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Newsmax - Sean Hyman-Money Matrix Insider Loser!

  • by   Aug 28, 2010
  • Review #: 196157
Company Newsmax
Product / Service Money Matrix Insider
Location San Francisco, California
Category Financial Services - Consulting, Marketing
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Sean Hyman- Money Matrix Insider brags about his credentials and inside track on making money in the currency market.

You can lose a fortune while investing with him even though he tells you weekly through videos and e-mails how and why you should buy/sell currencies with his recommendations. He goes on and on about his brilliant decisions as to why he does what but it is all to no avail because 9 out of 10 times he is wrong and then blames it on conditions beyond his control.

He charges $1500.00 a year for his "professional advice" and you could make more money by throwing darts at a dart-board while blindfolded.

Stay away from him and his website, www.moneymatrix.com 2ff4d30

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Apr 19  from Lexington, Kentucky
The original poster sounds like a disgruntled liberal. This whole review sounds like bullsh*t to me. I am a well educated person, and this is the BEST program ever!
Reply to Danny

Apr 19 
I subscribe to UWR and AP and each subscription is <$100/year ($200 total). Sean does a very good job explaining his stock recommendations and never claims to time the peak or bottom of a stock price...no one can do that...anyone that claims to do that consistently is simply lying about it. His recommendations are in companies big enough that provide a level of safety in the investment, which also means the price can't be driven up (I.e. "pump and dump" of penny stocks) by his subscriber base of 130k, when millions of shares are being traded in each stock each day. While many of his positions are negative at any time, he always claims to expect to be invested 3-24 months or so. In my opinion, this is where dollar cost averaging and patience really pays off for the disciplined investor, not looking to get rich quick. I've been investing at Sean's recommendations for just over 6 months and many of his positions have really come on strong in the pass couple of months, with a couple of positions up over 30-40% in the pass 45 days. (While I'd name those positions here, it doesn't seem fair to Sean or others that have paid for the service, to do so.) I appreciate Sean's insights and continue to trade stocks in my personal account and even my (five) kids' custodian accounts, plus mine and my wife's Roth IRAs. Most people don't have the patience and discipline to successfully invest (especially in stocks), as emotion/fear get the best of them. The love of money is reflected not... Show more
Reply to jsagraves14

Mar 31  from Columbus, Ohio
I've been following his advice and I've done well on his recommendations. Just my personal input is all.
Reply to justcheckingitout

Mar 11 
I can see that when it comes to money and God, everybody like to get in on it!!! Mostly negative???
Reply to anon

Feb 25  from Sacramento, California
I see my conservative comment was removed from the comments section, so much for freedom of speech! Thanks to the liberals soon, you won't be able to say anything, because those faggots are always butthurt!
Reply to Don

Feb 14 
The words of wisdom from the Bible are not exclusive to that collection of books, epistles, and revelations. Many religions hold Hyman's references to be of value and insight. Quoting the Bible and applying a few random stories and passages out of context to 21st century mammon is irrelevant. The real question is has Hyman discovered some new way of investing in the stock market that is revolutionary and part of some "hidden code"? The answer is a resounding "NO!” He quotes Buffet and Templeton on the same plane as the Bible. Their comments are subject to the same scrutiny.
Contrarian investing has worked and failed just about as much as any other system of buying and selling stocks. You can't "time the market" and win all the time, but you will sometimes. Research is critical (point-Hyman). Investing in what you know is also critical (point - Buffet). Since most of us are not day-traders and/or don't have the time to really get to know a company, we should stay with what we know and what we have had time to adequately research. Or, turn our money over to an advisor that has been thoroughly investigated and gotten consistently positive recommendations and let him/her do it all for you.
In general, avoid the latest new way of doing things, avoid the association of ancient texts with anything having to do with securities, and especially avoid anything that suggests that there is a mystical "code" that when appplied will cause one to achieve uncommon
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Reply to Wombatster

Feb 14 
Has anyone here!! actually used his "Prime Season Calender", I'd like to know the results. Also, I've seen one guy here mention what he does for a living, I'm a Mason Contractor. I've collected my wealth thru hard work! I also know that in my trade when someone comes along with an idea that creates profit for them and takes from others, that person isn't liked much! So here is a guy that comes up with a system that says you don't need the "middleman" you can do it yourself!! I can see where he would get flak!! Just like I don't really care for Menards selling how to Masonry books. :sigh
Reply to HadEnough

Feb 14 
I signed up to the UWR a few weeks ago. I didn't buy into the biblical code stuff but as the fundamentals behind it seems to make sense (research etc etc) I signed up. As a newbie to the investment world who is trying to invest for retirement I felt his advice would be good.
I've traded via a virtual portfolio for the moment and will do so for several months before trusting him - at the moment the value of my stock has increased by 1%, most of the time it has been running at a loss. My other stock picks (with zero experience on my part) have performed better although his game is supposedly longer term.
Then yesterday I received a mail from him - offering me access to a "Secret Investment Calendar" with guaranteed returns blah blah blah... all for the bargain price of $xxx. At this point, I lost all respect for him - surely if anything shows that this guy is all about "get rich schemes" and making money from subscriptions rather than good investments, then this must be it.
I won't be renewing my subscription.
Reply to PaulUK

