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Netspend - Overdraft charge

  • by   Oct 09, 2013
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Company Netspend
Product / Service Overdraft Charges
Category Banks
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Monetary Loss

I am so frustrated! I have been a customer of NetSpend for at least 10 years and in the past few months I have had nothing but trouble. Deposits not getting into my account, then getting charged late fees (they eventually take them off) But this one is totally nuts:

We see that the 65.89 transaction caused the overdraft fee on your account. This transaction occurred on 10/06 at 1:26pm. We see that you loaded your card the next day at 1:29pm.

Unfortunately, the negative balance was recovered just a few minutes after the 24 hour grace period.

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Feb 10  from Naples, Florida
You had 24 hours to fix it. It is your fault you were late. Take the lick like an adult and move on.
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Feb 10  from Birmingham, Alabama
What's so strange is that is a prepaid service and not a legitimate checking account. I was told that I had 10 active accounts with negative balances on each one. It is their job to defect fraulent activities by comparing information from fraudulent cards and comparing against the legitimate information on file. Then even took down my web page so I won't gain access to my accounts that was linked over the year when I had reported cards lost or stolen.
How on earth can I have negative balances when this is not a legitimate checking institution. They won't cooperate with me when I asked for monthly statements to be sent to me so I hired an attorney today to look into this for me. The attorney told me that either they cooperate with him or they will anser to the Federal Reserve Consumer Agency in D.c.
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Oct 09, 2013 
We understand your concern regarding the overdraft fee assessed on your account.

Overdraft Protection is an expensive service and we recommend using this as little as possible. Unfortunately, because it was already after the 24 hour grace period, you were charged the overdraft fee.

We will send you more information on this through your online account center.

Thank you,

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