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New England Tractor Trailer Training School - Horrible field instructers in Somers

  • by   Sep 27, 2013
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Company New England Tractor Trailer Training School
Product / Service Driving Instructor
Location Somers, Connecticut
Category Driving School
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Monetary Loss

I attend NETTTS and have for 9 months, and was told that I would graduate after six months.This was total B.S.

The school basically ignores it's Massachusetts students meanwhile nearly every Connecticut student gets their license first time around because the test is much harder in Massachusetts, a fact that your recruiter leaves out in fact out of our class had 3 CT students and 10 Mass students nearly 2 months after our graduation date only two Mass students had passed the test, there has to be a 20% success rate of passing your CDL test the first time, many students fail up to 4-6 times if they don't give up altogether. While the classroom instructors are great like Mike and Jeff the field instructors are HORRIBLE. Randy does not help students who obviously continue to struggle, she plays on her cell phone all day and disappears for an hour at a time and will actually criticize and pick on people who struggle to master the maneuvers with other students. What a waste of $10,000.00 At this point nearly everyone in my class voiced their dissatisfaction with the staff and office and our complaints were either ignored or temporarily fixed.

The school really acts like they don't care about it's students.

Don't waste your money go elsewhere. 2d2c429

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Nov 19, 2013  from Hartford, Connecticut
well i under stand what your saying about it but i have to tell you the differents between mass and ct . mass you have to look and know everything under the hood and as for ct you dont need to look or know under the hood . i grad in 2007 and im still getting my cdl class a license cause the d.o.t. officer stated i made 5 mistakes and i know for the fact i didnt cause how can you fail on left turns if your leaving the school and re-entering the school .the officer checked off passed but then he puts hes stamp on fail i think i did passed and i think the officer had a bad day and he took it out on my i do have the prove that i did pass but he made the mistake on stamping me i failed .still trying to get my license and i have certificates collecting dust aint doing nothing for me
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