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  • 39 complaints
  • $17,265 claimed losses
  • $443 average
  • 13283 since Jan 07, 2010

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Newsmax reviews, Newsmax complaints, read Newsmax reviews, find Newsmax reviews, Newsmax scam reports
  • 39 complaints
  • $17,265 claimed losses
  • $443 average
Had an experience with Newsmax?
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  • Apr 05
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Opinion Poll
  • 4

I stumbled on the Newsmax Barack Obama opinion poll and took a minute to fill it out. I received an error message regarding my email and was told my vote could not be counted. Suspicious,using the same email, I changed my votes to all anti-Obama opinions. Strangely my vote was then able to be counted, in fact, I was able to vote as many times as I wanted. Conservatives really are desperate. I... Read more

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  • Mar 08
  • Medford, Oregon
  • Fox Style Propaganda
  • 6
  • 36

I have no idea why I got on their list, but they are *** me off. I click on the get-rid-of-this button but it just comes back with more misleading nonsense. I've gotten ultra conservative views on religion, anti-president Republican bias, e-mail bashing aethiests, lies and exaggerations and deliberate mis-perceptions to support their agenda. It has been an invasion of my rights and my beliefs... Read more

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  • Jan 31
  • Melbourne, Victoria
  • Biblical Money Code
  • 2
  • 41

I was about to do a terrible mistake, almost bought the ultimate report for myself and family. The math of 57,000 subscribers at $43 is 2 million only in subscriptions plus his own investments. This tight *** guy only gives away 2% of his wealth !! I can consider myself a better christian as I give away much more then 2% of my earnings.That made me feel good about myself Sean, you personally... Read more

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  • Jan 17
  • Investment Advice
  • 1
  • 57

I looked into the Bible Money Code after falling victim to his Money Matrix Insider, losing $12,000 plus his fee of $1,200, and seeing if this new push was a scam. It is pretty obvious to me that there is nothing biblical about this former pastor who found a new way of life through screwing more people. Christopher Ruddy, his boss, was so confident that he put up a ton of his own money to invest... Read more

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  • Nov 25, 2013
  • Bend, Oregon
  • Newsmax Magazine
  • 43

Scammed by Newsmax, I had to have my bank put a block from further debits by this criminal operation. And yet,I still receive mail from them. I was not able to find a phone number to cancel. What kind of company does that? I intend to report them to the Better Business Bureau and other sites like Rip off. I fail to understand how a company such as this can continue to do "business". I would be... Read more

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  • Nov 22, 2013
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Survivalist Information
  • 67

Newsmax should be ashamed! By allowing deceptive sponsorship from some *** "pen named" Jason Richards! The information appears good, who knows? But the way it is sold is a deceptive scamming bait and switch tactic that wreaks of ***!! He presents what appears to be a worthy opportunity for information, but when you give them your intent to buy, then another page pops up to buy THE REST of... Read more

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  • Nov 20, 2013
  • 47 Yearly Fee
  • 1
  • 82

They charged me $47 for a year of financial (and more) information, all digital. I don't remember signing up for this, the information they are selling is free if you look around for it. Called the 800 number and spent most of 15 minutes on hold but did get a refund. When the operator asked what else she could do for me I told her to take the site down, of course she couldn't do that. She said it... Read more

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  • Nov 18, 2013
  • Too Much Spam
  • 29

Signed up for Dr. Brownstein's medical newsletter and ended up getting tons of right wing spam that got so old and hardly ever seemed to get anything of value( it was hard to even find Brownstein's newsletter in all the crappy spam). Now after about two months they want me to subscribe for a ridiculous price for another year. I canceled. What a waste of time. I did like Brownstein but all this... Read more

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  • Oct 15, 2013
  • Their News Isn T News It S Lies Fixed Poll Count
  • 4
  • 68

I tried to take the NewsMax Opinion Poll. I wanted my vote to count (just like they said.) I did everything right - using my valuable time. I added their email to my address book and did everything right. Apparently, if you don't hate Obama or blame democrats, your vote doesn't count. Outcome: My vote did not count and I think it is because they didn't like my answers. Their poll shows everyone... Read more

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  • Sep 23, 2013
  • Misleading Information
  • 47

No amount of rules or filtering will allow me to block or even just automatically delete the incessant (to the point of spam) emails from Newsmax. Unsubscribing doesn't work, even temporarily. The FCC and Federal Trade Commission ought to investigate. I cannot believe there is any legal way Newsmax can override the wishes of so many people to never hear from Newsmax again. They seem to be a... Read more

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