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Company Ocwen
Location Lewistown, Pennsylvania
Category Loans and Mortgages
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When my husband lost his job, we attemped to do a Deed in Lieu with Ocwen Servicing in order to save our credit.We followed all of their instructions to a tee and they promised us $3000.

for moving by the date given. We have been out of our home for almost 6 months and have seen NO MONEY. They LIE. SIGN NOTHING WITH THEM WITHOUT HAVING A LAWYER LOOK IT OVER.

A BIG MISTAKE WE MADE. They promise help but all they do is SCR#W you over.

People beware!I am about ready to move back into my home as I am still the OWNER OF RECORD. 2e0655b

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Jan 17, 2013 
OCWEN is eager to do a deed-in-lieu w/ me (because I discharged the house in chapter 7 bankruptcy so they can't sue me for the difference between the unpaid mortgage and the amount for which they'll eventually be able to sell it) BUT after reading these posts I will not. :p
I “surfed” for customer feedback about OCWEN and deed-in-lieus because I thought the process they outlined was sketchy - i.e, I'd have to move out before we can sign the deed-in-lieu and there would be no stipulation as to by what date they must file the deed with the county court recording dept. :upset Because I live in a high-end community w/ hefty association fees, I'd have to ***'t to pay the assoc. fees after I move out and until OCWEN files the deed with the county recording dept. The date we sign the deed-in-lieu is irrelevant. Meaning, if they drag their feet for whatever reason I will have NO recourse. (Yes, I could move back in but of course I don't want to move back & forth and I’d have a new rental commitment, anyway. What an expensive mess!) :eek
So, I'll just stay here in my home and let the foreclosure process continue. Who knows :? - maybe we can mediate something so that I can keep my
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Apr 25, 2012 
If you can figure out a way to get out from under Ocwen RUN as fast as you can. We have gone through every story on this complaint board with them..was told our modification from Litton was not excepted (after approved) and we had to apply for theres..long story short they did not approve us (said we didnt make enough money or we made too much money ???)..told us our best option was a deed in leui..sent us a letter asked us to move out of the house by Dec. 31. we did..have had an appointment with them every week..said deed in leiu was pending..now I get a letter from attorney the house is in foreclosure will be printed in newspaper tomorrow...call Ocwen..of course cant speak to anyone..have to make an "appointment" said they have no sale date on there records..I have on in my hand..they said sorry but I can give you the attorneys name to call...well if they didnt know about the foreclosure how do they know about the attorney..long story short.. got no where..ad went in the paper today and I have a so called "APPOINTMENT" tomorrow...they are crooks, liars, and are out to take every american home they can for financial gain. It just makes me sick that our goverment is allowing this to happen to hard working honest people that are trying to do the right thing and are being taken advantage of by overseas companies
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Apr 21, 2012 
You should move back in if they never paid you. And a Deed in Lieu is not going to save your credit. It's a default and treated like a foreclosure. You didn't pay, so you have to have the consequences. But you could live there free for two years or more if you're lucky.
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