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, Netflix disabled the option to Manage Netflix ready devices and computers

  • by   Jul 11, 2011
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Company Netflix
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As of yesterday, Netflix disabled the option to Manage Netflix ready devices and computers.In the past you could see all your activated devices, and which device had watched what (something as a parent you would be looking for), and even preventing your account from being used without authorization, i.e.

you kid goes somewhere else, and their friend get the login and password. Recently I found that my child's friend was the one viewing material I did not wish my children to see and I deactivated that device and changed my account password. Now that ca't be done.

I called Netflix to complain, and they took my feedback.I have no idea why they would eliminate this option, but for parents it a real deal breaker. 2ed88be

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Oct 11, 2013 
Lord. If you people are getting the error message "too many devices are in use" then stop handing out your netflix passwords.
It's one household per account. If you have devices at home with netflix, a phone, and a tablet, then you should be fine.

If you are so loose with your passwords that you need to log on to see who is on your account that YOU PAY MONEY FOR, then you're obviously an irresponsible adult and shouldn't complain.
It's your fault.

Yes it would nice for you to be able to see the exact devices that are logged in, but for people complaining about security and all that, that's not netflix's issue. Thats a you issue.
Reply to OMGshNicholas

Aug 12, 2013 
my Netflix kept saying that there were too many devices watching it at one time. I then went to my account settings and clicked "sign out of all devices" after that I went to watch a movie and it kept saying the same thing, now im pissed. I want all activated devices deactivated so I can watch my movies. how do I get all devices off of my account? or can someone please give me the contact information for Netflix so I can ask them myself. please and thank you!
Reply to Pissedd

Oct 16, 2013 
So.. wait a second. You have the Internet right? And you're able to post on here, right?

But you don't have the ability to search for a phone number for Netflix? LMFAO.
Reply to Anonymous

Jul 04, 2013  from Phoenix, Arizona
no joke. I am paying for netflix and was kind enough to provide my roommate with the password. Now im out of town and I cant watch my own netflix. Since there is no way to boot any other device from my account so I can watch a *** movie I think I will cancel. Sorry netflix, goodbye.
Reply to Anonymous

May 15, 2013  from Sydney, Nova Scotia
well I can't deactivate Netflix...can't find a code in Netflix...can't get on Netflix...can't manage devices in Netflix......not to mention....Netflix is not even worth the money they are asking. The movies are older than dirt...because if you haven't seen them...you live in a cave!!!...Time to go back to downloading up-to-date movies.Less frustrating and better quality :zzz :zzz :zzz
Reply to dodie

Dec 05, 2012 
I just talked to them two nights ago and the guy on the phone said there was no way to disconnect one device without disconnecting them ALL unless I was in front of the device. Well, hello!!! That's the freaking problem! He went on to say that senior citizens are the ones that call not knowing what they did on their online account and since they called so much, NF decided to change it. Okay???? So it's MY fault that people can't read where to disconnect things and where they can't?! I told them that it's so *** that they have a link titled "Manage Devices" when I can't manage any of them! I'm calling them again to complain! And again and again. Ugh.
Reply to Kelly

Oct 03, 2012 
I cannot believe the audacity of Netflix. I had like 12 people I know signed up on netflix accounts, then the dipshits decided to double charge last year and nearly all of them canceled.... Including me. After 6 months I added streaming only. I only have a few devices and the INABILITY to understand what the FUnk is going on is more upsetting than the fact that I keep getting errors for too many viewers. This is utter BS and I cannot believe there is no option to opt out of the *** Disconnect all......
Nuck FetFlix!! Too *** for their own good.
Reply to Nuck FetFlix

Sep 12, 2012 
WtTF is Netflix thinking of by not letting concerned parents view wots being viewed on a device and by who ???? If this is not sorted ASAP then I will be cancelling my account so come Netflix SORT IT..........l.
Reply to Bob

Jul 21, 2012 
Reply to pissedasshole

Jul 17, 2012 
I talked with a representative tonight about disconnecting one device and he said that the other way had a lot of problems. They are working on it and are going to be bringing it back, but at the moment, there are a couple of ways to deactivate the device: "Deactivate All" button or searching the Netflix help for your brand of device (I just typed in "disconnect" and it brought up a bunch of devices). Just search for your device and follow the steps! Hope this helps!
Reply to Ross

Jun 23, 2012 
Agreed. This is absurd! It makes no sense at all why netflix would remove the option to view all devices. I cant watch any movies right now because "your account is in use on too many devices"...WTF!?! Well maybe if I could see the devices, I could figure out what the problem is. But now, I apparently have to disable all my devices and then reactivate them all again. C'mon Netflix! Fix this problem. There was no reason to remove the option in the first place.
Reply to Josh 2

Oct 10, 2011 
i agree this is retarded i gave netflix to my friend and my dad said i used his spot so i went to deactavate it and i have to deactavate all :(
Reply to russell

Aug 02, 2011 
The question really is 'has anyone found out if and when Netflix will restore the option?'
Reply to Josh

Jul 27, 2011 
i feel the same way this is just dumb.....i would activate a device temporarily for a family member because she was injured and netflix would keep her busy....but when i go to deactivate the device i have to deactivate all the devices to deactivate one......tell me how that makes sense...and not being able to see who was watching what......dumb....what is going on?
Reply to Adam

Nov 22, 2013  from London, England
Hi I think the reason for Netflix only having the 'disconnect all devices' option is so that you don't keep on chopping and changing devices with friends an family on the one account . Of course you still can do that now but it makes it more inconvenient. I do agree that it should be possible to see which device has viewed what.
Reply to Mik

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