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Irola tablet From Nomorerack

  • by   Dec 22, 2013
  • Review #: 465741
Company Nomorerack
Product / Service Irola Tablet
Location Woodhaven, New York
Category Laptops and Tablets
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I received the irola tablet I ordered off of nomorerack.com today and the sticker seal on the box had already been broken!Then I pull out the tablet and there are scratches all over the screen!

I am beyond pissed off. This was supposed to be a Christmas gift, how am I going to give a gift that look already used and worn out??? The website also claims all sales are final! I can't believe they sold me a product that had already been opened.

There is no reason that I didn't pay for a used product with scratches all over the screen.This is ridiculous. 2ff78a0

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Apr 05  from Syracuse, New York
I ordered 2 tablets about 2 months ago. both have stopped working! never again!
Reply to Mrs Tybs

Mar 31 
I had the same issue, i complained to customer service and she emailed me a return postal paper, and i just sent it back, no the problem lies in how i get my money and not these *** "credits" on the website. Their stuff is junk.
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Mar 26  from New Bern, North Carolina
Glad I read these ty ty for making up my mind... I'll spend the extra on a galaxy
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Mar 15 
do not buy this *** it broke for me a few days later the port fro my charger broke an plus they give you weak *** chargers and they have viruses alot i tried to sell it dont no body wont that peice of *** :(
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Mar 13  from Beverly, New Jersey
I am very upset I bought this tablet for my granddaughter for christmas and it crashed the same day. It never held a charge everytime she tried to turn it on it shut itself down. I want my money back for this tablet. I believe that nomorerack should give everyone back there money. It was a well wasted gift that I read the reviews and it was suppose to be a good tablet for her age group.
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Mar 09  from Rayne, Louisiana
Same here i ordered 4 of them at the end of january 3 of them are hard to get charged and one is froze on the irola screen this is total bull i work hard everyday to try and make a living for my family i saved enough money to get these as late christmas gifts for my kids cause i couldnt afford to get them for christmas when they finally received them it brought tears to my eyes to see my kids so excited and a week later it brings tears to my eyes from anger cause the tablets quit working already hope they pay for this "one pissed-off Dad"
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Mar 03 
I ordered a irola tablet for a Christmas present and it will not hold a charge and now won't even turn on. This has been a nightmare. What do I do to fix this issue? I would really like a replacement tablet. My son is so sad and very disappointed. Can u please help me fix this bad product. It also looks like I'm not the only one this happened to. I sure hope u want to stay in business and will make this right. My email is hinshaw7@yahoo. com.
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Mar 05 
I finally received a response to return my tablet, which wont hold a charge.Here is the return address. ATTN:RMA R88620 Global Phoenix Computer T&S 21 Dutch Mill RD Ithaca N.Y. 14850. I'm not sure what the ATTN numbers are.Your's may be different.Hope this helps.
Reply to Windy

Mar 08 
The 2 I purchased for my daughters for Christmas also did this. I would charge them for 10 hrs and within 10 minutes they would die. Contact nomorerack, they sent me replacement tablets.
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Mar 03 
I purchased 3 of the iRola tablets, what a waste of money. They never worked always freezing, the camera continually takes pictures and it jumps al over the place and one of had a cracked screen. Nomorejunk is a rip off. The number to call for problems just rings. There should be a way we all could get a refund.
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Feb 26  from Mundelein, Illinois
I bought 4 and 2 of the four broke the blue one broke right away, mines after I downloaded games the thing said storage damaged and it restarted and then screen when to nothing, the red one still works but it keeps reseting too, the gold one was mines and the pink is still working but slow, what a waste of 200dollars
Reply to momofsix2010

Feb 18 
Mine suck too!! I read all kinds of reviews before purchasing and everything I had read made it seem to be a pretty good product - good enough for our needs (just to have one.) But it SUCKS! camera is so dark and pictures are super grainy. can't use skype, etc bc of how choppy the camera is. Slow connection to internet and freezes! Terrible product.
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Feb 17  from Garland, Texas
I also bought an iRola tablet from nomorerack.com as a Christmas gift. After couple weeks of using the tablet, it just stopped. Screen is frozen with error saying "no command". I emailed company and they said sales are final and is ineligible for refunds after 14 days....I tried every ways to get solution from them but it seems like nothing is happening at all. I am very disappointed.
Reply to gee

Feb 16 
Nomorerack will NOT HELP YOU! Not only are the Irola's hunks of garbage but so is 99% of the stuff they sell. I had to go through my credit card company to get my money back after they had NO INFO stating the item I bought was "final sale," and luckily, I had screen shots of the catalog page, copies of my packing slip, etc. to prove it. Wells Fargo told me they are on a list of the worst companies for credit card chargebacks. There are also a LOT of stories of people's credit cards being used for fraudlent charges after being used at Nomorerack. To find out what you can really do, and it isn't calling these clowns, check out the site below. There is a petition to get the Attorney General to open a case, plus info on what you can do to get resolution.
Reply to Crusader against Nomorerack

Feb 16  from Newport, Rhode Island
Some reason can't log in, Diana vars Mene :( zes (Facebook). I had the same problem box had a magnet to close but not taped. My screen was scratched and did not stay charged, took about 10 he's to charge for 1 hr of use. Just sent it to warranty company, but made sure they have to sign for it. They said I should get a replacement in about 14 days. Let's see what happens, they have to sign do I have proof they received it, If I have to go further.
Reply to Diana

Feb 16  from El Paso, Texas
I bought three IRola tablets from nomorerack.com I was shipped two IRola tablets, one of which was the wrong color, and I received one Kocaso tablet, which we have never even looked at the page for any Kocaso tablets ever but somehow nomorerack says otherwise. As a matter of fact they state that we actually ordered three Kocaso tablets which is kinda funny to receive two IRola and one Kocaso if that were true. Needless to say, two days after giving the tablets to our children for Christmas, these tablets won't charge at all. We ordered these items on November 28 and had been in contact with nomorerack since dec11 when we received the first tablet and as of today we still have no resolution to any of our problems even though they sent money back garuntee with the products. This company is a shame and myself and children could not be more disappointed about our useless paperweights.
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Feb 11  from Provo, Utah
I have the same issues w these irola tabs that somehow has no real company to back them! Very fraudulent no more rack!
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Feb 10 
I would have been better off giving the $200 (4 tablets) to a homeless shelter, at least then the money wouldn't have went to waste,someone would have benefited from it! only two months later & all are messed up.
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Feb 09  from Lexington, North Carolina
I had the same problems; broken charger, broken tablet with exclamation point; the extreme run around from Nomorerack! It was an awful experience and now I cannot download a driver for the piece of ***!!!! They did not send a disc with mine; did they yours?
Reply to Keri

Feb 06  from Dallas, Georgia
Very agravated as well...bought 2 for my girls for Christmas and 2nd day of having them, the chargers broke....really...worthless... :(
Reply to jennifer

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