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New Faces Development Center - Don't fall for the hype!!!

Company New Faces Development Center
Product / Service Modeling Scam Phaze2
Location Monroe Township, New Jersey
Category Kids
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Monetary Loss

This company is a complete ripoff and on top of that currently the owner of this company opened a new company in Long Island City called PHAZE2, it is the exact same thing just new and improved scamming.

I went there and was promised the world for my son with imta (which is another scam). After paying $3000 for pictures and exposure, I went home to do research and found out the following.
The owner here is Laura Randell and Vanessa Muniz both formerly of New Faces and James Muniz is the owner of New Faces.

AGAIN I warn you PHAZE2, New Faces are both scams. 2ef2e68

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Mar 09 
basically their new company is named social new york
run by laura and this guy named derek
his kids won IMTA are basically famous now
the kids got a group called 212green
the second girl is a big time model
and the rest sing with the band you would think they would be helpful right? NO unless you personally know the family you aint getting no help except being gassed up and be played later
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Apr 06  from New York City, New York
I was contacted by Social and I was given the contract and everything. I want to hear more about your story. Were you a model with them? I'm just trying to see what i'm getting myself into.
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Sep 21, 2013 
james muniz and deirdre his girlfriend and assistant and his dummy rented a house off me .i made the mistake of not having my realtor do a good job on backround .he started with excuse after excuse with bad checks and more bs .damaged house and no respect for anyone .i feel bad for all his victims.result i had to pay to get the rejects evicted.same day mercedes benz took his car .he even screw the local pizza store and gas station.the day the sheriff came he had to walk out of house with a torn suitcase and no shame .a taxi was called muniz didnot even have cab fare a joke .like a bad movie .i gave cab driver a tip because he was going to be next victim to get screwed.but told cab driver to bring the rejects as far as he could.and it was a cold winter morning 'but a great relief to see that cab go.
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Mar 03, 2013  from New York, New York
They basically called my child and I into the office and we met with someone who said he was the CEO of the company - but for the 5 times I had been their, he wore the same shirt 3 times. He tried to sell me a package for $2300 and told me it would include acting classes, modeling coaching, an online directory of photos, etc. and and number of changes.

They came down on the package. Needless to say, my child did the photo shoot and they said it takes 4 - 6 weeks for the photos to be photo shoped and placed online (this should not be the case for anyone doing this in-house as most legit agencies will not take nearly have that amount of time - they are stalling to continue working you). When we returnd to the office to view the photos - I was told my child is up for a job for a designer/line in which could not be verified and they were just discussing compensation, etc. Pictures/website they promised is still not up and pictures are not photo shoped, but my child has an upcoming job. All this just before I met Laura who told me my child was selected for IMTA and told me it would cost $7k for the competition and all the workshops, etc.
The good thing for me is that met up with an old classmate that has been in the industry in the UK and he's back in the states shaping both his and his daughter's career. He told me how to go about marketing my child and setting up my own website, etc. I
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Dec 14, 2012 
Stay away from them. I read most of the posts, and are the same *** I was told about Macy's. IT'S A SCAM. I'm paying dearly. I tried disputing it with the credit card company to no avail. Don't fall for their ***.
Reply to Tony.

Jan 16, 2013  from New York City, New York
Did the credit card company dispute for you? Did you submit contract to show that your cancel in 3 days?
Reply to Mary

Feb 01, 2013  from Fort Myer, Virginia
It's only to get your kids pictures done!!! People
Don't understand yes it's a scam yes they are
*** artists. But you pay for pictures!! They are
Not a modeling agency. Do your research people
I would never use them again but I did have my kids
Pics taken $1700.0 but I took the pictures and sent them
Out to 100 agencies and now my son as a contract
They are scam artist again I repeat. But they are
Only to take pics!!!
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Nov 30, 2012 
They are now in LI city. The guy called me last night promising to send me an email. But I think he got scared because I told him that I went to another place and they charged $ for photos.
Reply to Mommyc

