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NORTH SHORE AGENCY - SCAM - Collection letter for magazine I never heard about or care about.

Company North Shore Agency
Product / Service Outdoor Magazine
Location Portland, Texas
Category Collection Agencies
Views 167
Monetary Loss

My daughter received a collection notice for a Magazine, from North Shore Agency.She did not solicit or request the magazine.

NSA sent HER a collection notice for $24.00. I have contacted the magazine - yet to hear back, so I filed a complaint with the AG's office and BBB. Want some good reading, search the BBB for this agency and take a gander. Go figure.

I didn't order the mag, my wife didn't order the mag and my daughter didn't order the mag, wonder if the collection agency did?, maybe they should send themselves a collection notice?!?!

Also makes you wonder just who is in on the scam?Maybe the AG's office can determine that. 2eea33b

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Apr 20, 2012 
A North Shore Agency collection letter was received by an elderly friend who has not subscribed to nor received a Harper's magazine. It is getting to the point where no one should ever respond to door to door,e-mail,or U.S. mail subscription offers. Perhaps then these sleez bags will find another method for fleecing the unsuspecting.
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Mar 18, 2012 
I am experiencing exactly the same scenario. This is clearly a scam. But what's even more interesting, is that before I was contacted by North Shore Agency, I also received very unpleasant letters from "Harper's subscription department" hectoring me for not meeting my obligations, and is that how I was raised, etc? Completely ludicrous - could not possibly have been sent by Harper's, which is a decent magazine last time I checked.
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Mar 05, 2011 
I received a notice from North Shore about a year and a half ago. I have a friend who is a collection agent and told me they do not have a good reputation in the collection community. I received notice because I took a free sample magazine from Harpers. After reading the sample issue I decided I didn't like it and didn't want to get a subscription. Because I didn't subscribe Harpers gave my name to North Shore saying I owed them money for the subscription and North Shore began sending me letters. I sent a note to Harpers to tell them I didn't subscribe to the magazine, I only took the free sample they offered. I heard nothing from Harpers and kept getting notices from North Shore. I couldn't reach anyone at North Shore by phone, so I called the publisher of Harpers and complained. They took care of it for me by contacting North Shore. Harpers did the right thing but I was surprised that such a well established and prestigious magazine would be so sleazy.
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