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One Main Financial - Took Out Loan Against My Car

  • by   Oct 30, 2013
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Company One Main Financial
Product / Service Interest Rates
Category Loans and Mortgages
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I originally took out a loan with Citi Financial which was a great company to deal with.I refinanced right before One Main came int o being & it was the biggest mistake of my life.

NEVER do business with this "company". It is nothing more than a cheap store-front for loan sharks. Not only is the interest rate out of control, most of your payments will go towards interest and very little will go towards paying down your balance. And if wish to make extra payments towards your principle, they take their interest out first, never giving you the option to apply to your balance.

I can't believe a company like this exists in the 21st century in this country.

No matter how desperate your circumstances, seek out other options.You will regret dealing with this rip-off. 308be42

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Dec 27, 2013  from Springfield, Massachusetts
It would be nice it you are shown the amortization schedule of the loan
You are about to sign off on.
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Dec 16, 2013  from Middletown, New York
It's funny to me that you complain about the interest rate. You were told the rate before you signed the papers I assume, but you still signed them.
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