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One Source Talent is mostly a scam

Company One Source Talent
Product / Service Talent Coordinator
Location Washington, District Of Columbia
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Monetary Loss

Around mid-March I signed up with One Source Talent and like many others here, reluctantly paid 495 + 39.95.Although this was ridiculous, I was asked back for a 3rd "interview" and the so-called "talent coordinator" was trying to force me to pay for their photographers, which was in excess of $400.

So, before you get any jobs - if you get any jobs - you're are out nearly $1000. Since I could not pay for this, I was sent home; yet the interview states someone would look over my resume and cover letter. This never happened, which to me indicates a breach of contract. By the way I went to the Miami one and live about 2 1/2 hours away.

In the meantime, I researched the company in depth, which I should have done before I went. I read every consumer problem on this website. Also, they are not with the BBB as of January 2011 and they had a C+ rating previously. There is another site that asks if this is a scam and a lot of people commented on that site saying it wasn't.

I know for a fact that those people or most of them are employees or managers of the company. I decided to give them a chance so here is what I proposed. The show Burn Notice is set in Miami and I really wanted to get on the show. So, I said if you get me on Burn Notice, I will be somewhat satisfied.

She said she would definitely check. While she was checking, I signed up with 2 different actual talent agencies who I paid ZERO dollars for. Within 2 days, I was asked to be on the set of Burn Notice and I was. So, when I returned home, I emailed the manager and asked if she had checked for me.

She said that Burn Notice started a week ago from the day I was on it. This I know was not true as I was on the first day of the shoot. I have all the emails saved in case I want to get a lawyer. She also mentioned she submitted me to the Glades, which is also shot on location in South Florida.

The other agency I signed up for for free also submitted me to the Glades and I was accepted to be on the show. I have already received my check from Burn Notice minus the 10% agency fee. So, here is the problem with OST. All they do is what you can do yourself.

They submit you "supposedly" but they say if a director wants you they will call you. They are also making you pay for their website, which simply gets most of their castings from realitywanted.com where you can sign up for free. A Real talent agency sends of your photos (you don't necessarily need a comp card) to the producers and directors and oftentimes they tell the agency to send people of certain characteristics to them. In other words the agency decides to send you, then you simply follow instructions to whomever you need to report to on the set.

It is VERY EASY to become an extra, which is by far the best way to break in the industry. Since OST is NOT an agency (although I was told it was) they DO NOT have rapport with directors like a real talent agency does. I have never acted professionally until I was on the set of Burn Notice. I was given a name of an agency by another extra.

This agency sends me work at least twice a week. OST is border line legit, but definitely very corrupt. It is okay to pay for websites like exploretalent because you are paying them for audition information and I know for a fact they call producers to check if the producer is legit and how much money you will make. Given this, I did not mind the 39.95 from OST because it is a monthly website fee and many websites do do this so they can run it; however, the 495 fee is absolutely ridiculous.

With all this said - Have they given people jobs? The real answer is yes. BUT - these people submitted themselves, paid lots of money, and few, if any, have gained maximum exposure.

In other words, they paid 495 + 39.95 + 400 or more to submit and market ON THEIR OWN by clicking a few buttons on the website.As most actors and actresses say - never ever pay up front. 2db4417

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Mar 24  from Tinley Park, Illinois
just was wondering, what agencies did you sign up for to get the parts?
Reply to jakeypooh

Dec 03, 2013  from Fountain Valley, California
Here's the deal (as far as I can figure out):

OneSource Talent uses casting announcements that they use from other casting sites, much like ExploreTalent does. The casting notices they use are real, they just aren't THE BREAKDOWNS.

They're a middle-man, if you will.

Do people get work? Yes. Is it legitimate work? It's hard to say, since the folks who have posted here refuse to give any REAL information.

I am a working actress in LA. In 1998, I worked with Central Casting over the summer. It was fun, but they took their 10%, just like any legitimate agency does.

This summer, I signed with a new commercial agent through a mutual friend. If you're looking for an agent, ask your friends and relatives. While they may not be actors, they may have friends who are. This business is mostly about relationships.

My most recent project was shot last month with Ashton Kutcher. And I only had to pay my agency their percentage (20% because I'm non-union and the remainder came out to more than minimum wage).

The laws regarding agents vary state to state. One gal posted that she had a 10-day period in which she could get a refund. Other states cannot.

Please, PLEASE do your own research!!! Try www.Backstage.com, www.CastingNetworks.com and www.BreakdownServices.com. They have lots of forums for your questions, and many have sites specific to your region.

