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My Canadian Pharmacy

Company My Canadian Pharmacy
Product / Service Vulium 10Mg
Location Los Angeles, California
Category Drug Stores and Drugs
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I purchased 30 tabs of Valium 10mg with the assurance of being delivered within the week.It seemed cheaper & quicker that a doctors visit, I guess on my part...laziness.

We'll $139.00 later they will not answer any questions that I ask them, only that in their policy, they have 21 days to deliver the product.....yah, right. I think, they , I will forget it and go away......not the case. I have e-mailed, phoned, faxed repeatedly.

They are not Canadian either............boy, do I feel violated.It's that i thought I could save a buck but they ended up "taking my buck"

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Jul 24, 2012 
Go to Online Pharmacy. That's where I got my viagra & was pleased with their service.
Reply to John W.

Oct 17, 2011 
I do research on company's and the product before I order. It is clearly that they are a scam.
Reply to IHateSpam

Jul 03, 2011 
I ordered meds from this company and have not recieved them either, I will never order again from any online co. again
Reply to alana

Mar 07, 2011 
I have never used this company before in my life. Let alone ordered any thing from them. My card was charged $69.95 plus $1.40 for some *** called Clomid pills that i never ordered. I called the number on my bill and the dumb *** gonna say they get information from the internet. I stated several times i do not know who they are and i have never ordered anything from them and i want my money back. He stated to me that good luck with getting my money back and thanks for paying his bill. i almost went the f off but caught myself. They claim to have no managers or supervisors that i could speak to. So i called my credit card companny.
Reply to Mad ass Hell

Jan 12, 2011 
My Canadian Pharmacy is a FRAUD.
There is no need to say more.
It cost me $59. to learn to never order anything on internet.
Reply to HRT

Dec 02, 2010  from Lorman, Mississippi
I ordered on Nov.14/2010 one bottle of SleepWell and I have not receive it, they said that the order will will be received in 10 to 21 days, that was 18 days ago.
Reply to Wenceslao Calvo

Oct 15, 2009 
This is a major spammer. I have been getting 10 to 30 spam messages from different people with the same www.510151.com web address. They have never responded me, no way to talk to anybody there.
Reply to A in California

Sep 21, 2009 
This company sends out fake meds. I ordered meds and it took over 40 days to get it (although they said it shipped in two and then 2 weeks later said they made a "error" and would send it out in two days again). I then get the meds and guess what!! Sugar pills is all I can say it could be.....RIP PFF!
Reply to CL

Jan 20, 2013 
I ordered a antibiotic for my cat 5 yrs ago. - Until this day, almost every day, I get annoying phone calls from this company on that robo call thing. If I do answer, there is a person that I most of the time can't understand. I have repeadedly told them to take my name off the list & they just hang up. I did find a customer service number about a month ago, called and told that person to take my number off the list. (He told me he would do it right away) ---- Well, that was BS, because the calls keep coming... Once you order something from this company, it's like the plague, you can't get rid of it... Talk about PISSED OFF!!! :(
Reply to talisman

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