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MSA30X reviews, MSA30X complaints, read MSA30X reviews, find MSA30X reviews, MSA30X scam reports
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  • 16 complaints
  • $896 claimed losses
  • $56 average
  • 2187 since Nov 23, 2012

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MSA30X reviews, MSA30X complaints, read MSA30X reviews, find MSA30X reviews, MSA30X scam reports
  • 16 complaints
  • $896 claimed losses
  • $56 average
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  • Feb 27
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Return Label
  • 6

MY Neighbor ordered the MSA30X thinking she would be charged 29.95, but to hear dismay her credit card institution received a charge for 119.50!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Neighbor call customer service and tried canceling the order, which she was told that MSA30X does not allow customers to cancel. They gave my neighbor the around lying to her that they would send her a return label which they eventually... Read more

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  • Jan 20
  • Online Order
  • 8

Talk to my husband if he wanted these hearing aids as backups when I saw them in the As seen as TV store. So I thought I would check how much they would cost on the website. Well once on the website and I say the final price $130 (canadian) I backed out of the site and thought nothing of it as I did not receive a confirmation UNTIL they shipped which was too late to cancel and now I am out the... Read more

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  • Sep 23, 2013
  • Hearing Aids
  • 1
  • 52

My husband saw their ad and went online and filled out the form to order the BOGO free deal but, AFTER entering his credit card number decided not to order and just closed out the page without submitting. Like everyone else, he received no confirmation email so did not know that they were shipping them until the charge for $121.49 showed up on his credit card on 8/14/13. He called and complained... Read more

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  • Sep 15, 2013
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Hearing Ampliflier
  • 74

I did submit a order but only one. Instead I was charge twice because the online application does not show you a pre-order form before processing. How can a company has a website that do not show you a pre-process order to know what you order is correct or need changing? I WANT MY MONEY BACK and THE ORDER I PLACE CANCEL. Then when you call customer service to talk to someone about the problem.... Read more

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  • Aug 21, 2013
  • Fresno, California
  • Infomercial Products
  • 63

Guess I am a bit luckier than most on this site. I purchased from another company who sells infomercial products, only paid $29.99, only got one for that price though. The unlucky part is that it does not work. Initially there was a lot of "white noise",and when we tried to recharge it,it would not recharge. Left it on the dock for 3 days...nothing. I guess it's true, you get what you pay for.... Read more

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  • Aug 09, 2013
  • Hearing Aids
  • 1
  • 94

As with other complaints, we received an extra pair of hearing aids and a credit card charge of $119.00. Much more than the advertised $29,95 plus S&H. During the initial order the high pressure sales people talk fast and are confusing forcing you to upgrade and buy more; without you realizing what is happening. Also, they called us several times to verify the mailing address and continuously... Read more

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  • Aug 08, 2013
  • Chesterfield, Missouri
  • Item Overcharge
  • 103

I ordered this item for $29.95 + SH $6.95,,,the next day when I looked at my online bank account, I had been charged $119.50!!! I, of course, have been in touch with them & they claimed that I had also ordered 2 of the enhancers & another SH fee of $6.95 & so on & so on. They still could not explain to me how they arrived at the amount of $119.50. I told them that this was a SCAM... Read more

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  • Jul 27, 2013
  • Washington, District Of Columbia
  • Credit Card Charges
  • 4
  • 153

After paying the requested charge with a credit card, I received no acknowledgment. The following day my credit card company notified me that a fraudulent transaction was being charged to my credit card. Fortunately, my credit card company recognized it as fraudulent and stopped it. Since my credit card never left my possession I can only conclude that providing the credit card information to... Read more

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  • Jul 24, 2013
  • Cary, North Carolina
  • Hearing Aid
  • 1
  • 142

After talking with a customer rep, I ordered 1 get one free. They charged me for four. Scammers! Don't call! After talking I asked the representative to repeat the total amount of how much my credit card would be charged. He informed me of an amount. When I checked my bank statement, they had charged me twice the amount and were sending me a total of four hearing devices. When I called and talked... Read more

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  • Jul 24, 2013
  • Additional Costs
  • 2
  • 161

As with the previous complaint, I went online to consider purchasing this item, but they started tacking on additional costs and postage etc and I got fed up and tried to cancel the order but there was no such option. I simply quit the order process and DID NOT EVER SUBMIT THE ORDER!!!!! I never received any kind of confirmation email of any order placed so I thought I was safe. Days later I... Read more

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