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NCU - MBA Diploma Declined

Company NCU
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I took NCU's starter class OM7015 in 2008 and received a C-.The professor advised that I had passed the class and she posted my grade.

Spoke to the advisors constantly throughout my time at the University and they informed me that I was performing as expected. Completed all courses and submitted my Graduation Request. The school declined it because they made a mistake by not catching the C- from 2008, removed it from my completed course list and advised I needed to take that beginner course again in order to graduate. I received a 72% but a 73% is required to pass.

All this information was given to me with the declination report.

My promotion with the federal government was dependent on this Diploma.Very upset because they were suppose to told me this well in advance, so that I could have remedied the situation. 306da0e

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Jan 21, 2013 
Yes, NCU does pull "***" on students. No, they are slow about most significant things but not in collecting money. The higher you go with the school, the more in danger you are in not accomplishing your goals. Re: their appeal process, I believe it is just a process on paper. They just don't care about one person.

They also make lots of mistakes on records and don't want to consider their errors.
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Jan 10, 2013  from Louisville, Kentucky
I complained...loadly. I took OM7015 and received an"A". This also happens to be a class I normally teach at another university. The instructor knew nothing about the content; never responded; and was always finding "mistakes". Seriously? I teach undergraduate courses! My so-called academic advisor was useless. My department chair was useless. Terrible school.
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Dec 16, 2012  from Grand Rapids, Michigan
People who fail complain, but most pass.

Why do you think that they passed and you did not?
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