This is a hard
... Show more
Reply to Cecily Gish

Nov 07, 2013 
Can I ask what company you sign
with for free cuz im trying to break into the acting world
Reply to nikki

Sep 20, 2013 
:roll :sigh :( I dont know if its real or not.. I have an auditon on SATURDAY 9/21/13! I need to know so I wont get scammed! I wanna just live my dream , I dont want to get played so ANYONE WITH INFO Please , I'm just a girl with a HUGE dream to be on a show and show people I'm not scraps on a food plate! SO PLEASE HELP :eek :cry :(
Reply to ANGIE

Sep 17, 2013 
I can't tell you whether or not if OST is a scam but my daughters are signed with a agency where they do not have to pay an upfront fee. My daughters agent say to not fall for any agency who asks for an upfront fee. My girls agency only gets paid by commission for work that they get.
Reply to Jess

Oct 13, 2013 
Whats the name of her agency.
Reply to Fefe

Aug 20, 2013  from Hacienda Heights, California
Any talent agencies that asks for money upfront are not legitimate. If they do ask for money upfront just walk away. There is a talent agency in Burbank, California Called CENTRAL CASTING I myself am registered with them and everything there is FREE. Your Headshots, Classes, Etc... Look Them up online for their address and Phone number. @ centralcasting.com
Reply to susantalbot52

Aug 14, 2013  from Miami, Florida
you know what!!!! it is a scam, because they lied to me, saying that they couldn't use the pictures that I had taken for my compcard because they were landscape, but, I saw the others ost talent compcards and their pictures where all mostly landscape, and not just that, but they made me singed some papers without even telling me about the $495.00 setup payment. And, what u call that!!!! a total acam..... :(
Reply to liam

Aug 14, 2013  from Miami, Florida
So I had my last interview yesterday with ost and I was accepted, I was so happy I didn't mind the $39.95 a month, but I was never told about the $495.00. They made me sing some papers, but I was to exited and ignorant that I didn't realize what I was singing up for. I saw the $495.00 on a paper, but since I was never told about it, I didn't pay to much attention to it, I thought probably it was the total amount I had to pay with the monthly payments of $39.95. Somehow I wasn't that happy, I just felt so uneasy, like there was something wrong, so I decided to check my bank account the next day, and I found out I had an overdraft of $495.00 so I went through the papers that they had givin me, and that's when I realized that I have had autorized the non refundable payment of $495.00 I was so upset, I started crying, I had recently quit my job to follow my dreams with barely some money left, so I decided to call them as soon as possible to try to cancel, but they would never answer me, I left them messages, called the headquarters, and they would transfer me, but no one would answer, so I kept leaving them messages,saying to call me back,that it was very urgent, but never got any calls back. So, I decided to send them an eail where I tell them about my story, and I beg them for a full refound, I'm still waiting,I depend on that money,so I hope to get it back, but something is telling me I am not going to. So be careful out there people, no matter how exited you r, always... Show more
Reply to liam

Jul 19, 2013 
Hi im trying to get into the modeling&acting and i dont wanna be scammed, i have read alot of negitive comments about one source and i would like to know if anyone knows of a agency thats not fraud?
Reply to amb

Jul 19, 2013 
There are many of them. I cannot give them on this site for security reasons and the possibility of not acting again, but I can through email. Send an email to scott.short74@yahoo.com and tell me your state. I will try to respond asap.
Reply to takinit2u

Aug 21, 2013 
I am with a sister agency of central casting so yes I know about it. This is where I lead people when they email me if they live in NY or LA. However, anyone can call them and find out a sister agency in the closest metropolitan city.

Aug 05, 2013  from San Francisco, California
if this was real, i have a job line up,that pay back the money i payed out
Reply to zillionairman

Jul 16, 2013  from Rensselaer, New York
My son just recently signed on with these people. From all the different reviews, I don't know if this is a scam or not. But I needed to put the costs on my credit card and now I'm a little nervous. He will be attending his 3rd interview on Monday and I haven't totally convinced him that this is a scam. I tried to stop payment to no avail. I'd be interested to know the other talent agencies you dealt with that didn't charge and gave you jobs.
Reply to Jen

Jul 15, 2013 
Hey I watch the glades and I want to know who u play? 8)
Reply to Anonymous

Jul 16, 2013  from Sebring, Florida
I was a background actor 2 years ago when they did a scene at a place called the Swamp Shop in Fort Lauderdale. This is a well-known flea market in Fort Lauderdale. All I did was carry suitcases and pretend to buy stuff with 2 females. I am male. However, before the shoot, a lady tried to steal one of these suitcases and the director caught her. It was kinda funny because she tried to do this all day.
Reply to takinit2u

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