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Ocwen - Class Action Lawsuit

Company Ocwen
Location Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Category Finances
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Any one who has dealings with OCWEN please contact me ASAP.I have information you need to know...

my email is cgadd6@verizon.net and my cell is 724-557-6267 but please call between 9 and 10 pm because Im at my limit for now.

Just to let everyone know they have now taken me for another $7764.00/ I have so so much more to tell including the phone number for the VP of OCWEN.Im hoping to reach out to all of you and give you any information I have and maybe we all can work together to bring these monsters down!!! 2ff78bd

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Apr 03 
has anyone called the attorney general on this company!?
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Jan 24 
need to know what to do. i got ocwen when ahmsi went down. they are claiming we owe money from lst lender that isnt real. then ocwen keeps charging us over 400$ every three months for "property evaluations" which are now up to almost 1,300. and keep addign more and more fees on that we cannot catch up to. at whits end. dont know what to do :)
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Dec 24, 2013 
ocwen, dos any one have any idea who owns it? Like the rest of you Im very un happy! They acquired our loan when GMAC went broke.
I would think that all mortgage companys would have learned there lesson .
I went through so real lean times and only once I asked to have a month moved to the back of the loan..I was told no way, my escrow went up when porp. values were going down , and the charges to make a electronic payment what is up with that.
Im from the far north west and can hardly understand a word that comes out of there mouth, are they in a row boat working on a cell phone? They should take some lessons from discover card services
My local bank will take my loan and keep it in house at the same rate that ocwen is charging and Im in the process of getting it done. All I can say is shame on you and send your operators back to there own country.
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Dec 22, 2013 
OCWEN company are crooks!! They sabotage customers, and they are not even in the Unites States!!! They incur fees on your statements that are oblivious, and you wont even know until you get that call!! (Not unless you read your statements every month) They are definitely a fraud of some sort, and needs to be shut down. I'm in on bringing them down, and hopefully we all can get a fresh start!! You can email consumerreleif@ocwen.com or call 1-800-337-6695 if you feel you've been injured by OCWEN, I just did!! Hope this helps... :( :(
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Dec 13, 2013 
they have jacked our payment claiming we are now in a flood zone and we have been here 11 years and they say they do not have to prove to us we have to prove to them, How do you prove something to them that doesn't exist
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Dec 09, 2013  from Austin, Texas
i will participate... they have taken so much from me.they do not have a moral compass.. this company has to be shut down.
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Dec 03, 2013  from Pine Bluff, Arkansas
You can count me in on this class action suit I have been taken for over thundsands of dollars :(
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Nov 20, 2013  from Swan Lake, New York
i to was taken for a ride with ocwen . i ended up losing my home because of them . there was some kind of suit against them and i got a whopping 71.63 woo hoo :(
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Nov 14, 2013  from Fort Worth, Texas
We are YET ANOTHER VICTIM. Cannot begin to tell you about the criminal activities of this company. COUNT US IN ON CLASS ACTION!!
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Nov 12, 2013  from Mentor, Ohio
We are also getting the run around with ocwen they accepted our payment by phone, then they transferred our loan from Iowa to Florida. Now they tell us they do not have any record of our payment s and will not accept anymore payments. After faxing proof of payment from our bank history . Now 15 days later they say they cannot read the fax. Please help.
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Nov 14, 2013  from Tukwila, Washington
Get a hold of your state senator as long as they are Democrats. That's what I did and now my Senator is working very, very hard on our behalf. Will let you know what happens later. If you can refi, through your bank or someone else who you know won;t sell your loan back to Ocwen in New york through the stock market. That's what happened to us. 1st we were with Littion Loan who ripped us off and ruined our credit. Then Litton sold our loan to Ocwen whom I have heard through the great vine is really suppose to be off spring of Litton Loan. Litton Loan was shut down for the exact same thing Ocwen is doing to it's people who have loans through them. Be careful everyone, greediness has no empathy or compassion or concern for others.
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Oct 17, 2013  from Oxnard, California
Include me in...very frustrated so I give them the same run around!
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Oct 13, 2013 
I live in St. Louis, Mo. My loan had been with GMAC for years, then was given to Ocwen. I have always paid my bill on line. The last 2 months when I have tried to pay it, after it brings up my info and I click on "Pay my bill" I get a message that the Navigation has been cancelled. I tried over and over last month and this, but to no avail. When I did a search cor Ocwen last month, I was told that the site was being updated, or something like that. It's now the second month and still can't make my payment. I have no idea what to do. The last day for me to make my payment is Oct. 15. I am running out of time...HELP.

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Sep 21, 2013 
:) Greetings Folks... Please take a look at the New York State Secretary of States Office UCC filings by conducting a Organization Debtor Search and Type in: AMERICAN HOME MORTGAGE SERVICING INC. By doing so, you will see the Filings against AMERICAN HOME MORTGAGE, (60 PAGES) then you will see HOMEWARD RESIDENTIAL INC (2 PAGES) and then you will find all the Liens Filed against OCWEN LOAN SERVICING, LLC. These Liens include, CFO John Britty, Ron Faris, Attorney Sara L. Market from Houser & Allison.... among others. This is your remedy please read it
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Sep 23, 2013  from Kingston, Massachusetts
Could you please clarify how this is a remedy? Are they going out of business, are they being held on fraud? (I hope the later)

Please help, as we all are having issues.

Thanks so much your time and wisdom!
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Oct 14, 2013 
Greetings Pilgrim :) As u can see from the initial filings, the documents filed have established a Great Many Things in accordance with the terms and conditions identified in those documents. This has been achieved by there willful, deliberate and intentional refusal to produce the required documentation to verify and certify that they are the True Holder in Due Course of your Original Wet Ink Signature Promissory Note. They providing a COPY OF YOUR PROMISSORY NOTE IS SECURITIES FRAUD. [See Title 18 USC Chapter 25 Section 473] Only your Original Wet Ink Promissory Note that you and whomever signed, has Value. To put it point blank, you wouldn't except a copy of your pay check would ya? I know I wouldn't!! Nevertheless, pursuant to Financial Accounting Standards 140, when the Promissory Note separates from the Deed of Trust, the Deed of Trust is Void ab initio [from the beginning]Furthermore, the sale of your promissory note has satisfied all the debt owed. Passing around copies of promissory notes is securities fraud!!!! Read the Documents
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Sep 20, 2013  from Orland, California
Hi my fellow pissed off Ocwen customers
I need your help ...
On 8/16/13 My lender Indimac sold my loan to Ocwen while I was in the process of modifying my loan. Ocwen took my modification file that was under review with Indimac and said they were going to work with me. On 9/13/13 Ocwen forclosed my home under my nose while they were in the process of reviewing my modification file. They didn't even set a new sale date. They used the one that Indimac had set before they took over my loan on 8/16/13. California State Law says that Ocwen was supposed to give a 30 to 60 day grace period before they can set a sale date when they took over the loan. My home was forclosed on 9/13/13 without my knowledge until a realtor came to my door offering me money to vacate my home. Does anyone know a good tough attorney that can help me ... Please Help!

Here is my email address
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Jul 08, 2013  from Porterville, California
Ocwen,has stopped sending me a billing statement for the last 5 mos.I called to ask why and whoa and behold ,they said that my home was in bankruptcy.I,ve tried to explain to them that this is untrue but fell on deaf ears.
I'm in the process of trying to refinance my home but thanks to Ocwen, are hands tied. Ocwen is not giving out any information to the company that we are going through.
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