl sich Karp für Autos interessiert, hat er keinen beachtlichen Fuhrpark. Er leiht sich nur hin und wieder
... Show more
Reply to Berkie

May 21, 2013 
One source talent took my money 535$$ and said I was gonna get professional photo shots but the only shots that they took of me was with a camera LA,CA
Reply to Ruin one source talent

Oct 06, 2013  from Miami, Florida
I know!!!! their nun professional photos with their :( :( :( :( freaking cheap *** camera!!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :(
Reply to lilly

May 13, 2013  from Chicago, Illinois
I was thinking about joining but after reading all these reviews, I'm not going to waste my time, energy, money or dreams on a scam. I was contacted by a OST agent yesterday who wanted me to come in today. I didn't because I was so sleepy so I called to reschedule. Now I'm not going at all. Also, if you've gone and been scammed, I would contact the FBI near you because they are the ones who investigate fraud which is a white collar crime.

Thank you for opening my eyes.
Reply to Scott Macentire

Apr 26, 2013 
I recently went to the Houston location and everything that's on this article happened just as mentioned above and i noticed on my first interview that they did mention a monthly fee but left out the $490 initial fee. I had my doubts about it on the first interview once i noticed all the good looking ladies that work there. I spent my time and money traveling to their office. I truly wish that the law catches up to them.

I am soo thankful that i had read a bunch of articles about scams before this. When they said: if an agent charges you $$ upfront then dont walk. .RUN!! Out of there.

Reply to will

Apr 12, 2013 
Thank you so much for posting this info. What did we do before the internet? I am so glad I found your posts before I decided to go. Catastrophe averted, Thank you universe for small miracles!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply to OMG

Apr 11, 2013  from Livonia, Michigan
you just saved me 495.00 and alot of heartbreak!
Reply to thank you

Mar 28, 2013 
they are scammers never join them. At the begging they tell you that the $495 are for the profassional photos then they tell you that its not, they just take the $495 and they don't do anything for you. Don't join them!!!!
Reply to alex19

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