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Net10 Wireless reviews, Net10 Wireless complaints, read Net10 Wireless reviews, find Net10 Wireless reviews, Net10 Wireless scam reports
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  • 124 complaints
  • $45,854 claimed losses
  • $370 average
  • 4474 since Jan 30, 2011

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Net10 Wireless
Main address: 9700 N.W. 112th Ave 33178 Miami FL
1-877-TEN-CENT (1-877-836-2368), ,
Net10 Wireless reviews, Net10 Wireless complaints, read Net10 Wireless reviews, find Net10 Wireless reviews, Net10 Wireless scam reports
  • 124 complaints
  • $45,854 claimed losses
  • $370 average
Had an experience with Net10 Wireless?
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  • Apr 13
  • Omaha, Nebraska
  • Phone Number Change
  • 2

they been change my number without notice from 3-30-2014 until today,on april 1 I call to the 611 number and have my number again,on april 9 they change my number again,I call four times that day and I get my number 402 649 4680 one more time,on april 11 they did the same thing and they give me the number 402 992 8946,I still want my number back wich is 402 649 4680,I think this is not respect... Read more

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  • Apr 10
  • Colville, Washington
  • Phone Service
  • 2

Have 2 phones on auto enroll, so every month they take money from bank account for 2 phones on unlimited monthly auto enroll. 2nd phone is for my elderly mother, well low and behold she loses her phone, so I call and tell them its lost to turn it and i will get a new phone to activate. Today i get a new phone for her, go to website to try and switch it over the *** thing gives me 10 minutes and a... Read more

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  • Mar 21
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Horrible Tecnical Support
  • 10

I have been a Net10 customer for six years with the same number. It was good. I didn't have a contract. It was cheap. I had decent coverage. I started out with a phone that did nothing, slowly progressed, and recently decided to upgrade to a smart phone. Of course, I had to "upgrade" plans too to the unlimited but no problem, I knew this as I had researched it thoroughly. I bought a Net10... Read more

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  • Mar 14
  • Kansas City, Kansas
  • Money Withdrawal
  • 7

On the 12th of March, I call to reload my phone where I had use my prepaid card,any they told me that it didn't go through and I call my card balance and they had token $43.48 cents and they saying they didnt get it off, well there doing fraudulent things and will not give me my service's or money back and there going to turn my phone off on the 17th of March 2014, and this is unjustified... Read more

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  • Mar 11
  • Waycross, Georgia
  • Sim Card
  • 9

I waited two weeks for them to send me a new Sim card and the first one was invalid so then I had to wait a couple of more days for another and finally that one did work. Well they we're supposed to add the minutes back on that I had lost those two weeks and I they only gave me 5 extra days. I bought a $50 card and with all the *** that I've been through with these ***'s and not to mention there... Read more

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  • Feb 25
  • Phones Overnight Shipping
  • 13
Net10 Wireless - Net10 stole my money and didn't deliver on their promises!

I recently lost my job, so I was losing my Sprint phones because I could no longre afford to pay the $400 for my four phones. So, I ordered three phones (all I could afford at the time) with overnight shipping because I did not want my boyfriend to go to work and not have a phone because we had no idea what time he would be getting off. This was 2am Monday morning. I figured at latest they would... Read more

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  • Jan 21
  • Milan, Indiana
  • Unavailable Service Refund
  • 11

I called net 10 and ask if they could change my I wireless phone to net 10.they took the id number and said they could but since it doesnt use a sim card I would have to purchase an access code for $16.04.Once she ran my visa through she stated the phone would be activated within about 2 hours.After 6 hours the phone was still not working so I went onto their web site and entered my phone id and... Read more

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  • Dec 18, 2013
  • Brinkley, Arkansas
  • Rude Customer Service
  • 13

On the day of December 18, 2013 @ 10:30am Mr. FRITZ was very rude and very unhelpful. He stated that he was unable to help with the problem I was having with my phone. When I asked to speak with his supervisor he stated he was the supervisor. He could not assist me but when I finally hung up on him, called back, and was connected to someone else the problem was fixed within 5 minutes with no... Read more

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  • Dec 09, 2013
  • Bad Customer Service
  • 21

I tried to re-activate my old net10 phone. I purchased a 300 Minute airtime card from their website. (total $33) I entered the codes to re-activate the phone. The phone would not work. I called Net10 from another phone, they gave me some more codes. Still the phone would not work. They said I needed a newer phone. I told them I could not afford to buy one right now. They agreed to refund my VISA... Read more

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  • Nov 29, 2013
  • Phone Replacement
  • 17

I was sent a envelope to put my old broken net 10 phone in to be replaced and when i called for a tracking # they said they arent able to release my new phone until they locate my old phone ! I sent my old phone in 3-4 days ago and its on 2 day shipping I'm suppose to be on vacation and i need that phone!!! LOCATE my phone and stop giving me ticket #'s -___________- Horrible service they need... Read more

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