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North Shore Agency Scam

Company North Shore Agency
Product / Service Fly By Night Operation
Location Lewiston, Maine
Category Employment Agencies
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This fly-by-night operation uses some kind of technology to figure out what magazines you may have expressed an interest in.Then they hijack the account and pretend you owe them money for it, even if you never got the magazine.

For example, I subscribed to Sew News through the Sew News website, using the "bill me later" option. I assumed they would send us a bill, we would pay it, and I'd start getting magazines. Instead, North Shore got a hold of it and sent me a letter designed to look like a collection agency notice. Of course it is timed to arrive on a Saturday so you can't do anything about it.

I did reach the highest levels at Sew News and they confirmed they do not do business through North Shore. they even sent me a free magazine for my trouble. I also contacted North Shore to tell them to knock it off. That was several months ago.

Their response? Another Saturday letter telling them they'll leave me alone, if I can provide them with some bogus account number.

Hello, I do not have an account with you, so there is no account number.Sleazebags. 2e09f99

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Jan 08, 2013  from Winchester, Virginia
Today we received a "Collection Alert" from North Shore Agency saying we owed @22.95 to "Simply Delicious". Never heard of it; obviously a scam from NSA. The Feds need to get on top of this and put NSA out of business.
Reply to greybees

Dec 11, 2012 
I've received 2 notices that I owe $112.00 for People. I firgured it was a scam but tried to call them anyway to tell them this was BS. I called 3 different numbers and always got put on hold or something. There is NEVER a person to talk to. Thanks for having this website up for us.
Reply to littlepearl

Aug 16, 2012 
My wife just received a collection attempt from North Shore for over $900.00 for a Sprint telephone account that was recently terminated for Breach of Contract on Sprint's failure to provide service as contracted. This is not a valid charge. NORTH SHORE is a scam do not pay.
Reply to Ralph J. Herndon

Jul 25, 2012 
Yep, I too just almost got suckered into paying them for an outstanding balance due on a Popular Science subsciption. When I went to enter my C.C. info. a "Scam" notice popped up and of course that was an immediate red flag. Immediately I contacted Popular Science, payed them directly and told them specifically about my incident in hopes that they can help put a stop to North Shores possible illegal behavior..? :x
Reply to Rebecca

Jun 23, 2012 
I received a bill from them when I closed my Verizon account. They knew and billed me for the last amount I owed Verizon. I had already sent that amount it. North Shore was trying to collect it too. What a scam.
Reply to Gerry Smith

Jun 23, 2012 
I received a bill from them when I closed my Verizon account. They knew and billed me for the last amount I owed Verizon. I had already sent that amount it. North Shore was trying to collect it too. What a scam.
Reply to Gerry Smith

May 23, 2012 
I too got this for Popular Science Subscriptions let me get my caps lock setup...


I googled this right off the bat and found this site, I knew this was *** and I really want to know how the *** they got my information. There's a little too much leakage of my personal information being leaked and I don't like it. If popular science is reading this you guys lost a customer to your magazine.
Reply to JAMES

Mar 02, 2012 
I got a collections bill from North Shore for Florida Sportsman magazine. I am thinking they picked up the info from a vendor at a FL Sportsman show were I renewed my subscription rather than the usual mail renewal handled by Palm Coast Data(FL). Per Palm Coast Data, North Shore does not report to any collections agency, but I will be checking my Credit Report in the future to confirm.
Reply to Mr First Coast

Sep 26, 2011 
Almost paid this ***. Thanks to you guys I saved myself $24.95!!!!!
Reply to Lito

Jul 10, 2011 
I recieved a couple letters at my moms address (not mine) from North Shore Agency saying I owe Disney movie club money for a movie I paid for over 2 years ago. If they never got my payment I am sure I would've heard from disney by now. These people are rediculous. :(
Reply to ANGRY

Apr 25, 2011 
I just received a notice from North Shore Agency and it pissed me off. I never signed anything at anytime saying that I wanted any magazines. They can kiss my ***. Good luck.
Reply to Mike

Mar 22, 2011 
You can safely ignore the letter but if you have the time and patience to pursue it, it's fun when they finally have to admit that you do not, in fact, owe any money. :grin
Reply to Kacky

Mar 22, 2011 
My wife and I received a statement today stating we owed $116.07 for a delinquent People magazine account. My wife called People and they stated that we did not own them anything and that the $116.07 is the price for the magazine for a year. May they rot in ***.

Reply to Richard Y

Feb 07, 2011 
Thank you for the smiley! I did finally get them to knock it off. They admitted that I do not owe them any money and closed the "account". I have also filed complaints with the BBB in their area, and they responded with more lies and obfuscation, so I'm not sure the BBB understand the scam yet.
Reply to Kacky

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