Feb 11  from Cape Town, Western Cape
I am probably beating a dead horse here but thought some more insight to Mr. Hayman's "advert" needs to be unravelled.
First off, English is my second language so please be gentle when crucifying me about my poor grammar or language construction.
Mr. Hayman "talks the talks" when it comes to the stock market. He knows the correct words to use and name drops the perfect investors and their quotes.
However, getting back to his lifelong video, he keeps repeating the same "sales pitch" over, and over. How he went from pastor - to investor - to philanthropist. How he managed to increase his father's savings from $40k to $396k, etc.
If you are so good at what you do, so overwhelmingly guided by your faith and faithfully (not to mention correctly) interpret the "Hidden Financial Code" in the Bible, why the need for repeating the sales pitch, over and over again.
I spent 4 (four) years in International Venture Capital and the first thing I've learned was never to trust an Attorney, Auditor or anyone with the Bible under their arm (that includes pastors and priests, etc.) The first two candidates are too smart for their own well being and the one with the Bible under the arm tries to play you on your emotions and faith. To be fair, not all fits the profile, I just never got to meet any of them. I was considering to subscribe until I saw this after clicking that big ole button at the bottom of the video. Now remember Mr. Hayman clearly states that his publisher wants to
... Show more
Reply to Tino2014

Feb 10 
Go to http://www.kgwcapital.com/ and click on letters to investors on the top.
It shows official court documents for Sean Hyman fine for helping steal money from investors
Reply to John Smith

Feb 09  from Seattle, Washington
At original poster. Bull.***, support your claim, or withdraw it.
Reply to Dale

Feb 07 
Well it seems he is now officially a criminal with his involvement promoting his friends shame forex investment site. He lured in investors for and received $$ from this revelation forex fund. Lucky to avoid jail time. The SEC can take down hyman in no time.
Under SEC rules you can not make untrue advertising statements to lure in investors. I am sure Sean hyman did not turn his fathers account from 40,000 to 396,000 by trading. I am sure most of the growth was from regular ongoing company contributions, not all Sean's brilliant trading! Bible code will be gone in months.
Reply to John Smith

Feb 07 
This is the first time I have commented on a site. I have no data regarding Sean. However unless you have actual data you have no reason to comment. God does not condemn money. Money is not good or bad. It is what you do with it. How you get it. How you feel about it. If you feel greedy for having money, then you do not feel you deserve money. Sean deserves to be compensated for his information. Do you work for free? How much money he personally has is irrelevant. The only relevant issue is does his program work. Get a life people.
Reply to Anonymous

Feb 06  from Missouri City, Texas
Looks like Sean Hyman settled for $175K for his involvement with this forex trading SCAM with Kevin White http://www.kgwcapital.com/
Seems Sean was most likely getting money from under the table while pumping this obvious fake forex fund. What a loser.
Not long before the SEC shuts down the bible code.
Reply to John smith

Feb 06 
I have been learning from Sean for over a year now, and also reseaching his past performance. He makes a call on the movement of a couple of dozen ETF's. I found him to be acurate 95%. I made money on 4 out of 5 of his recomendations. If you want to be like Warren Buffit
then take Warren to lunch and drill him for information. If you want
a get rich quick idea, buy a gun and rob your local bank. If you want
to learn how to acumulate wealth, pay attention to people like Sean.
Reply to Old Guy

Feb 05  from Newtown, Connecticut
I listened to Sean Hymans spiel and kept dozing off. I guess he makes sense but why incorporate religion into it. Like someone said if he has 57,00 subscribers @ lets say 45 pops look at the revenue this dude is pulling in. This thing about I found GOD and I want to share my windfall is a bunch of ***. Find yourself a local trader and deal with him you'd be better off just saying...............peace our BABA BOOOEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Feb 01  from Neenah, Wisconsin
Maybe instead of casting stones, which we are told not to do at one another, maybe we should try his ideas without really investing any money. Just watch the etfs that he claims will make money, and if he's correct, invest in his ideas later, if not, no harm no foul, no money lost. Just an idea!
Reply to BJean

Jan 31  from Melbourne, Victoria
What a Comment Columbo and C M you helped me also and mae me see what a mistake I was about to do, almost bought the ultimate report for myself and family.
Columbo , I laughed my head off when I saw the math of 57,000 subscribers at $43 is 2 million only in subscriptions plus his own investments. This tight *** guy only gives away 2% of his wealth !! I can consider myself a better christian as I give away much more then 2% of my earnings.That made me feel good about myself
Sean personally attacked my way of living saying that I love money because I keep it in my savings account hidden and protected without spending a penny!
I love my family you ***! and I don't spend a penny so that I don't to them in jeopardy without a roof or food if anything happens to me!
Sean I would love you could read this:
If I had so much knowledge to take people from poverty I would give it for free so that everyone could benefit! You are the money lover and there is no good that can come from that.
Reply to finistelo

Jan 29 
I have subscribed to his UWR to trial his expertise. His modus operandi is to pick stocks or ETFs that are assessed to be undervalued and then hold until they give acceptable profits ... even if he is wrong and the stock or ETF continue to fall or stay flat for many months to over a year. So, if you look at his current recommended portfolio, it has 13 losers out of 18 in total, with losers up to -48%. If you have the capital and inclination to buy and hold until you are right, he might be for you. I don't call that investing skill at all.
Reply to PlainSailing

Jan 21 
This guy is a ***. A few years ago he was the currency expert, but never made a correct call. Run people, run fast and run far.
Reply to Nothingbutthetruth

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