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National Motor Museum Mint

Company National Motor Museum Mint
Product / Service Model Car
Location Culpeper, Virginia
Category Auto
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Monetary Loss

This company ( the National Motor Museum Mint) promotes die cast model replica cars for only $10 plus S&H on their television commercials, however,on the website, they do not indicate the S&H costs. I placed a "test" order ( used a test cc number, test name, address, etc) to ascertain the cost of shipping. I testordered 3 trucks ( www.48pickup.com) at a cost of $30.00. The invoice, only available after I put in a CC number, showed a costs of $109.97. for the three little toy trucks.

Not only that, I had to sit thru 14 pages of "offers" to see the invoice.

I feel this is dishonest, since the trucks are returnable, but not the shipping costs! 2d85139

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Jan 03 
Just read each screen and don't click "YES" for follow on additions.
Click "NO" if you do not want more items, than what you have already agreed to. Take your time and read the offer on each screen,
before you make your selection.
Each new screen is another "Additional" offer.
I ordered two sets of the 1948 F1 and 1956 F100
and I clicked on "NO" for all the follow-on additional offer screens.
[2 x ($10 + $6.95 + $6.95 = $23.90)]
So my total order was $47.80 for 2 sets (instead of just one)
- - Just as it should have been.
Reply to I Drive a FORD

Apr 14, 2012 
I paid for my order in may 2011 and still have not recieved my truck.i want my truck or my money back........
Reply to crystalnac

Jan 18, 2012 
If you live in Canada the company has pulled up stakes and moved back to the states and will not ship to Canada.
Reply to f_corbett@hotmail.com

Aug 06, 2010 
I have reached my limit of desired cars/trucks therefore I now wish to opt out of any further shipments as I am satisfied with what I have. Please cancel my membership as of this writing.
Thank You for your service and your products,
Warren Ashton,
Brandon, Fla.
Reply to Warren Ashton

Dec 21, 2009  from Sha Tin, Hong Kong (Sar)
You have placed on my debit a charge for 105.00 for Richard Eisleben which I never authorized. Unless I hear from you I will report this as a fraud. I have an order #202494865. He does not have what you claim has been ordered. Please reply asap.
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