Nov 28, 2012 
Any idea where they are currently scamming from? They moved out of 272 Duffy Ave. Please contact me any one knows their new location. I need the new address so that the court can serve them the summon.
Reply to Tsering

Dec 09, 2012  from Massapequa, New York
Here is the new address

22-19 41st Avenue, 7th Floor
Long Island City, New York 11101
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Oct 21, 2012 
Hey, i was scouted last friday in a mall(Phaze2)in NY and it was very professional, i think they aren't scam, cause its your choise to pay for photos and that things. they are a good start for models like me.
Reply to Michelle

Aug 10, 2012 
I an appointment today for this phaze2 today and I really don't want to go anymore :?
Reply to Tiffany

Jun 19, 2012 
My close friend and her mother were approached by a "scout" of NEW FACES (IN HICKSVILLE, LI) at the Queens Center Mall a few months ago. I was appalled to hear that this company charged 700 plus dollars for pictures to be taken of her at their office. Then they charged $45 for the CD of the pictures. Then they talked her mother into signing a vauge contract--and she is not from this country and did fully understand that you have ONLY 3 DAYS to cancel it and only through certified
mail and some other tricky way--instead of giving a simple refund in 30-60 days.

This company then called her and offered a second contract and asked for more
money to UPGRADE for 4 more years. This cost over $1000 dollars. Then they
called her about a job for MACY'S saying she was selected out of all the other kids.

The job was then cancelled and she never worked ONE SINGLE DAY--This is the list of excuses: " MACY'S has changed the date of the shoot (May 27)", "The Director/Manager '''JAMES" was not available", "James is in the hospital", "Oh themoved company and he's not around". --Wait, how does the company moving have anything to do with him being available??? NEW FACES ARE STRAIGHT UP FILTHY SCAMMERS!!

Anyone who has dealt with or who is thinking of doing so MUST STOP NOW! Do not
trust anything they say---even TYRA BANKS knows that a true agency will not ask for
thousands of dollars without any work ever
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Reply to Notgoingdown1

Jun 04, 2012 
We are in the middle of working with them, we took pictures last week and are going back to view them. First off, if they were ***-artists, wouldn't they have been shut down by now. Also to protect our investment, we paid with our credit card. Therefore, if we end up getting scammed, we will simply dispute the charge with the bank. If you are skeptical about something, at least pay with a credit card.
Reply to Lorne

Jun 02, 2012 
The owners of this highly hyped amateur photo studio are Vanessa Minis, and Laura Randall. Vanessa ran the SAME type of business in Hicksville as New Faces, she also co-owned Industry Models in NJ. And tried the SAME type of business in CT!. Vanessa was married to James Minis. She had a lavish wedding that was paid for by the suckers that fell for her scam. She bought a big expensive house in old brookville on LI, because of all the bad press her company (new faces) got, she signed over the business to her husband (a convicted drug dealer) James was caught cheating on her by one of new faces employees (gee I wonder why) they got divorced. And james kept new faces, thus screwing his now ex wife out of screwing the public! Now she had to maintain her lavish lifestyle, show she turned to the only thing she know how to do, rip off the public with taking expensive pictures by amateur photographers. Do yourself a favor, stay away from this place and New Faces, they are the SAME business!!! Don't say you have not been warned.
Reply to industy insider

May 07, 2012 
Their services are a SCAM! They lie and make false representations to how mcuh money a we could make. Its called mail fraud! and using children to do it across state lines; is interstate commerce fraud!
Reply to Jayne K

Jan 16, 2013  from New York City, New York
Yes, Phaze 2 is a scam. I found them lying on every angle. Not telling consumer that there will be another charge after taking your pictures is a hook to keep you patronizing them. If you use your credit card, you have a chance to get your money back.
Reply to Rona

May 04, 2012 
Phaze2.com is a total scam. After we said no to 3000. The sales person(oops director) said 2500, then 2000. Then i told them i didnt have that much available, they said they only need deposit. Scam.
Reply to David Keller

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they got us too!!!!

new faces devt, company call us for appointment too telling us they'll evaluate if baby have talent...

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